Broken Bonds update Wednesday 8 February 2023

Broken Bonds 8 February 2023: Shubhra looks everywhere in the kitchen. She finds the tea. Phirki says thank you so much. Let me make tea for you. Shubhra leaves.

Samaira says okay don’t be friends but take these gifts, please? I burned your hand, so as sorry. Rishi says we don’t even need your sorry. Samaira says I will say sorry to your mom as well. Roli picks unicorn and says Rishi is it okay if she apologizes mama? Samaira says let’s take a selfie. Your papa misses you a lot.

He asked me to take a photo and send it to him. Come Rishi.. Roli says it’s okay Rishi come. She takes photos with them. Shubhra comes there. Roli hides the unicorn. Samaira says I am so sorry Shubhra. I behaved rudely with you. Forgive me, please. She says see, I apologize to your mom as well.

Are we friends now? She leaves. Samaira leaves. Shubhra looks at the kids.
Roli says are you, mad papa? But that unicorn was so cute. Rishi says she wants to take you on her team. Roli says taking gifts doesn’t mean I am in her team. Shubhra says you are going to the planetarium today. You will see a lot of planets today. Suriya devta had a son too, Kaan. He took territory from a bad man as a gift. And Kaan had to help him in all bad things. So what do we learn from it? If you take a gift from Ravan aunty how will you fight from Sita side? Roli says papa and you don’t get me any gifts.

My friends aren’t here either. If they were here, I won’t need a unicorn. Shubhra hugs her. Shubhra says I will ask papa to take Rishi and Roli to a good place for a picnic. But promise me, whatever you need, ask me. Don’t ask Samaira. Roli says promise. Shubhra says let’s go. Shubhra says are you sure Rishi you can stay home alone? He says there is a lot of homework. Roli says enjoy Rishi. She leaves. Shubhra says will you be okay? He says yes don’t worry. Phirki says I will take care of Rishi. Don’t worry. Shubhra leaves. Her eye blinks. Shubhra says I hope everything remains okay. They leave.

Scene 2
Samaira video calls Kuldeep. Samaira tells him she has become good friends with the kids. He says how will I return all these favors? Business-class ticket, fancy hotel, and now you are friends with the kids. I am so happy to see these photos. Shubhra says I really enjoyed my time with them. There was no one I could spoil. Now Rishi and Roli also enjoy with me. He says what happened? She says nothing. I am happy. I think Shubhra didn’t like this. She threw Roli’s gift and started shouting, kids got worried too. They started crying. Kuldeep says what is her problem. She can’t see that kids are happy with you. I have to talk to Shubhra. Samaira says no, please. He says your heart is so pure. I am so lucky to have your love.

Phirki locks Rishi in the door. He shouts and says Phirki open the door. I am so scared here. Open the door. Phirki tells Samaira. Samaira says how will Shubhra from my attack now. Shubhra comes home and says Rishi.. I got your favorite burger and shake. SHe sees around but Rishi isn’t in the room. Shubhra hears Rishi screaming. He says aai I am really scared. Please open the door. Shubhra says how did you lock inside? He says please get me out. She says I am getting the keys.

Shubhra asks Phirki what is this? Why did you lock Rishi in the store? Phirki says he wasn’t there when I locked. Shubhra says give me the keys. He’s suffocating inside. He’s scared of the dark. Phirki says I don’t have the keys. Shubhra says don’t worry Rishi. I am doing something. Rishi is scared. Shubhra shoves Phirki and says give me my keys right now. Have some shame. He’s a kid. Give me the keys. Phirki says I don’t have the keys. Shubhra shoves her from the stairs and says I will take the stairs. If anything happens to my son. I will kill you. She says I don’t have the keys. Samaira took the keys. Rishi is scared inside. Shubhra says don’t be scared. He says it’s all dark. Shubhra says be strong. I am doing something. Shubhra tries to break the lock. Rishi cries inside. She tries to break it with a pot.

Chandrani calls Shubhra. Shubhra cries and says Samaira locked Rishi in the storeroom. Chandrani says crying won’t break the lock. Call Kuldeep. Don’t give up. If you cry, Rishi will also panic. Shubhra calls Kuldeep. He’s busy with Samaira on a video call. He declines her call. Rishi is crying inside. Shubhra says don’t be scared. Stay strong. Shubhra keeps calling Kuldeep but he isn’t picking.

Shubhra says Rishi remember good things, like when Roli left ice cream on Amol’s bench and he sat on it. Rishi laughs and says yes everyone was saying he pooped. Shubhra keeps calling Kuldeep. Kuldeep says I was busy. Why do you keep calling me again and again. Shubhra says Samaira has locked Rishi in the store and Phirki isn’t even giving me the keys. Rishi is really scared. Please do something.

Shubhra calls Kuldeep and says please do something. Kuldeep says are you out of your mind? Samaira loves kids. You are provoking me against kids. Shubhra says you think that? Please get Rishi out. He says I saw their photo with the kids. You should be ashamed for dragging kids in your drama. I am busy don’t bother me again. Rishi is scared inside. Samaira video calls Shubhra. She says Kuldeep didn’t trust you right? I know a mother’s heart is burning but you challenged me openly. Rishi is crying inside.

Chandrani packs her bags. She says I have to go there to help Shubhra. Chandrani tells Vedika she’s going to Mumbai to help Shubhra. She says stay inside and lock the door. Vedika says dadi forgot there purse.

Shubhra says do you have any shame? You are a woman. You locked a kid inside. Samaira says I learned it all from you. You ruined my mental peace in my own house. Rishi is crying inside. Samaira says if you want your Rishi out you have to come to office and do what I ask. Shubhra will I have to do?

Scene 2
Chandrani is leaving. She falls from the stairs and faints. Vedika sees her and screams.

Shubhra says nothing is more important than my kids. I am not weak. I know my right. Shubhra says oh.. Shubhra says I am going to the police station. Samaira says sure. Who am I to stop you? But when you come back Rishi might not be in the storeroom. Phirki will say the kid ran away. And I am in the office, I don’t know what’s going on there. So dear Shubhra, don’t act smart. Shubhra says Rishi are you okay? He screams there is a rat. Rishi is crying. Shubhra says to Phirki he’s a kid. Do you have any shame? Phirki says I feel bad, you should listen to Samaira. Shubhra says Rishi, I am going out. I will bring you out. Shubhra says to Phirki don’t dare to do anything else, I will kill you.

Scene 3
Shubhra comes to the office. Shubhra says you do big deals in this conference room right? For you, I brought the biggest deal of your life. She says deal with a housewife? What are you talking about? Shubhra says Samaira how can you love Kuldeep so much? I was irritated after some years of the wedding. Average man, average job. Any woman would have left. I wanted a rich husband. Everyone is hearing. They are shocked. Shubhra says I don’t know how I was stuck with Kuldeep. I had to give up on a lot of dreams. I couldn’t marry a rich man but I can have an affair. I got two kids.

But money, fun, zero. But when I saw you falling in love with Kuldeepb I saw the first ray of hope that I can earn something out of this flop marriage. I am Kuldeep’s wife. And I want to take the money for my sindur and mangalsutra. You are right. I am here to sell my husband. Everyone is shocked.

Shubhr says would you make this deal? Everyone whispers against Shubhra. Samaira asks everyone to leave and says whatever you heard, leave it here. They all leave. Samaira claps and says well done. Shubhra says happy now? Give me the keys now. I did what you asked. Samaira says of course. Shubhra says what did you get Samaira? She says respect. Since you came to this office, my staff has called me another woman and home wrecker stamp.

I don’t like people laughing at me. She takes out the key and says go and save your son. If you have a little brain, take the first bust and go to Pune. Shubhra runs home. People are talking against her.

Scene 4
Rishi is scared. He thinks when he used to be scared of rats, she asked him to tab on the floor and say Ganpati baba is looking for you. Rishi does the same. the rat goes away. Shubhra comes home. She shoves Phirki. Shubhra opens the store and hugs Rishi. she says are you okay? He says yes aai. Shubhra says I am sorry aai.

Rishi says I am okay. Please don’t cry. Shubhra says you must be hungry right. You didn’t even have water. Sorry, my son. You have to suffer all this. I am really sorry. She takes him out.

Samaira says to her staff Kuldeep made a contract with rajdaksh and proved he deserves to be the partner of this company. Right, Rajiv? So I have kept a surprise party for Kuldeep. He’s coming back tomorrow. It’s at my place. Everyone congratulates her and says you guys are a perfect couple. Sanaira says to Rajiv you will have to come as well. If not for Kuldeep, then for Shubhra. I saw extra care in your eyes for her. Will you come for her sake? He smirks and says of course. Samaria says poor Shubhra, go back today or there will be another trouble for you tomorrow.

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