Broken Hearts Update Saturday 13 November 2021


Broken Hearts 13 November 2021: The Episode starts with Ahana saying yes, I married you to take revenge from mom, but I love you. Laila says don’t say anything Ahana, else you will spoil everything. Anant says truth is I married you for love and you married me for revenge. Ahana says don’t say this, I admit my mistake, but I fell in love with you. He says if love didn’t happen then what would you do, a lie is enough to break trust, you broke my trust, the love in your eyes was fake, all your promises were fake, your lie has changed everything. Laila thinks Ahana don’t give any explanation.

Ahana says I know I did mistake, I tried to tell you many times but you didn’t listen. He says such person is weak who lies by failing to situations. She asks him to look in her eyes and say her love is fake. He says I wish I could give you an answer, I will drop you home. He goes. She cries. Laila thinks she is foolish, she doesn’t know the difference between a beautiful lie and a dangerous truth, this truth will haunt her all her life.Rehaan calls Anant and thinks where is he. He goes out. Anant comes. He doesn’t talk to Rehaan and goes. Ahana comes in another car. She sees Rehaan and scolds him. She asks why did you get after Anant, you hate me so hurt me. He asks why did you get after Anant, you did much wrong with him. She says you don’t teach this to me, you are wrong, you are here because of me, I convinced him to get you back, you are after me, you can never change. He asks her to shut up. She says you shut up. He asks how dare you say that. She says don’t challenge me, I have much courage, I hate you more than I love Anant.

Roshni comes and asks him about Anant, is he fine. Ahana says Rehaan tell her, is Anant fine. She goes. Rehaan stops Roshni and says we will talk to Anant tomorrow.Ahana cries and pens down her feelings…. the day was bad, but I m still happy that the lie came out, I wish Anant trusts me and understands how much I love him, I admit I did a mistake, but others shouldn’t punished for my mistake, I wish my life forgives me. She goes to Anant and thinks of their moments. Laila wakes up and asks Kittu what did her friend tell her. Kittu says nothing, they say any stupid thing. Rehaan finds Ahana sleeping outside Anant’s workplace. She wakes up and sees Anant. She sees Rehaan staring. Rehaan leaves. Aannt wakes up and sees Ahana outside. He silently leaves.

Kittu tells Laila whatever her friend said. Laila scolds her. Everyone sits to dine. Ahana tries to talk to Anant. He asks the children why are they so silent. Anant jokes about the family listening to Rehaan. Roshni asks where were you last night, you gave me much stress. Aarav says I knew dad will come in some time. Anant says I had to go for some work, thats done now, I shall take a leave now. Rehaan asks will you drop me to college. Aarav says drop me to school. Anant says sure. They all leave. Ahana sits alone and cries. Laila comes home and sees Ahana.

She says I had told you, you are left alone, you should have taken my advice, I came here to give you a shoulder, so that you can cry for your marriage ruining. Ahana says Anant and I are happy, will you have breakfast. Laila says no need to lie to me, I know Anant slept in studio last night. Ahana asks are you happy, you told me my marriage won’t last long. Laila says I m your mum. Ahana says you are the reason of my life’s sorrow, you killed my dad, you ruined Saloni’s life, its better if I don’t have a mum. She turns and sees Anant and everyone. Anant recalls her words. Laila apologizing to Ahana. Anant says parents do everything for children’s good. Laila says yes, but I shouldn’t have interfered in your life. Anant says its not just your mistake. Yamini takes Aarav and Rehaan.


Laila says I shall leave now. Ahana worries. Laila says you would think Ahana is mannerless, but believe me, I know her well, she is impulsive. Eh says she does anything in anger without thinking of consequences, I know this about her. Laila leaves. Ahana writes her diary. She writes … I have to talk to Anant, I can’t let misunderstandings break our relation. She calls Anant. He doesn’t answer.Ahana hears servants talking of her and Laila and laughing. She goes and scolds them. She asks the maid to get black coffee for her. Kavita says Ahana didn’t do good to shout on us. Rehaan stops Ahana and claps. He asks her does she not have any answers, he knows to take care of himself and family.

Anant doesn’t answer her calls and thinks of her words. He thinks of Reema, who came office to tie him rakhi. She says you don’t forgive people, you don’t drop anger soon. She blesses him. Ahana keeps calling him. Tarun comes to meet Anant. He says I want to …. Anant asks what’s the matter. Tarun says this is my resignation letter. Anant say forget that contract, I trust you. Tarun says that’s what I fear for, I want you to trust me forever, I know my dad, you have answered dad well, you have hurt dad’s ego, he will take revenge. Anant says one day he will forget this. Tarun says one who has to take revenge gets loss for himself too. Anant says don’t worry, I m not scared of Gupta. Laila asks Shelly did she tell Rehaan. Shelly denies it and says it doesn’t matter now, you should catch Gupta, he is responsible for this.

Laila says don’t waste my time. Shelly tells about Gupta giving a costly membership for free to a pretty woman. Anant thinks of Tarun’s words and thinks of Ahana. Karan says Ahana is calling. Anant doesn’t answer. He asks him to take him to Reema’s house. Anant comes to meet Reema.She asks is there any tension, why are you lost. He says nothing just some office tension, there is no other issues. She says you started lying to me, you have a problem at home, so you came here, did anything happen between you and Ahana, please tell me the truth. Ahana comes to temple and talks to Lord. She says my imp relation is breaking because of this truth, Anant loves me a lot, so I married him, I yearned for such a relation of husband and love, which has respect and love, mom and dad used to fight always, I see my good future with Anant. Reema says Ahana is suffering too.

He says it happened because of her. She says you have to face truth, talk to Ahana, don’t talk like Roshni now, a bond between man and woman is based on trust, when Ahana said she loves you, give her a chance to prove this. Ahana says my life got stable and my heart got peace since Anant came in my life, I love him, please help me, give me strength so that I can tell Anant that he means to me, my marriage can’t break, I can’t lose him. Anant says I will always love her, I can’t live without Ahana, but now I can’t live with her, I would see lies and deceit instead love in her eyes, I won’t be able to give her happiness and support, it would be better that we part ways.

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