Every Girl’s Dream update Wednesday 8 February 2023

Every Girl’s dream 8 February 2023: Daksh says something is different. She says yes.. a lot of things are different. We are meeting after long. Only you are smart, rest of the people are gaining weight. Daksh says why didn’t you come to meet me? You met an accident. Are you fine? She says yes I met an accident but I am fine now. he says are you really Maya? She says yes. Daksh says Jaya maa, Maya is back. Krisha says you should rest. You are not well. He says don’t go anywhere. Stay here. Promise? Krisha says promise. Daksh says you are not Maya. Krisha says why? He says you didn’t do our promise.. She recalls the video of it and shakes hand with him. Daksh says now you are Maya. Maya is back. He goes towards his room. Daksh says to Menakshi you lied to me. She’s alive.

Every Girl’s Dream 7 February 2023

Krisha says she didn’t know I was fine. Daksh goes to his room.Jaya says what you’ve done for our family, I can’t even repay for it with my life. Thank you. Krisha says I’ve to prepare a lot. She goes to her room. Devraj smiles at her.

Sene 2
Krisha comes to her room. Devraj comes to her room. Devraj hugs Krisha. The song janam janam plays. Krisha cries. Devraj says I thought.. I would never see you again. Why did you come back? Krisha says is that how royal people welcome back? Devraj says I told you to not come back. Why did you? Krisha says because I love you. I can’t leave you alone. Daksh needs Maya and you need Daksh’s happiness. So I came back to help you. Devraj says and you are troubling your life? Krisha says we will both heal Daksh, together. We have to be careful. He has doubts. I hope he never finds out I am not Maya. I’ve to be very careful. He might be okay in a few days. Devraj smiles. He says thank you so much. Krisha says I will be with Devraj at every step. Mummy was right. i have to write my fairytale myself. He doesn’t say it but he shows that he loves me. He can’t confess it.

Scene 3
Menakshi says this is impossible. Ugra says I won’t believe you. Kach says the company you are asking for, I want it for my son Aarav. Ugra says I want it for Raghav. Menakshi says he will run it from jail? Ugra says shut up. Jaya says is this how you people are a team? This is greed. Kach says you would know how it feels to have pockets filled. When Menakshhi told daksh Maya is dead, he was losing his breath. He could die.

Krisha says I almost boarded the plane. The security people were shocked. Devraj smiles. He says when did you decide to come back? Krisha says you just take time to understand things. I knew my real place is here, with you. I couldn’t leave you in pain. I was hurt that you don’t love me but I couldn’t leave you alone. I ran out pinky don’t go. He stopped and I came here.

Kach says what if someone tells Daksh Maya is dead and this is a doppelganger. His heart would be broken and it would stop. Jaya says would you risk his life for money? Ugra says it would be easier for us to keep our mouths shut if you listen to us. Jaya says okay I will see what I can do.

Scene 4
Krisha calls Rati and says are you okay? She says yes I am perfect. Aarav says don’t worry. I will drop her home and come back by evening. Krisha says take care. Krisha says I can’t dress up like this outside. I was taking out Maya’s clothes that I woule be comfortable in. Would I be able to wear this dress? This was he favorite dress? What was her favorite color? Devraj says red.. black.. green. I don’t know. Krisha says how can you not know her favorite color? Devraj says she had so many colors and clothes. And why are you asking all this? How long will you do this? Krisha says as long as it takes. You said that. He says I meant you.. as Maya. Daksh comes outside. Krisha is scared. She rushes to washroom. Daksh asks Devraj where is Maya? Devraj says she’s not here. Daksh says I know she’s here. Krisha says I am coming Daksh. Krisha realizes she left her wig outside.

Daksh says Maya.. Krisha says I am coming, Krisha says my wig is outside. Daksh says it feels like a dream. Devraj says it’s a reality, you and Maya both are here. DAksh says Maya come out. Devraj says she will come in a bit. Let me show you something. He takes Daksh outside. Krisha comes and takes her wig. He says where are you Maya? Maya says I am here. Ugra asks Naina did you give rati that powder? Naina says I mixed it in her food. I have added it in her medicine too. She will keep taking it and she won’t even know. Ugra says did Aarav go to drop her? Naina says yes he’s too much around her these days. Ugra says our drugs will send her to God soon.

Krisha says I am her Daksh. He says you always said your Maya. Krisha is confused. He says you would make a wish. A vase breaks. Daksh says the wish wouldn’t come true now? Roma comes. She says sorry I opened the door and your wish broke.

Scene 2
Kach says to Jaya complete our deal. We will take Daksh’s life pill from him. Jaya says you will be given the company but you can’t have rights to transfer or sell it.Krisha says where did you go Roma? She says I had to go for some work. How are you Daskh? daksh says to Krisha I don’t like her at all. Roma says to Devraj finally our plan is working. Did she agree? Devraj says she’s only acting. She’s he same innocent and loving Krisha. She’s doing it on her own will. Roma says I know. Roma says in heart I want you and I won’t let you go this time at any cost.Jaya says Devraj gave you more than you asked for. He’s the real prince. Don’t ruin Dev and Daksh’s life anymore. Ugra says thank you. She takes the file. They leave.

Scene 3
Daksh says today is your shopping day, Krisha says yes. Let’s go. He says what would you buy? Krisha says so many things. He says where would you go? Dubai? Krisha says what? He says yeah, you would never go to local malls. Krisha says in heart I don’t even have a passport. Daksh says Dev bhai book our tickets. He says you used to go to shopping every weekend. You sound so differnt. Are you not Maya? Devraj says let’s go have food. Daksh says who is she? devraj says she’s Maya. Daksh says she doesn’t sound like Maya at all. Are you all? Krisha says what are you saying? He says what’s your favorite color? She says I like all colors. Krisha recalls Devraj didn’t know it. She says red. daksh says yes. Thank God you know. Devraj says let’s go have lunch.

Scene 3
Krisha says shopping in Dubai? Jaya comes. Krisha says I thought I know about Maya. Jaya says you never met her. Krisha says Daksh said she would stop every weekend. Jaya says thank you for doing all this. Jaya shows Krisha how Menakshi, Kach and Ugra are distributing the money. Krisha says what are they doing? Jaya says not everyone thinks about others like you. They want a return for everything. Krisha says what kind of family is this. There’s Devraj on one side and then these people.

At lunch, Daksh says Maya why are you serving people? She says no no I was standing. Daksh says let’s decide about the weekend shopping till then. Let’s go watch a moive. We watch the same movie everytime. Krisha is confused.

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