Bitter sweet love starlife Wednesday 15 May 2024

The Episode starts with Vandu asking Vaibhav to say once, that he will never cheat her. Vaibhav says you stop this marriage if you doubt me, I know Kunal has filled your ears, you trust me or not, I love you a lot, I m marrying you, I will always keep it, I promise, shall I stop it now. Vandu says I just wanted to hear this, I love you.

The marriage rounds complete. Everyone claps. Vaibhav makes Vandu wear mangalsutra and fills sindoor. Din shagna da….plays… Everyone blesses Vandu. Vandu says I will just come in 2 mins. She says Vaibhav, come with me. He jokes. She says just come with me.

Kunal thinks of Sonia and cries a lot. Vandana and Vaibhav come. Kunal gets shocked. Vijay is at the door. Vedika says don’t worry, Vandu will come. He says I m sad because Vandu will leave, you are like my daughter, shall I tell you my feelings. She asks him to say. He says every father does all the preparations, but forgets to prepare himself for vidaai, its tough to bid her a farewell. She says it’s a ritual, you bless her to stay happy. She cheers him up. Vandu says marriage happened.

Kunal asks what shall I do. She says I came to bid a farewell, my dad always taught me to forget the bad and remember the good, you have helped us a lot, so I have come here, forget everything and give me good wishes. Vaibhav says keep a big heart, give us blessings and good wishes. Kunal says stay happy, stay strong, if any problem comes, don’t shatter, fight for yourself, become your own support. Vaibhav says thanks for the blessings, you have tried to help Vandana, it happens what’s destined, see our marriage happened, its so good.

He hugs Kunal and threatens him. He asks Kunal to stay away. Kunal controls his anger. Vandu says I will meet you in the office. She goes. Vandu and Vaibhav meet the family. Vijay blesses Vandu. He asks Vaibhav to keep Vandu happy and support her. Vaibhav asks him not to worry. Vijay asks Vandu to focus on her married life and also music, manage everything, live life well, and practice music as well. Vandu nods.

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