It’s not easy to love update Sunday 15 January 2023


It’s not easy to love 15 January 2023: Sid pushes Bhura away. His goons try to grab him but he beats them all up. He beats Bhura. Mithai says don’t do it. A goon grabs Sid but Mithai hits him with a stick. Apeksha asks Sid to be careful, she calls the police. Bhura hits Sid with a stick but he beats him up. Indu gets dizzy seeing all that. The police arrive there to Bhura runs away. Sid rushes to Indu.Sid, Indu, Mithai and Apeksha come to the hospital. Mithai takes Indu to the doctor. Apeksha asks Sid to get his hand bandaged. Sid thinks Mithai shouldn’t find out about Indu’s illness. He comes to Mithai after getting his hand bandaged. Mithai asks if he is fine? Sid hints at the doctor to not say anything in front of Mithai. Indu tells Mithai that she is fine. The doctor asks Mithai and Apeksha to go out of the room. She goes out and says I am worried about Maa, why did they throw me out of the room? Apeksha shouts at her that you just create issues.

Indu talks to the doctor and asks if she will live? The doctor says we can give you proper treatment. Sid says nothing will happen to you. Indu says promise me to not tell anything to Mithai till I am fine. Sid looks on. Sid and Indu come out of the room. Mithai asks if she is fine? Indu says there is nothing to worry about. Sid says I am taking Indu back home, I can’t risk her life. Mithai says we will to our rented house, she won’t get rest in your house. Sid says Bhura can come back so I can’t give her more tension. He makes Indu sit in his car. Mithai looks on, Indu nods at her so she goes with them.

Girish comes to the family and says it’s good that the girl is gone. Shubham is sadly sitting and says I don’t know what happens in my life. Shaurya says Karishma cooked food for Shubham. He tries it and makes a face. Rajeev eats it and coughs and says it’s so bad. Shubham says she made it for me so it’s tasty for me. Girish tells Dadu that he wanted to choose Mithai for Shubham but she said no and now all kids are disturbed. I don’t want to hear her name in this house again. Sid brings Indu and Mithai back into the house. Girish says enough, they won’t live here. Sid says I won’t argue with you but they will stay here as Indu is my mother’s friend so she is my responsibility. Girish says this is my house and I won’t allow them here.

Phupa asks Girish to calm down. Dadu asks Sid what happened to his hand? Sid says it’s fine. Apeksha says some goons attacked Sid because of this girl. Girish says Sid shouldn’t have brought them back here. Mithai says exactly, she tells Sid that I told you we don’t want to come back here but he forced us to come back. Dadu says he did the right thing. Kirti asks Mithai to calm down. Karishma hugs her. All family members stand with Mithai and Indu. Dadu tells Girish that all kids are with Mithai so think about it.Sid brings Apeksha back home, her mother asks Sid what happened to his hand? Apeksha says some goons attacked Mithai so he fought them.

Her mother tells Sid that he should not get involved with that girl’s matters. Apeksha says it’s okay, they are Dadu’s guests so Sid did the right thing. Sid leaves. Her mother asks Apeksha what’s wrong with her? Apeksha says I am following your advice, Sid is emotionally connected with Indu so I am trying to be supportive. Her mother says just be careful that Sid doesn’t get attached to that Mithai. Apeksha says no, they are totally opposite, Sid is mine.Mithai hugs Indu and says don’t worry about anything. Sid comes there and asks about Indu’s health.Sid asks Indu to take a rest, he leaves. Mithai gives medicine to her mother and tucks her into the bed.Mithai says I will go and talk to Sid today.

She comes to him and says I don’t want anyone’s favor, I was going away with my mother but you brought us back here. Sid asks her to shut up, you are irritating. He gives her the medicines and leaves. Mithai is angry.Phupa Pramod meets a man who is Girish’s competitor, Pramod says our deal is still on, I am your man so I will try to make sure that Girish’s business goes to you.Dadi tells Dadu that I know you are still planning to get Mithai and Shubham married. Dadu says God wants Mithai in this house which is why she is back. Mithai comes there and tells Dadu that Sid has fought with Bhura so he won’t be silent now, how I will sell my Mithai and earn money when Bhura is here?


Dadu says you have 2 lacs but your loan is 5 lacs so how will you earn 3 lacs quickly? you will pay in cycles but the debt will keep increasing. Mithai says so how will I fulfill my dream? Dadu says God will help you.Pramod comes to Gitika and says let’s go home. She says I am just making tea and then we will go. He sees Karishma’s mother coming there and asks if she talked to Gunjan for Rohan and Karishma? Gitika says Dadu was busy with Mithai’s matter, she reminds me of Aarti. Karishma’s mother says we people keep praising Aarti till now but now they will all praise Mithai? She angrily leaves. Pramod thinks she is a good link to use, everyone will be busy with Mithai so they won’t focus on the business.

Mithai thinks how will she earn money to pay back her loan? that is too much to pay off. Indu calls her and says I only see you getting married and settling down. Mithai says I won’t marry till I pay off my loan and start my business. She says I forgot my cycle, I have to go and get it. Sid comes to her and says Bhura will catch you so you are putting yourself in danger for a cycle? Nonsense, he leaves. Dadu asks Mithai to go with someone in the car. Pramod comes to Mithai and says if you are going out then bring my box from the shop, he gives her the address and thinks to use her for his gains.

Pramod comes to Girish and says I am going to the office, Girish nods and leaves. Pramod calls his partner Agarwal and says I have sent a puppet to you, her name is Mithai.Mithai is leaving the office after doing Pramod’s work. Agarwal comes there and greets her. He praises her. Girish comes there and sees them together. He makes their video. Mithai tells Agarwal that you were part of the competition too? Agarwal asks how is her shop going? Mithai says I still have to pay back my loan to get my shop back. He says you will work something out.

Indu comes to Dadu and says I am sorry on Mithai’s behalf. Dadu says God will find a way for us all. Indu shows her medical reports to him and says you should keep it with you so Mithai can’t find it.Chachi thinks I have to do something for Karishma. She calls Kavita and says we should get Rohan and Karishma engaged. Kavita says I will talk to Gunjan.Mithai comes back. Pramod says I should wait for Girish to come back and drop a bomb. Mithai says I am doing everything I can but I don’t have a choice. Sid and Apeksha come back home. Mithai bumps into Apeksha, she scolds her for dropping her coffee. Mithai says I am sorry, she cleans her jewelry.

Sid says you think you will get 3 lacs by selling this? Mithai says this is not your matter. Sid leaves from there. Mithai brings her jewelry to Dadu and says Maa arranged these for my marriage but I need money. Dadu says this jewelry will sell for 75,000 only. Mithai says how will I arrange remaining money? I have to do something.

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