Broken Hearts update Monday 25 October 2021

Broken Hearts 25 October 2021: The Episode starts with Anant saying I didn’t searched for love, since you came in my life, you changed its meaning, I love you Ahana. He holds her hand. She gets tensed. He turns away. He says I shouldn’t have said all this, I m really sorry, forget what all I said, come I will drop you home. She holds his hand and stops him. She says you just held hands, will you leave so soon, you said your feelings, won’t you give me a chance, do you still want to marry me or changed mind. He says there is no forcing. She says I m saying yes without any force, I want to marry you if you still want to marry me. He says no, yes obviously, I m not confused, I know this decision may change our lives forever, maybe some problems come, but I want your support, don’t know this is love or madness, I want to live with you. She says I couldn’t think you can talk such sweet things. He blushes. He makes her wear the ring. He kisses her hand.

He says I forgot, you wanted to say something. She says yes, but now there is nothing to say, I got all my answers, there is no worry or fear. He asks her not to worry or have any fear, come, we have to tell everyone, I will tell Laila if you say. She says yes, but we will talk to your kids first. He agrees. They leave. Ahana comes home. She hides the ring. She asks Laila won’t she say anything today. Laila says I m scared of you. Ahana jokes. She asks shall we invite Anant for dinner. Laila asks really. Ahana asks why are you surprised. Laila says you care for my happiness. Ahana says I wanted to thank him. Laila says please don’t spoil this, but are you sure, I will call Anant, we will call Saloni and Tarun too, they are coming back tomorrow.

Tarun says I don’t want to go home. Saloni says I want to go home soon. Laila calls her. Saloni says dad got to know about my pregnancy. Laila asks how. Rekha calls Tarun and says Gupta got to know about money transfer. Tarun says dad won’t leave me. Saloni says I m scared. Laila says Gupta is a fool. Rekha says just prepare to face your dad, you try to convince him and be calm. Tarun says I will try. Saloni asks what happened. Tarun asks can we just extend this trip. Saloni jokes.

Anant comes home. He apologizes to his sister. Bua says I m happy you are giving time to yourself, you look changed, what is it. He says no, I m still the same. She says you look happy. He says I m very happy. She says we want you to always keep smiling. He asks where are you going, you promised kids. She says yes, but I have work, I will come back soon. Yamini asks her to come soon. Bua says I m relieved as you are here.Ahana talks to Rahul’s pic. She shows the ring and says I will become Mrs. Anant Mathur, I will miss you, the way a sorted and settled man came in my life, you have sent him, he is older, but I like it, I feel secure and calm. Yamini come to Anant and gives coffee. He says I want to talk to you, Di understood why I m so happy, I want to share something with you, I m in love and I m getting married. She asks Ahana? He asks how do you know.

She says I also understand you. He says there is much age difference. She asks are you happy, then how does it matter. He asks do you think I m doing a mistake. She asks him the same. He says no, I feel I m doing right. She says do what your heart says. He says my worry will end if Aarav and Roshni accept this relation, Roshni is possessive about me, if you help, we can explain her. She says I can do anything for your happiness. He thanks her. Roshni says I m annoyed with Bua. They all dine. Laila calls Anant. She invites him for dinner. Anant says I will give a suggestion. She says I like everything you say. He says thanks, why don’t you all come here for dinner. Laila tells Ahana that Anant is inviting them home to meet family, he cares for me, we make a perfect match. Ahana says your dreams are getting true, great. Laila goes.

Aarav says I like Ahana and her family. Rehaan says because you don’t know them. Roshni asks dad why did you call them home. Anant asks her not to say this. He asks Rehaan does he have problem, Saloni and Tarun are coming. Rehaan says no problem, I m going out. Anant asks them to stay at home and behave. He asks Yamini to manage everything.Yamini gives the men list to cook. Maid asks Karan for movie. Karan refuses. Lady asks them to go together and get items. Servants gossip.Tarun comes home and says I dropped Saloni to her mom’s house. Gupta says you did right, she doesn’t need to come here till I get my three crores. He argues with Rekha. Tarun says its not Saloni’s mistake. Gupta shouts shut up, just two days of marriage and you care for your wife, when your dad got insulted, do one thing, you also leave from my house. Rekha asks him to listen. Gupta scolds them. He says you and Saloni can come back when I get my money, go and stay as Laila’s Ghar jamai. Tarun leaves.

Karan telling we are going market to get things. Roshni asks shall I come along, I will get bored. He asks her to come. He asks Kavita to sit back. Kavita asks Roshni to sit back. Laila says what a lovely dinner, I have to come here every day for dinner. Anant says most welcome. Anant talks to Saloni and Tarun. Laila asks why is Tarun not sounding excited. Rehaan jokes on Tarun. Saloni says Tarun is bit tired, he came for dinner for my sake. Tarun says yes. Ahana asks Yamini from where is she. Yamini says Goa. Laila says you can get Nanny job in Goa too. Roshni says she is our Mausi, my mum’s cousin. Laila says sorry, I won’t forget next time. Yamini asks them to have food.

Servant asks for Kavita. Karan says I told her to meet there, she didn’t come. Maid says we will tell Anant. Servant says why to make him worry, his guests have come, we will wait for some time. Laila says I didn’t eat such great paneer ever. Anant says this is our cook’s speciality. Laila says your mom’s like is nice. Aarav says even Rehaan’s choice is good. Tarun asks Rehaan to marry before girls reject him. Rehaan jokes on him again. He says my bride is getting ready to impress me. Roshni says she will be mad.Kavita calls Karan and asks him to come fast, some guys got after her. Karan gets shocked. He says my friend called, he has some work. He goes.

Rehaan flirts with Saloni. Ahana comes and sends her. Ahana asks Rehaan how does he get girls. Rehaan asks her to pick him. Anant comes and asks what. He sends Rehaan to join Tarun. He takes Ahana and asks why did she not wear the ring. She asks who said I didn’t wear it, I have kept it close to heart. She shows the ring in her chain. He says I can’t believe I got a lovely girl like you. She jokes. They have a sweet talk. He holds her. Saloni sees them. Tarun calls her.Roshni shows the washroom to Laila. Laila thanks her. Roshni says we are happy and doesn’t want to change anything. Laila says don’t come between your dad’s happiness, you can’t be selfish. Roshni goes. Karan calls out Kavita. She comes and hugs him. She says goons were dangerous. He asks did they do anything with you. She says no. He says I will beat them. She says we will go home. They leave.

Rehaan and Ahana argue. He says I m going to sleep, goodnight. Saloni says oh God, he will never change. Ahana, Saloni and Laila come home. Anant sings and carves the wood. Laila messages, hi we reached home. Ahana messages, hi what are you doing, the dinner was good, thanks. Anant smiles reading her messages. He replies because you were here. Laila messages thanks dinner was lovely, glad to meet your family. He replies I m also glad meeting your family. He messages you looked lovely today. Laila laughs. He sees the message gone to Laila. Laila says its Anant’s message, he is saying I looked very beautiful today. Ahana gets his call. He says I was messaging you, it went to your mom by mistake. She smiles and says its okay. He says its not okay, I will call her and clarify. She says its fine, I will handle.

Saloni comes and asks Ahana whom was she chatting and talking. Ahana says no one. Saloni says I saw you and Anant in his workshop. Ahana says yes, he was teaching me wood carving, he is very talented. Laila says and romantic also. Ahana says you fell in love with him. Laila says if he wants to get close to me, he will get friendly with my daughters too, he loves me. Ahana says mom is right. Ahana asks Saloni to show honeymoon pics. Saloni says I can’t show. Ahana says you made Tarun work hard. Saloni says yes, he was romantic there, he is lost since he came here. Ahana asks what happened. Saloni asks why are we here, why didn’t we go to Tarun’s house. Ahana says Tarun said his house is having pest control, its not good for you, go and serve him.

Roshni plays piano angrily. Yamini asks what happened. Roshni gets angry about Laila. Yamini says Anant needs friends. Roshni says what’s the need, he has all of us. Yamini says we are family, sometimes we have to share love with someone. Roshni asks why do you all want to make me away from him. Yamini says love increases on sharing, none wants to make you away, you will have many relations, if you hold one relation, you will live incomplete life. Roshni says I will love dad the most. Yamini says Anant should get a chance to make new relation of husband and wife. Roshni says dad can’t marry Laila. Yamini says listen to me, he wants to marry Ahana, not Laila. Roshni gets shocked.

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