Titli Starlife update Saturday 25 May 2024

The Episode starts with Garv asking for the car keys. Koel says you won’t go anywhere. Everyone comes. Manikant asks Garv where are you going. Monica comes with Titli. Everyone smiles. Monica hugs Garv. She says you got married to a nice girl, her sweet words can calm anyone’s anger, she changed my Saas’ tune, you know what she said. Titli tells what Sushma said. Everyone laughs.

Monica hugs her sisters. Everyone is happy. Manikant opens his arms. Monica recalls his words. She hugs Maina and Koel. Koel says I will ward off your bad sight. Maina says ward off my bahu’s bad sight also, she has done what we could not, thanks Titli. Titli says we will do something special. Dhara likes the idea. Koel says Garv is not well. Maina says happiness is a medicine, I liked Titli’s idea. Manikant says yes, celebrate, make Monica’s fav dishes. Titli says fine, I will make it. Koel asks what does Monica like, tell me. Monica says don’t underestimate Titli, she knows my Sasumaa’s fav things also, she bribed her with dry fruit laddoos. They smile. Manikant scolds Monica and asks are you upset with me. She says no. He says I m your dad. She says you told my Sasural that they can treat me like they want. He says no, relations change in a daughter’s life, this is the bitter truth, they can’t do anything, because I m your dad, barrister Manikant Mehta. She smiles and hugs him. He cries.

Inspector Ankit comes to meet Hiral. He says Titli has refused the blame. Hiral says please don’t tell them that I had filed the complaint. He says you will give me the files of the cases on Garv. She says no, I can’t do this. He says fine, I can’t give the guarantee. She says I know you have an old score to settle with Garv. He thinks time will show it to everyone. He leaves.


Koel buys the vegetables. The man says I will get it next time. Koel asks what shall I make now. Titli says I will tell you. Garv tickles her. Titli says ouch. Koel asks what happened. Garv holds Titli close. She says leave me, Koel can see. He asks are you scared, you are my wife. Maina comes. Garv leaves Titli. Titli holds Garv close and says you are my husband, you said you don’t get scared, hold me please. Garv holds Titli tightly. Itni si baat hai….plays….

Titli says I was joking, leave me. He says I m serious now, I will leave you on one condition. She says I accept all the conditions. He says listen to it first, are you sure. She says yes. He says you have to kiss me in front of everyone. Titli looks at him. He says that too on lips. She asks what. Koel asks what happened, this girl is mad. Garv challenges Titli.

Koel asks Titli to come to kitchen and cook food. Titli says time is less. Koel says this is the real test. She asks Titli to get the vegetables. Garv says you got two challenges today. Titli says I will win both, I never lose, just wait and watch. He says I will watch. They smile.

Titli gets busy cooking. Her hand gets a burn. Koel comes and puts cold water on her hand. Titli checks the food dish burnt. She worries. Koel says I will handle it, leave it now. Titli helps her. They cook the food together. Titli thinks Koel is so talented, she has prepared the food so quickly, amazing.

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