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Gazal is trying to cook in the kitchen and doesn’t know anything. She says who will save me now? she puts everything in the pan and puts too much spices in it. She berates herself and says where did I get stuck?

All family members are hungry and waiting for food. Dadi is screaming for food. Gulnaz says I have a headache now. The priest comes there and says we had a function so I am here with biryani. All family members are surprised. Haider says poor people have right on the food first. The priest says we already sent to those and you are our neighbor so take it please. Haider says food is cooking so you can take it to the poor people. Gazal comes there and says give the food to me. Haider says what? you are cooking right? just let it be. Gazal says I am still cooking so its better if we take this. She takes biryani and the priest leaves. Dadi shouts that now we have to eat this food? Gazal says maybe God sent help for me? eat this food and be thankful to God.

All family members sit to have lunch. Gazal serves everyone. They all eat and Dua smiles seeing htat. Dadi says biryani is delicious. Haider tastes it and recalls how Dua used to cook for him and they would romance in the kitchen. He looks at her and is surprised. He thinks the taste is same as Dua’s biryani.

Dua tries to leave but Haider stops her. He says people can’t forget some things, like fragrance and taste. All are confused. Haider pulls Dua closer and says this biryani is speaking of someone’s fragrances. I know you cooked this biryani. All are shocked. Hina stops eating. Dua says you are wrong, I didn’t cook it. Haider says I am sure that you cooked it, it has your smell and taste. I know the taste of your hands. Gulnaz says I pray that all husbands are like Haider. Dua says don’t curse women like this. I never want any girl to have a husband like him.

Haider says I am lucky to have a wife like Dua. He pulls her closer and kisses her hands. Gazal is angry seeing that. He says I can still smell biryani on your hands so stop lying. He starts eating with his hands and says its so delicious. He asks everyone to eat. They all happily eat but Hina doesn’t. Haider says we are so lucky to get Dua’s biryanin lunch today. Dua thinks I can’t be weak in front of Haider’s love. She stops Haider from eating and says I will fill it with more taste. She puts red chilies in his plate and says now you will taste what I want you to.

She says stay away from me Haider. She tries to leave but Haider says you are my dream, my last love so I can do anything for my love. I can eat chilies too. Dua gets worried as Haider starts eating biryani filled with chilies. Gazal stops him and says don’t be a fool. Haider says give me the plate, he takes it and says you are my responsibility but Dua is my first wife and my love. I don’t like my responsiblity coming between my love. Dua is taking my test so I have to show what I can do for her love.

Haider tells Gazal that Dua is taking my test so I have to prove that I can do anything for her love. He starts eating biryani filled with chilies with a smile. Dua is worried for him but he keeps eating and coughs. Gazal thinks this man is a fool. Haider coughs and cries but keeps eating. Hina offers him water but he says no and keeps eating. Hina says please stop this, why are you doing this? Haider doesn’t listen to her. Dadi says we all know that you love her, you don’t need to do this. Dua thinks he can never handle spices. Hina pleads with him to stop but Haider says this is nothing for my love. He tries to finish the biryani. Dua thinks why am I giving him pain like this. She sees her lips bleeding and tries to leave from there. Gazal asks Haider to drink some water.

Haider finishes biryani and says I don’t need anything else, I had Dua’s food after so many days so I won’t drink anything. Dua cries seeing that. Haider goes from there. Ajaz calls Gazal again so she goes from there.

Scene 2

Gazal calls Ajaz and shouts why you keep calling me? Ruhaan says your bad time is starting now. Gazal is shocked? Ajaz says let me talk but Ruhaan asks him to shut up and ties him up. He tells Gazal to speak up, you cheated me but I am coming to meet you soon. Tell the family that I am coming back. Gazal gets worried and says you can’t come here for my love. Ruhaan shouts that you never loved me. Gazal says I do love you. Ruhaan says stop playing games, I am not that same fool anymore, you don’t even know what love is.

Ajaz frees himself and hits Ruhaan on the head. Ruhaan screams and faints. Gazal says Ruhaan? Hina comes there and says Ruhaan? did he call you? how is he and where is he? Gazal says it was Ruhana, she is my friend. I would never talk to Ruhaan. Hina says why do you look scared? Gazal hugs her and says Dua would snatch Haider from me, he is blinded by her. He can do anything for Dua. Hina asks her to calm down.

Dua is crying in her room and says I gave pain to Haider today, how could I do this? Haider says this pain is nothing in front of the pain I gave you. Dua says why are you in my room? Haider says I came to talk to my wife. Dua says then go and talk to your wife, we have no relationship. Haider says please listen to me. He turns her around and finds blood on her lips. He gets worried and asks what happened? did you hurt yourself? Dua says its not like that. Haider says I know you chew on your lips when you are stressed, you wanted to punish yourself for giving me pain? He goes from there.

Gazal tells Hina that Dua will kill us all. Hina says don’t say that, she can’t do that. Gazal says you should be scared that Dua will snatch Haider from us. Hina slaps her and asks her to shut up.

Haider brings honey for Dua and asks her to take it. She says I won’t. Haider says I have to do this. He pins her to the wall and says you don’t take this then I will eat all remaining spices in the kitchen and I swear on you. He makes her take honey with his hands. Dua says you ate spices too and it must be burning so take some honey. Haider stops her and caresses her face. He says I don’t need honey because I have you. He caresses her lips and licks his finger. He comes near her and pins her to the wall. He kisses her forehead and is about to kiss her.

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