Bridal Material update Friday 1 July 2022

Bridal Material 1 July 2022:  Vivan insists Tulika to go and light temple lamp if she is not a dayan. Tulika creates dayan’s image and flies. Meera sees dayan and shouts. Dayan disappears. Tulika smirks standing. Meera continues panicking. Vivan calms her down and asks Tulika again. Tulika walks towards home temple. Vivan thinks once she lights lamp, she will burn. Tulika lights temple lamp and returns unharmed saying she is human and not dayan, she has right to light temple lamp like other humans. Prince shouts enough jiju, he will forget their relationship next time if he insults Tulika. Tulika asks gurumaa to light temple lamp. Dolly asks how can she insult great gurumaa. Meera says Tulika has right to question. Guru maa walks to temple, lights lamp, and her hand burns. She falls down. Dolly lifts her up.

Tulika reminisces infusing her dayan soul in Gurumaa’s body. She says gurumaa is dayan instead. Amar as usual yells that Tulika is pious and Gurumaa is dayan. Tulika says she has a solution, they should burn dayan. Vivan says it is wrong. Dolly asks Prince to go to his room now. Prince leaves with Tulika.

In room, Prince get romantic and plays DDLJ song. Tulika hopes he does not trouble her. He sleeps on bed hoping she would come to him.

On the other side, Vivan and Meera return to their room. Meera says everything went well today. Vivan says tghat is the problem. Their discussion continues. He gets romantic and he is waiting for the day when they 2 will become 4, they will get twins. Meera shies. He challenges her, she accepts. They get intimate. A romantic song plays in the background. Tulika looking into sky says let Meera enjoy today, tomorrow she will be finished atg Mehandipur Balaji temple. She calls Meera. Meera wakes up from her sleep and walks on street. Blood drops fall on her hands. She looks up and runs. A car stops in front of her and she finds no one driving it. She runs back home and afraidly informs Vivan. Family gathers. Tulika suggests they should send Meera to Mehandipur Balaji.

Next morning, Meera fixes Vivan’s shirt button while he gets romantic. She thinks she has to go to mehandpur Balaji temple for their future’s sake..

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