Broken Hearts update Thursday 18 November 2021


Broken Hearts 18 November 2021: Episode begins with Ahana returning home after abortion from the hospital , in a car .Saloni is concerned for Her but Ahana decides to face everything herself n asks Saloni to go back .Ahana enters her house feeling very depressed. The sad BG song plays …’aye dill na kar…”The title song …She looks at the pics of her romance n HM displayed all over the walls aroundnthe stairs …she thinks that she n AM night never be so close ever again … and feels nostalgic , low .She remembers her romantic moments with AM …she reaches her bedroom and finds AM sitting on the bed, her personal diary lying nearby.He apologises for reading her diary. She says it was OK. He regrets he MU her n tortured her n refused to listen to her n he hated her .

AM is very apologetic n teary eyed . He holds her n is concerned about her .He finds her very weak n cold n pale. He asks whats wrong with her . He demands to know what she wanted to tell him, what was written in that letter . Ahana faints in AM’s arms.He gets worried n shouts for Yamini, rehaan.Rehaan comes running n carries Ahana to bed .AM tucks her in .Rehaan calls the Doc .Doc Sheetal checks her that she was pale , low BP and anaemic .AM agrees she had not been feeling well for some days n earing poorly too .AM takes the responsibility to take spl,care of her . Ahana smiles n tries to relax . But is hardly Ble to hold back her tears ..she weeps silently as AM watches over her .Saloni returns home and laila shouts at her for roaming around .Shenis furious .Tarun arrives and i forms that his dad had repayed all her debts , he jad paid the hills for her house.Now the 3 crores that she had to return to bank now she owed it to him . Now laila’s house was Mr Gupta’s

Laila scolds Saloni , but she blames laila for everything .Tarun offers to speak to his mom n try n help Laila out ofmthis sticky situation .In the kitchen Kavita and her sister nasreen have a fight . Kavita is against Ahana madam but her sister is concerned about Ahana , she finds her very good.She enumerates Kavita’s mistakes.. Stealing Laila’s bracelet n getting Karan blamed. Leaking Roshni’s video and getting ahana blamed. Rehaan over hears everything .He feels sorry for Ahana .He rushes to To Roshni and reveals to her about Ahana’s truth , that she never tried to cause rift between her n her dad , that she always tried to keep the family together , tha she never tried to send him out of this hiuse he left on his own , that Ahana did nt shw her dad the night club video , it was sent by Kavita. They have blamed Ahana for everything. Thet should apologise to Ahana .

Ahana n AM have a rift because of them so they deserve an apology Roshni is no mood to apologise to Ahana under any circumstances . Roshni feels nothing could chang her views about Ahana . But Rehaan feels he should not be responsible for the rift betwen AM n ahana .Next morning AM wakes up Ahana sweetly n offers her breakfast in bed .She Is surprised . He apologises for treating her n neglecting her for the last few days . He did not listen to her when she wished to speak tonher n ignored her . He offers to frget the past n make new beginnings . He is about to hug her lovingly ..right then she reveals she had been pregnant. Ahana telling AM that oday morning she had aborted her unborn child pAM is furious . Ahana accuses him of telling her that she was not a good mother . She had done this for him .. For his family .. For the kids roshni n Arav .. She would prove to be a good mother only then give birth to her child .AM accuses her of taking decisions alone . She had broken her marriage vows by getting rid of their unborn child … She had killed their child ,, she had killed their happy future and destroyed the basis of their future happiness. AM is heart brokn n in tears .

He regrets his marriage .prehaan over hears AM Ahana fight n s sad too . AM walks out leaving Ahana weeping .Rehaan is very upset that he had failed to bring happiness in AM’s life . He had caused unhappiness to Ahana too . He is very upset .Mr Gupta is drinking merrily , boastng how he showed alaila haer place . When his wife asks him to treat Laila in better manner since she was their samdhan , he asks Tarun and Saloni to tell Laila that he had repaid her 30 crores debts .. So now her house was his . He asks them to ask Laila to vacate that house . Tarun n saloni feel very sad n leave . Their sad faces makes Laila understand Gupta’s moves . Salni asks Tarun, how could they arrange 30 crores ?? Laila gets worried n depressed .Rehaan again tries to convince Roshni that they had wronged Ahana… But she disagrees .She believes Ahana had tricked her dad into marriage . But Rehaan believes he had brought rift and sadness in AM Ahana’s life , he decides to do what he felt was correct . Roshni asks Rehaan to get out of this guilt trip . Ahana was always wrong .

AM is weeping in his wood carving workshop Ahana watches him thru the glass panes ..she enters n tries to speak to him .. He refuses to speak to her , ahana asks him to help her in nibhaoing this rishtaa .. Asks him to forgve her n help her make new beginning . She regrets gving him pain.She does not want to break this marrage ..pleads forgivness with joined hands .mfalls to his feet hut he moves away .AM gets angry that she was falling in her own eyes , not to insult herself n degrade their rishtaa . AM did not want to thunk that he was forcing her to do such degrading things .He asks if it was so easy for her to forget everything n move on ??
Ahana says she tok hade got hurt n were equally pained . So they now had to share that pain together . AM asks her to leave him alone . He pleads her . Ahans is in tears.

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