Bitter sweet love starlife update Thursday 20 June 2024

The Episode starts with Kunal saying we got the contract. Vedika smiles and says Kunal is happy, thanks Vandu for this. Kunal says I m so happy. She wards off his bad sight. She says you have to tell dad about Tara, she is your daughter. She praises Vandu. They see the lights.

Vandu recalls Vaibhav’s words. She stays sad. Mrunal comes with some black powder. She spills it and says oops, sorry, I m really not sorry, you were looking good in the video, I have shot it, I m an influencer, I can do this. The black colour gets on Mrunal’s face too. Vandu laughs and mocks her. She asks her to look at herself. She says until Vaibhav gives me divorce, your marriage will not happen. She scolds Mrunal. She says Vaibhav cheated me, he will cheat you too, he just wants our property, don’t get blind in his love. Mrunal goes.

Vedika says Tara is your daughter, accept her. She tells about their bad childhood. She says she will just have this loneliness, hug her, accept her. Vandu makes the Rangoli. Mrunal recalls Vandu’s words. Tara talks in sleep. She says Vandu is the best. Kunal hears her and says just Vandu has handled Tara. He sees her drawing book. He gets emotional. Ek main hoon…plays… He cries. He recalls Sonia’s words and leaves. She says I want to stay with Kunal and Vandu. Vaibhav says fine, you trust Vandu more than me, we will end this relation, she is jealous of you, she wants to create this rift between us, you don’t trust me, end this. Mrunal says sorry, I love you.

He says promise me, you won’t doubt my intentions again. She says promise. He says we will make Vandu jealous, you go home, do anything you want, no one can separate us. They hug and say I love you. He smiles.

Its morning, everyone in the locality lights the crackers. Mrunal talks to Vaibhav on video call and taunts Vandu to make her jealous. Vandu says Mrunal is falling in his trap. Anagha comes and says Vandu, Hemant is worried, convince dad to sell this property. Vandu says I don’t agree, I have refused, matter ends. Anagha argues. Vandu asks her to celebrate Diwali and go anywhere she wants. Anagha says wow, you are selfish, you are doing all this for yourself. She insults Vandu. Vandu says you think the property is imp than family. Anagha says this house is imp to you, dad has gone mad and you… Vandu says talk with manners. Hemant comes and shouts Vandu, don’t shout, this house will get sold and we will take our share, it will be good if you understand this. Vaibhav signs Mrunal. Mrunal argues with Vandu. Vandu scolds them and leaves. She cries.

Friday update bitter sweet 


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