Broken Hearts update Friday 12 November 2021

Broken Hearts 12 November 2021: The Episode starts with Anant getting a call. He calls Tarun and says we didn’t get the tender. Tarun asks how can this happen, our quotation was lowest. Anant says someone else’s quotation was lower than ours. Tarun says I think someone gave wrong info to Bansal. Anant asks how is Bansal related. Tarun tells him everything, that Bansal gave him info about rivals’ quote. Kavita gossips with maid. She gets Roshni’s nightclub video and thinks to use it. Anant and Tarun meet Gupta. Anant praises Gupta. Gupta boasts of his smartness. Anant says Tarun did wrong with you, but you did wrong with me, Tarun doesn’t have the quality to become a good businessman like you, I should have checked him before hiring. Gupta asks Tarun did he hear Anant, he is useless. He says Anant did good to not waste time on Tarun. He insults Tarun. Tarun gets up to leave.

Anant asks him to sit. He says Gupta should know his son’s capabilities. He starts taking Gupta’s class. He says Tarun didn’t go against Laila as he wanted to spend his life with Saloni, you won’t understand this, Tarun fulfills his work even when his dad threatens him. Gupta says you are counting his qualities. Anant says if you tried to become a responsible father than a big businessman, I would have not done this, its my benefit, Tarun will work in my company, its not a promise, its my faith in him. He gives a champagne bottle and says celebrate today, very soon my turn will come, but my celebration will have my entire family. He leaves with Tarun. Gupta throws the bottle and says Anant, fool, you couldn’t identify me, I can do anything with anyone.

Yamini sees the video and gets shocked. She says this can’t happen, delete this video. Kavita goes. Yamini goes to Rehaan and Roshni and asks did they go to nightclub, did Roshni lie. She says I know everything, you both didn’t tell me anything, what will Anant say, what will I answer him. Roshni says don’t tell dad. Yamini says someone has sent me a video. Rehaan says Roshni didn’t know that place, it was Diya’s plan. Yamini says you lied to us, please promise me, you won’t do this again. Roshni promises. Kavita thinks of Roshni’s drama. Roshni recalls Ahana’s words. Ahana tells a joke to Aarav.

Roshni comes and acts rude to Aarav to taunt Ahana. Ahana asks Aarav not to argue and sends him. Ahana requests her to sit. She asks what’s the matter. Roshni says you are very innocent, you don’t know. Ahana asks what did I do, you were happy yesterday. Roshni says you didn’t do anything else right. Ahana says I know you aren’t happy with Anant and my marriage, I don’t want to take your mom’s place, can I become your friend. Roshni says thanks, I have many friends. Ahana says maybe we have a special bond, you can talk to me, you can tell me any problems before going to Anant. Roshni asks what problems do I have. Ahana says I know keeping secret.Roshni says I don’t have any secret, I have a problem with you. She goes to Rehaan. She says Ahana got to know about nightclub, I felt she knows this, she would have told Yamini, she isn’t good, she is very clever. Rehaan asks what did she say. Roshni says she said we can become friends, we knows keeping secrets, you were right, she wants to make me away from dad. He says relax, Ahana won’t tell anything to Anant, she will think to hide her lie, think if I tell her secrets to Anant…. He smiles.

Anant asks Rehaan what’s the matter, tell me if you did another mistake, I will manage. Rehaan says yes, I made a mistake, I should have told you the truth. Anant asks do you want to say about Ahana again, she has forgot everything, don’t repeat things. Rehaan says no… He plays Shelly’s recording, where she tells about Laila and Ahana’s relation. Rehaan says Shelly is Laila’s friend, Laila wanted to marry you, Ahana married you, she wanted to take revenge from Laila, she cheated you and her mum as well. Anant gets shocked. He says whom shall I trust….. I don’t understand. Rehaan holds him and says I m really very sorry, please forgive me. He leaves.

Rehaan worrying. Roshni comes to ask about Anant. He scolds her and makes her out of the room. Ahana stops Roshni. Roshni gets rude. Ahana asks what’s the problem, why are you rude, I feel hurt, even Anant feels bad. Roshni says we know who has hurt Anant the most. Aarav comes and says maybe dad is angry. Ahana says no, he may have gone for some work. Anant is on the way. Ae dil na kar….plays…. Anant recalls Ahana.Ahana calls Tarun and asks is Anant at office. Tarun says no, there is no meeting, is everything okay. She says no, he didn’t come back, he left phone at home. Saloni takes the phone and says Anant will come back in some time. Ahana says I will call later. Anant recalls Laila. Laila says I hate that Gupta. Shelly says Rekha and someone else bears Gupta. Laila asks really, I m going to meet Anant and thank him for trusting Tarun. She goes. Everyone comes to dine and wait for Anant. Laila comes home.

Aarav asks her did she come for dinner. Laila says no, I came to thank Anant. Aarav says he was in anger, he left. Laila asks Ahana did she call, is he annoyed, what happened. Ahana says no, come and join us for dinner.Rehaan and Roshni get up to leave. Yamini stops Roshni. Laila asks Rehaan why is he trying to run, she can see lies. He says I have finally said truth. She asks what. He says Anant had to know truth some day. She scolds him. Rehaan says Ahana didn’t think before playing with Anant’s life. She says I worry for him. He asks her to stop the drama, he can never forgive her. She calls Anant. Ahana answers the call. Laila talks to Ahana. Ahana asks do you want money from Anant. Laila says he can’t give anything to us, I m worried for you, he is annoyed and worried, Rehaan has told him the truth that he married him because of your anger on me.

Ahana says I m going to him, I don’t want to lose him, I should have told him the truth before. Laila says sometimes hiding truth is good, once you break his trust, he will never believe you, you have two options, to tell the truth or this happy life, whatever you choose will be truth for him, if I was in your place, I would have told that Rehaan is lying. Ahana leaves and recalls Laila’s words. She comes to the lake and meets Anant. He asks her to answer his question, was Rehaan saying true. Laila looks on from far and says don’t say anything. He asks Ahana to say.

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