Blue venom girl update Friday 25 march 2022

Blue venom girl 25 march 2022: Sunder runs towards Nandita’s car. Nandita gets out of car and asks what happened. He says everyone is dead, Apu’s Vishkanya. Nandita stands in a shock. Devi maa’s knife stabs Sunder and he falls from cliff. Nandita’s driver sees this and runs from there. Nandita falls unconscious in a shock. Malay from his car sees Nandita on road and tries to get out to help her, but falls down. Vardaan sees truck speeding towards Nandita and saves her on time. Apu prays Devi maa that Nandita is the main culprit and she should punish her like other sinners today itself.

Malay takes Nandita home. Doc checks her and says she is in a shock, so he gave her sleeping injection, she will be fine soon. He praises Vardaan for saving Nandita. Malay also thanks Vardaan.Apu in her room paints her and Malay’s portrait and thinks now they will unite soon. Malay comes and says they have to end their relationship as he has choosen responsibility/Vardaan between love and responsibility. She asks what about yesterday’s incident. he says he got conscious on time and nothing happened. He returns bracelet and says their unique love story is finished now. She cries that she did not ask him to love her, he himself came here and showed her dreams, now he cannot walk out like this, it is all because of Vardaan and she will explain her. Malay holds her and says Vardaan does not know anything, now nothing can be done. He leaves.

Malay reaches back home, removes Vardaan’s bed from floor and tells her that their relationship matters to him most, so he broke up with Apu once for all.Apu panicks in her room and breaks things. Kalpana comes and Apu says Malay cannot leave her like this. Kalpana tears Malay and her pic. Apu tries to snatch it and injures her hand with nail by mistake. Kalpana says she has gone mad in love and may harm even her. Apu tries to pick her and Malay’s pic, but Kalpana drags her by hair and locks her in store room.Kumkum sees Nandita on floor and calls family. Family makes Nandita sleep back on bed. Nandita reminisces Sunder telling that Apu is Vishkanya and killed all her brothers and falling from cliff. She cannot speak and signals. Vardaan says she wants to say something. Apu asks Nandita to rest and get well first.Apu walks from home devastated. Few inebriated goons start molesting her. She shouts. Malay hears her voice at home and runs for help.

Inebriated goons molest Apu and she screams. Malay hears her voice and comes to her rescue. He beats goons and they run away. He asks Apu what was she doing outside now. She hugs him and says mom threw her out of house as a punishment for loving him. He picks her and takes her to Mittal mansion. Vardaan asks him to take her to guest house as she needs treatment. Malay drops her in guest house. Vardaan nurses her wounds and asks if she nees anything. Apu says yes, but she will not give it. Vardaan leaves angrily. Apu looks at Nandita’s pic and says she has to die now.

Kalpana tells Dida that she sent out her didi bhai’s gift Apu as she has gone mad in love and may harm anyone. They see Apu in Mittal mansion balcony and Dida calls her, but Apu leaves ignoring her.
Kalpana says she does not know what she is up to now.Vardaan sees Malay giving police complaint against goons and concern for Apu and gets very jealous. She sleeps on floor. Malay feels sad. He goes to washroom and comes back to see her fallen sound asleep.Apu goes to Nandita’s room and touches her. Nandita wakes up and gets very afraid reminiscing Sunder’s words that Apu is a Vishkanya. Apu says she is her new guest and says her brothers should not have left her alone like this, but what to do they got killed by her. She removes her neem tulsi beed necklace and shows her vishkanya roop. Nandita gets more tensed. Apu says she will not kill her until she confesses her sins in front of Malay, laughs and wears back her necklace and leaves.

Vardaan sees someone running in Mittal mansion wearing shawl and stops her. Lady removes shawl and reveals she is Kalpana. Vardaan asks what is she doing here. Kalpana gives her bag and requests her to give it to Apu. Vardaan asks what is in it. Kalpana says soap andApu is allergic, if she does not use this soap, she will get ill. Vardaan stands silently. Kalpana pleads to help a mother. Malay hears that and claps that she realized she is mother now, why did she throw Apu then. Kalpana says she sent her out because of him, he ransacked her after showing dreams, he should question himself if he is a good husband or boyfriend. He says he just helped a girl in trouble and not Apu. She says now Apu is his responsibility and leaves. Kumkum with Nandita hears that and shouts at Malay why did he bring Apu to Mittal mansion and continues yelling. Vardaan drops bag and sees neem leaves and other herbs in it.

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