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Bridal Material 17 June 2022: Sunny ties Meera into a cupboard and taunts her. She warns to free her and see what she can do. He in a psychopath style continues provoking her. Vivan requests inspector to go and check if Meera is safe. Inspector yells not to teach him.

Vivan gets out of cell. Inspector orders constables to trash him and throw him back in cell. They do so. Vivan prays god why he is punishing them so much. On the other side, Sunny enjoy liquor and chicken sitting on chair. Meera prays god to help her. A religious group passes by chanting Jai maata ki. Sunny gets angry and yells after so many days he was happy catching Meera, this group spoilt his mood.

Meera frees herself and thinks Sunny does not know woman is a sign of devi maa. She records Sunny’s video and gets happy thinking she got proof and now can prove Vivan innocent. She throws stone on Sunny’s knee and runs away. Sunny follows her. She runs towards police station. An old man clashes with her and exchanges her mobile. Meera reaches police station. Vivan gets happy seeing her. Meera says she got proof and shows her mobile. Inspector sees mujra video in mobile and asks what rubbish is this. She says she really had Sunny’s video in it.

Constable enters and says Sunny’s body is found in jungle and is in very bad condition due to animal attack. Inspector says now Vivan will go to jail forever. Meera pleads to trust her, Sunny is alive. Constable gives inspector a mobile saying an old man gave this madam’s mobile. Inspector checks mobile and asks if she will deny this is not her mobile. She says this is not her mobile and to believe Sunny is alive. Vivan shouts body is found half eaten by animals, nobody can save Vivan now.

Meera pleads inspector to believe that Sunny is alive. He shouts now Vivan will go to jail forever. Sunny disguised as old man smirks, removing his beard and mustache. Vivan asks Meera not to plead so much and return home, it is not in their fate to reunite. Meera determines to catch Sunny and rescue Vivan and walks away. Sh walks on street and gets kidnapped by Sunny.

In police station, constable informs inspector that criminal escaped from cell. Inspector shouts to catch him. While running, constable drops cell key. Vivan notices that. A ball fall into Vivan;s call. He picks it and reads a note that Meera is kidnapped by Sunny and Vivan should reach old kalimaa temple. Vivan opens his cell and runs away. Inspector and constable follow him. Sunny takes Meera to old temple and ties her down. She pleads to free him. He shows live CCTV footage where Vivan is running and police behind him. He says inspector is targeting Vivan’s legs, but one constable is pointing at his back, he is my aide.


Inspector shoots Vivan, but Vivan escapes and continues running. Vivan… Meera shouts Vivan…Constables surround him and point guns. Sunny asks Meera if he should order his aide to shoot Vivan. Meera shouts no..what he wants. He says he wants to spend a night with her. She is shocked to hear that. He says how sweet, Sunny’s suhagraat with Meera, if she agrees to save vivan or not. She gives him a tight slip and he falls on pillar.

Sunny asks Meera to spend a night with him if she wants him to spare Vivan. Meera angrily slaps him and says she will kill him before that. He asks to show her Durga and Kaali avatar and kill him then. He shows Vivan reaching near temple, but his constable aide pointing gun at him. Meera shouts Vivan look behind. Sunny asks if he should order his aide to shoot Vivan. Meera shouts nooo…Sunny asks to spend a night with him then. She agrees.

Inspector reaches Vivan and arrests him and takes him to police station. Vivan says Meera is right, Sunny is alive. Sunny reaches there acting as injured. Vivan slaps him and says he is behind all this drama. Sunny says he was unconscious after people saved him and as soon as he woke up, he came here. Vivan holds his collar and asks where is Meera. Inspector and constable pulls him away. Meera reaches. Vivan relaxes. Inspector says Vivan he can go.

Vivan reaches home. Sunny returns. Amar slaps and beats him for troubling Meera and says Meera told everything, how dare he is to trouble her. Vivan trashes Sunny and asks him to gt out. Meera stops him. Sunny acts that he has changed and needs a chance to prove them. He holds Vivan’s feet. Meera thinks what is his new drama. He smirks at her and touches her feet lustfully. Meera asks Vivan to forgive Sunny as papa says they should give everyone a chance. Vivan says he cannot understand why she wants to spare Sunny and leaves. Sunny smirks and reminds Meera to meet him at night.

Vivan asks Meera why did she spare Sunny. Meera emotionally says she wants Vivan to live a long life, so she made a deal with Sunny to spend a night with him to spare Vivan’s life. Vivan stands shattered…

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