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Wedding planners 14 November 2021: The Episode starts with Kusum lecturing Juhi a lot on her lie. She says Preeti knows her child well, she is gold, but when did you start lying, who is training you. She scolds Juhi. Juhi says mum didn’t teach us to lie. Juhi goes to Priyanka and says Kusum can’t tolerate your lie, if she couldn’t tolerate mine. Preeti calls KT. Sheena says he was worried, he left for home. Preeti thinks what happened to him. Priyanka calls Tarun. He doesn’t answer. KT sits sad. Neelima asks him to finish it. He recalls Preeti’s words. Ik tara…..plays…. Neelima says we can also file a case on Preeti for the cheat. KT says no, I don’t want to file any case, she did what she found right, I will not stop her, let it be.

She says a fraud partner is like an eclipse, its better if the eclipse ends soon, get her signs on the paper tomorrow, make her out of your life.Preeti says don’t know what happened to KT, he left the office, he had questions but stopped himself. Kusum says he is like his fan, he talks his heart out, maybe he felt bad of your words. Preeti says what can it be. Kusum says maybe he learnt your lie. Preeti thinks. KT thinks of her. Ik tara….plays…. He gets Preeti’s audio message. She asks what’s the matter, you were much upset, tell me if I made any mistake, tell me, can I help you. KT says she is asking me, she is dual faced, can she see herself in the mirror. He angrily signs the papers. He says our ways are different now. Preeti says KT can’t tolerate lies. Kusum says maybe he wants to ask you something. Preeti says I don’t think so. Kusum says I think you should tell him the truth about Mrs. Goplani. Preeti says no, I can’t see pity in his eyes for me, he will not understand it. Priyanka goes to Kusum with food. Kusum says keep it there. Preeti asks why didn’t Juhi get the food, what happened. Kusum says nothing.

Preeti goes to Juhi and says you can see Kusum’s needs, problems or issues, you should bond with her. She asks what happened. Juhi says she is upset with me, I did something wrong. Preeti says then you go and talk to her, convince her, she loves you, so she is upset, come and apologize. Juhi comes to Kusum. She apologizes and hugs Kusum. Preeti smiles. Kusum says I will be suffocated, leave me, fine I forgive you. Juhi says no, really. Kusum says fine, I forgive you. Juhi laughs. She praises Kusum.Kusum jokes. They smile. Kusum signs Preeti to call KT. Preeti messages KT again. He sees her pic and says I can’t convince myself that you can cheat me, I thought you are true and sincere, I couldn’t ask you anything when you came in front, you will be free tomorrow, but I will ask you everything and vent out my frustration. Kusum goes to check the door. She sees KT and welcomes her. She says you may have come to meet Preeti. He says no, I came to meet Preeti. She asks really, come, I will make snacks. He says give this papers to Preeti, its written that Preeti and my partnership is over. Kusum gets shocked.

KT saying Preeti cheated me, I m breaking my partnership with her, I don’t even want to see her face. Kusum tries to explain him. His imagination ends. Kajal asks him to come in. He asks for Kusum. She says she went to market. He says fine, I will wait. Preeti instructs Sheena about the work. Sheena asks for half day leave. She says I have to take my mum for checkup, she has age related issues. Preeti asks her to take care. Sheena goes. Preeti calls the courier company. She asks about the booking. The man says there is no such booking. She asks what. She asks him to make the booking right now. He says we will take the booking, but you have to come here and make the booking. She says I m just coming. Preeti sees the lace leaving its colour. She says I have to change the lace now. She says I can’t call Sheena. She calls KT. He doesn’t answer. She calls Kusum. She asks her to go to courier company and make booking. She says I have to go to Mrs. Goplani’s place and change the lace. Priyanka calls Tarun. He answers and says I m at home with Rati, message me.

He says once I win the challenge, I will not see her. Priyanka thinks Rati can see the message, how shall I say that Juhi got to know about us.Kusum comes home and says I m glad to see you home. KT says you maybe upset with me. She says never. He says my illusion broke badly. Preeti reaches Mrs. Goplani’s house. She says I have to change the lace and go away before Mrs. Goplani sees me. Kusum says you forgot to make the courier booking, Preeti ran to Mrs. Goplani’s house to change the lace, the lace was leaving colour, Preeti said your promise shouldn’t be called false, I know you are upset with her, she said you are not talking to her well, what happened, what mistake did she make, when you work along, don’t vent anger on her, you said such a good thing, relation of husband and wife, partnership should be good, if you have complains, you should talk and find a solution, if you keep it in heart, both will be hurt, tell me what were you going to say. KT goes. She says you should have said bye. She sees the papers. She asks Kajal what is written in it.

Kajal reads and says Kt wants to end partnership with Preeti. Mrs. Goplani and her friends come. They see Preeti.Juhi says your engagement is fixed, Tarun is already married. Priyanka says I m not doing it intentionally, I don’t want to hurt anyone. Juhi says tell the truth to Kusum, I will support you. Priyanka says I told my feelings for Tarun, you didn’t support me. Juhi says I know him, he has no feelings for you. Priyanka says Tarun and I love each other. Juhi says he is happy with Rati, they are happy. Priyanka says he said he is upset to behave bad with Preeti, he did that on Rati’s saying, he loves me. Juhi says he is using your feelings.

Priyanka plays the audio message. She says Tarun isn’t so wrong, I want your help, Tarun and I want to make everything right, I promise to take Preeti back in that house, we will stay happy there. The ladies joke on Mrs. Goplani’s choice and Preeti. They all go. Preeti says this lace was losing its colour, I came to change it. Mrs. Goplani says I told you not to come here, KT or someone else will come, you came here and broke the condition. Preeti says I lied to my partner, I had to break the condition to save your reputation, hampers are white as you want. Mrs. Goplani says get out of my house, don’t come in front of me again, I will sue you, get out. Preeti leaves.Preeti walks on the road sadly. She thinks of everything. Kusum sees her and calls her out. She stops Preeti and asks what did you do, see this. Preeti says Kt wants to end partnership, what did I do, what happened, why is he upset, why did he lose trust on me. KT comes and says you know it, this contract between Mrs. Goplani and company was breaking, I had saved it today, it was breaking because of your carelessness, Mrs. Goplani wanted you not to come there, why did you go there, Mrs. Goplani told me everything. Kusum says tell him why you went there. Preeti says I was helpless, I called you many times, you didn’t answer, I had to change lace, Sheena went on leave, Kusum went to courier, I had gone to do work. He says I agree with Mrs. Goplani. Preeti asks do you agree with her.

He says yes, you said client is Lord, client should get what she wants, maybe some people aren’t comfortable with your complexion, we are just doing business, you have to remember this rule, our work is to sell beauty and dreams, marriage should be perfect for groom and bride, they want beautiful things, I trusted you, but I was wrong, you made a mistake, I m going to rectify my mistake now, I m going to break my partnership. Preeti and Kusum get shocked.

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