Broken Hearts Update Sunday 14 November 2021

Broken Hearts 14 November 2021: The Episode starts with Karan telling Anant that they reached home. Anant goes inside the house. Yamini asks him to have dinner. He says I m not hungry, good night, do you want to say something. She says no, if there is anything, you can share with me. He says no, I can’t tell you, I don’t have courage, don’t worry, I have decided which way to choose. He goes. Laila and Shelly meet Sanjana. Sanjana cries. She says my family will be ruined if they know about Gupta, I have to save them, I can’t go against Gupta, I will find another job. Laila says okay no worries, we won’t force you, you may go and handle your husband, I can’t guarantee that I will remain quiet.

Shelly smiles. Laila says if you don’t write statement against Gupta, I will tell truth to your husband, else you will write this statement, I promise nothing will happen to you. Sanjana asks will Gupta… Laila says he has ruined many lives, now he won’t be able to touch anyone, its my promise.Anant sees Ahana sleeping. He picks the album and sees their pics. He sees Ahana and Rahul’s pic and recalls Gupta’s words. He goes to Aarav. He asks where is Roshni. Roshni comes and hugs her. He apologizes to trouble them. Aarav says its okay, say the same to Ahana, as she has said sorry to him. He hugs Roshni and asks them to sleep.

Ahana sees Anant’s coat and goes out to look for him. Main tenu samjhawan….plays…. She thinks of Anant. She gets sad. Anant comes to the room. She looks at him. He turns away.Rehaan and Roma have a drink. Gupta gets too drunk and says we just began the celebration of Anant’s destruction. He laughs. He sees Rehaan. He asks his friends to see the drama. He goes to Rehaan and asks is Anant taking care of his big expenses, he is making a big mistake, he will get ruined. Rehaan asks him to stop it. Gupta says Anant’s marriage is really a scene, he had to bear two shocks at the same time, he married Laila’s daughter and got ruined. Rehaan says I won’t hear any nonsense about Anant, it would be better you leave. Gupta scolds him. He says I will ruin Anant. Rehaan holds his collar and pushes him in the pool.He says I will kill you if you say any nonsense again. Rehaan and Roma leave.

Anant meets Rehaan. Rehaan apologizes. He says Gupta was speaking bad about you. Anant says I remember a story, I was taking a water glass for Reema, I was young, mom asked me to be careful, its glass, I was so conscious, I held it to tight that the glass broke in my hand, sometimes we try to save our loved ones and hurt them more, you have hidden Ahana’s truth till now, but what happened in the end, matter got worse, go to Roma now, we shall talk at night, be careful next time.Roshni checks her dress. She shouts Kavita. She scolds Kavita for ruining her dress. Kavita says I didn’t do anything. Roshni throws dress on her. Yamini sends Kavita and asks Roshni to relax, she will find a dress for her. Kavita thinks drama queen, time will show who will teach a lesson to whom. She sends the club video to Ahana. Ahana sees the video and gets shocked. Lawyer gives divorce papers. He asks Anant to say if he wants to make any changes. Anant says no, thanks, I have made my decision, no need of changes. Lawyer goes. Anant checks the papers. Ahana questioning Kavita about the video. She scolds Kavita. She asks who else has seen this video. Kavita says Yamini has seen. Ahana warns her and goes to Roshni

. She asks Yamini to go out, she has to talk to Roshni. Roshni asks her not to go. Yamini makes an excuse and goes. Ahana stops Roshni and asks her why did she lie, lie doesn’t hide for long.She shows the video and says this video got viral, today I have seen, someone will see and then your dad will see, think how much shocked he would be. Roshni says you have also lied to dad, you want to make dad away from me, you want to prove I m also a liar. Ahana says I don’t want to. Roshni says Rehaan failed your plan, I will go and tell everything to dad. She goes to Anant. Everyone follows. Anant asks the matter. Roshni says I lied to you. Ahana says that night… Roshni says I will say, Diya and I went to dance club. She shows the video. He asks why did you not tell this to me before, Rehaan you too didn’t tell me, did Yamini know this. Yamini says I didn’t wish to make you worry. Rehaan says the same.

Roshni says very sorry, I did a mistake. Anant scolds her. Roshni says I didn’t wish to do same mistake. Ahana says Roshni didn’t wish to lie, she is saying sorry as well. He asks are you justifying her or yourself, it was your idea to send Roshni out, you lied and then you made Roshni lie, I was foolish to come in your words. He goes. He takes the divorce papers to sign. Anant gets Reema’s call. Reema asks why did he fight with Roshni. He says she did mistake and hidden it, I will talk later. She asks him not to force decision on children, think about them.

Anant goes to Aarav and cheers him. He asks Aarav to get ready, they are going to have icecream. Aarav goes to tell Roshni. Roshni refuses. Anant forgives and hugs Roshni. Aarav asks Ahana to come. Ahana gets glad. Ahana sees Anant and refuses to go, making an excuse. Anant leaves.Laila tells Saloni that Anant should be happy that Ahana didn’t marry him for money. Saloni says Ahana married Anant as she loved him, I asked her everything. Laila asks her to sit and call Ahana. She worries. Saloni calls Ahana and asks her about Anant. Ahana says he is not talking to me, I will manage. Saloni asks her to forgive Laila and talk to her. Ahana says mom, I m trying to keep my marriage sincerely, don’t spoil anything.

Ahana prays in temple. She asks Lord to give her any sign, either keep this relation or let it shatter. She rings the bell. Its morning, Ahana wakes up. She feels dizzy. She thinks what’s happening, does this mean…. is she pregnant. She smiles and sees the temple from her window. She thanks Maa for this ray of hope, now no one can break Anant and her relation, as their love sign has come between them.

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