Blue venom girl update Wednesday 9 February 2022


Blue venom girl 9 February 2022: kanika comes inside pub and comes to Malay and hugs him and tells u are soo hot.. She speaks to him unwantedly.. He does not respond. She tells let us dance and they both starts dancing.. Apu comes inside with Arjun.. He tells wait I will come and leaves. Apu comes inside someone pushes her. She comes inside. Malay sees her and his tears falls down and he wipes it. Arjun comes and stands near apu..

Kalpana sits in her room. Dadi asks why did he sent apu with arjun? She tells I will do anything to get apu marry Malay.. Arjun makes apu sit in chair. Kanika sees them and comes there and cheers. Arjun sits near her. Kanika tells them to come. Arjun tells apu let us go.. Apu sits there.. Kanika comes there and sits on the table.. Someone calls kanika she leaves. Apu and Malay looks at each other.. Arjun keeps his hand around apu shoulder.. Malay looks on.. Apu moves his hand away. He calls waiter he asks beer and etc.. Malay smiles seeing his behaviour.. Arjun speaks to Malay rudely..alay sees kanika playing with midnight pool.. He tells u r girl friend will not have problem.. He talks badly with Malay.. Apu asks Arjun let me go there and sit? He tells her to sit here.. Apu sees aside.. Malay tries to go but he stops seeing apu reaction.. Arjun takes drinks and leaves.. Malay asks her is he is nice? Kanika asks why shall I join u? He tells yes. And tells she is soo honest now.. Arjun leaves from there with beer. Malay tells I am soo lucky to have u as my husband.

She hugs him. Arjun comes there and tells apu to come. He holds her hand tightly and brings her.. He asks her why she is not romantic? He holds her hand. Arjun holds her hand while dancing.. She moves her hand. He keeps his hand on her hair. Malay drinks it. He holds her hip.. Apu sees him tensed.Song plays.. Apu sees her with tear eye. He drinks beer once again. She tries to move her hand. He dances with her with drunken state. Malay calls waiter and tells something. He tells we can’t he gives money.. Song changes. Malay comes there and dances around apu. Arjun comes there and stops song.Malay tells Arjun I only changed the song. Kanika tells what r u telling? Arjun tells something.. He tells I gonna marry apu.. He tells apu to maintain Malay with bed room itself. Malay beats Arjun and kicks on his stomach. Apu shouts to stop. Kanika taunts apu. She tells I hate u. Apu tells what I did? Kanika tells her to take Arjun from here. She leaves apu tries stop Malay. Malay beats him and holds his collar. He tells I am gonna marry arjun. He stops and turns to her he leaves him. He holds her against wall. He asks her why she cares arjun? She tells nothing like that. He comes there holding knife. Apu saves him and pushes Arjun. Apu and Malay share an eyelock siye re plays.. He kept hand on apu shoulder. She moves his hand. Kanika comes there Malay tells I missed u. He gives her drink.

Arjun gets up apu scolds Arjun and sees Malay holding kanika and leaves from there.. He asks kanika r u happy? She tells yes. She hugs Malay.Kalpana slaps Arjun and scolds him.. She tells him to leave. Arjun tells Malay ko patane uskaniyae. He tells Malay only fighted. He tells I did not hurt apu. He tells her to choose. He tells it is plan. She gets teary eyes..Malay comes back to house and sits on bed and sleeps. Next day Malay gets ready.nanditha comes there and gives ring and blesses him and leaves. Kalpana blows some sound to God. She smiles and does pooja. Kalpana prays to God. Dadi comes there and asks her about apu and malay? Kalpana tells now apu and Malay marriage will happen at any cost? Dadi asks what does u mean? Kalpana tells apu loves Malay. Dadi holds her hand and asks how will u make apu marry Malay? Kalpana tells wait and watch and she leaves.

Malay gets ready and sits there.. Apu gets ready and sees through window all decorations.. Kanika comes there dressed and she sits on sofa. Kumkum and nanditha comes to Malay room and brings him down and makes him sit near kanika and pandit performs pooja. He gives ring to kanika and tells her to make her to put ring to Malay. She puts it. Malay thinks about apu.. Pandit asks ring? Malay tells sorry I have kept it inside itself. He tells I will bring. Nanditha tells abhi to go along. Malay goes upstairs and sees ring and tells abhi I won’t marry kanika and tells I love apu. He gets shocked. Abhi asks what r u saying? He tells yes and gives ring to abhi and tells him to give to mom. Arjun comes there and puts blanket on apu and takes her from there..Malay jumps from there. Abhi comes down and tells this tk nanditha she gets angry. Malay sees apu was taken by Arjun and gets shocked and he follows it but fails and falls down. He shouts apu.. Siye re plays.Nanditha comes to room and shouts Malay. Kumkum sees apu not in her room. She tells it to nanditha. She fumes and tells now everything has crossed beyond the limits so I will not let this happen.

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