Broken Bonds update Thursday 9 February 2023

Broken Bonds 9 February 2023: Roli says poor pluto is alone. He’s out of the solar system. I made a lot of friends. Shubhra rubs scoreboard. Roli says why did you remove it? We won’t know who lost? Shubhra says we don’t need to know it.

Rishi wakes up scared. Shubhra hugs him and says I am here. He peed on the bed. Roli says ew Rishi. Rishi goes to the restroom. Roli says is he okay? Shubhra says it’s okay. It happens. Rishi changes and comes out. Shubhra sks him to sleep. He says sorry Aai. Shubhra says it’s okay. It’s not a big deal. I am proud of you my brave son. He says aai how did you get the key? Shubhra recalls everything. He says Samaira made you suffer? Shubhra tickles him. Rishi laughs. Shubhra says don’t tell Roli. She will get scared. They shake hands.

Scene 2
Anand takes care of Chandrani. Shubhra calls on her phone and says Rishi is fine now. Samaira gave me the key. He says sorry it’s me, Anand. Her tenant. Shubhra says Biji didn’t tell me. Give the phone to her. He says she’s rest. she actually.. Chandrani says don’t tell her anything. She takes the phone. He says Meera ruined my life and mata ji’s DIL’s house is ruined by some Samaira? All bad people have save names. Shubhra cries and says I can’t stay here. My kids suffered so much. Chandrani says you can’t give up. You have to face all this. This made Rishi mature. Fight like him. You have done the most part. Shubhra wipes her tears.

Samaira discusses the food list with Phirki.
Rishi and Roli are in the room. Roli says what are you going to tell papa? Samaira says SHubhra yous should be part of the party. Shubhra says I don’t need to, I will stay in the room with my kids. Samaira says how will Phirki take care of the arrangements. You have to help her. Shubhra says you can’t force me. Samaira says you are enjoying here on my money. How do you enjoy this free food without working? Shubhra says my husband feeds me not you. She says I give money to your husband. This is all my money. If you give a beg to someone they do something for you. Why don’t you do something when I am doing all this for you. Now be a good girl and prepare for the party with Phirki. Shubhra says I won’t do any of it.

Scene 3
Madhura comes to meet Chandrani. She gives her a pillow that says get well soon. For the stairs. She says the stairs must be unwell right. Chandrani says you make such lame jokes, that’s why your husband has become Mogambo. Chandrani says yes he would be angry if I don’t go home. They laugh together. Madhura says take care. Anand comes in. He says I made this tea for you. Madhura says I have to leave. She says thank you for taking care of Chandrani. She’s worried for my daughter all the time. You take care of her. He says she gave a home to me and my daughter. That woman, who ruined your daughter’s life, do you know her? She says I only know, she used to study in Sindi college with them. Anand says in heart Meera was also there.

Why do I feel like they have a connection. He says my friend was also there. What was her name? She says Sameera, Samaira. She has many names. He says in heart that means I am right. She’s Meera.

Roli says what will you tell papa? Rishi says it’s my secret. Roli says to Rishi don’t hide things from me. Tell me. Shubhra comes there with cake. She says we won’t go out to the party. We will enjoy ourselves here in the room. Roli says why won’t we? Shubhra says it’s for elders. We won’t go out until papa is here. No more why. Shubhra makes a line and says this is our Laxman rekha. We won’t have to cross it. We have to wait for papa here. Roli says to Rishi you won’t meet papa today. He will be busy with his party. Tell me the secret. Rishi says yes I will burst if I don’t tell papa. I have to tell him.

Scene 4
Phirki tells Samaira the door is locked. Shubhra isn’t coming out. Samaira says she locked the door? Phirki says yes. What will happen now? Samaira says don’t worry, she will come out. I have planned a huge drama for this party.

Shubhra says your papa is here. Rishi says she is playing a game so you cross laxman rekha. Kuldeep says to Samaira let me meet kids. Samaira says enjoy the party first. Shubrha asks kids not to worry. Shubhra comes out. Kuldeep isn’t there. It was a phone call. Phirki holds Shubhra’s hand. shubhra shoves her. Samaira says I can keep Kuldeep abroad for another week. I can have another chance, this time Roli. shubhra says don’t even dare to think about my kids. Samaira says then help Phirki for party preps. Phirki takes Shubhra with her.

Scene 2
Party starts. Shubhra serves drinks to everyone. People talk about her and call her disgusting. Samaira says no one will insult Shubhra. She said sorry to me for selling her marriage. I felt bad for her. Calm down and enjoy. Shubhra says in heart in a few moments Kuldeep would be here and everyone will know the truth. Samaira says Kuldeep couldn’t believe she did this. He said he has nothing to do. she’s lonely now.

So least we can do is to forgive her. Cheers to forgiveness, a girl says to Shubhra one drink for madam. Shubhra says I don’t drink. People mock her and say get her milk. Samaira says there is soft drink for her. She says take it before they make more fun of you. Shubhra drinks it. Samaira winks at Rajiv. Samaira says Kuldeep is about to come. I have to execute it.

Rajiv says to Shubhra where is washroom? She says there. Samaira says take him to my bedroom. Shubhra says it’s upstairs, she takes him there. Rajiv walks after her. Samaira smirks.

Scene 3
Anand says why Meera? Wasn’t it enough to ruin your own house that you are doing this to others. She recalls when he gave her a ring and she said fake gem. He said I will get you a new one. We will get married. Anand says Chandrani wants to know Meera’s past. And see, that past is in her house. No, I cannot get into this mess. I got out of it after so long. I need to stay away from her mess.

Scene 4

Shubhra takes Rajiv to the room. He says what was the point of that fake drama yesterday? That acting was flop. You kept pretending to be a bad woman. Shubhra says I have to go. He says this isn’t a movie. In real world, who does this? You must be so hurt. Shubhra says I am fine.

She trips. Rajiv holds her and says are you okay? She says my head hurts. He says sit and relax. She tries to stand but he makes her sit. Rajiv says is your husband not enough to fulfil your needs. Shubhra shouts what rubbish. He locks the door. Shubhra says what are you doing? Open the door.

Roli wakes up Rishi and says you have to talk to papa. Everyone is enjoying music. Shubhra says stop it. What are you doing? He says you are young and beautiful and husband isn’t with you. You must have needs too. Shubhra slaps him and says don’t even try. I don’t need to tell you what’s between me and Kuldeep. He holds her and says Kuldeep is a lucky man. Shubhra shoves him and says enough. Wasn’t one slap enough. Shubhra is losing her senses. Rajiv comes close to her. Shubhra says leave me. He says don’t shout. If someone comes in it would affect you not me. Shubhra shoves him.

Shubhra calls Kuldeep. He enters the party and can’t hear. Kuldeep is surprised with the party. He says wow all this.. he hangs up. Shubhra cries. Kuldeep says all this for me? Samaira says I was waiting for you. Welcome back baby. Shubhra calls Kuldeep again but he isn’t picking. Rajiv holds her, Shubhra shouts leave me.

Rishi says I won’t sleep now. I will tell papa everything. He sits on the chair. Kuldeep thanks everyone and says let me get fresh. Samaira says if he goes early, the plan would fail. Samira says darling.. some people have to leave early, so sit with them for 5 minutes. Then get fresh. Samaira says now Rajiv has enough time to end Shubhra’s game.

Rishi falls asleep. Shubhra is fainting. Rajiv shoves shubhra on bed and gets on top of her. Kuldeep comes in. He is shocked to see them.

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