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Gazal says Dua has ruined my life and she created a difference between Haider and Ruhan. Dua says have some God fear shameless girl. Haider says enough DUa. I am tired of defending you. Gazal is right. Dua provoked Ruhan and accused Gazal of having an affair with me.

Ruhan has hit me and Gazal as well. Dua is responsible for all of this. Everyone is shocked. Haider says Ruhhan was fleeing last night. I tried to stop him. Ruhan hit me but I locked him in his room. But Dua stole the key and let him flee. Dua says I did that. I’ve a reason. He says what reason? You shouldn’t have stooped so low. Because of you our family is ashamed. Gazal’s life is ruined. I am not able to show my face to anyone. Gazal says my respect is gone.

Dua made our video video. She did all thisto ruin my life. My life is over. Haider says no. Someone else made that video. For the first time I am ashamed to call you mine Dua. You’ve let me down. You’re destroyed this home. Dua says Gazal is doing all this. There’s a reason behind all this. She has a reason

Hina slaps Dua. She says I am ashamed of you. Don’t dare to call me your mother anymore. You’re a curse for us. You’ve let us down. You were so jealous of Gazal that you never ashamed your husband. At least think about his respect. He can’t even look up. Dua says to Raha please trust me. He says I thought you were our blessing but I was wrong. Qainat says for once let Dua speak. Dua stops them. Gazal whispers to Gulnaaz don’t dare to say anything or I will expose your lies as well. If I get marreid to Haider I will get you kicked out of this house. Gulnaaz says in heart I am sorry Dua I am helpless. She says God should have given me death before seeing all this.

I feel so ashamed. She says Hina you loved Dua, see what she did. She has let us down in front of the whole world. Dua says in heart I knew she will go against me. I made a mistake that I trusted her. She looks at Gazal. Haider says see I told you to not listen to this woman. You let her manipulate you and ruined your own life. Ruhan’s mom is with the same Gazal.

Sameer says this shouldn’t have happened with my sister. She was an orphan. Her life is now ruined all over again. Gazal pretends to cry and says my life ruined. My Ruhan left me. How will I live now? Who will marry me? Sameer says they dont’ care. Hina says to Gua you ruined a life. God will never forgive you. Dua says you can blame me but I will tell Haider the truth today. She says Haider something has been hidden from you. Hina is shocked.

Dua says the secret is that Gazal’s.. Gazal says stop it. Stop lying. Are you still not done? You’ve already ruined my life. What else do you want? I am dead already. Kill me. She starts slapping herself. She faints. Hina says Gazal.. They give her water. Hina says Haider call a doctor. Gulnaaz says this demon has crossed all the limit. Dua comes to Haider and says please listen. He says enough please.

Dua says I helped Ruhan flee but there is a reason behind it. You have to listen to me Haider. You have to know. Hina goes to Haider She says stop it Dua. We’re done with your lies. No one is interested. Haider doesn’t trusted you. You have destroyed this house and our respect. Dua says my entire world is being destroyed. I will tell the truth today. I cared enough for your respect but not anymore. She says Haider.. He says how dare you talk to your mom like that? She say I am speaking the truth.

Sameer says to Noor don’t worry. Everything will be fine. A cute face like yours doesn’t look good when sad. You’re very wise. She says thanks. Gulnaaz comes there and says what is happening here? Noor says nothing. Gulnaaz asks Noor to leave. Gulnaaz grabs Sameer’s collars and says stay away from my daughter. He says she’s pretty like your daughter. I am away from her, I can come close though. Gulnaaz says I will break your teeth. Gazal says you should be happy your son is free and our plan worked. Before Dua tells Haider the secret we have to do our second attack. Sameer says her game will be over this time. She says well done. She says go an work on my plan.

Hina says Dua stop it. Haider says let her speak. I want to know what is the reason she had to behave this way. Dua says I am sorry ammi. God knows I am right. Hina says I will never forgive you. Dua says Gazal wants to destroy this family. She wants to this because.. Gulnaaz comes there and says Gazal has left the house. Haider says what? Sameer says we tried to stop her but she was very angry. Gulnaaz says yes she left. She was saying she would harm herself. Sameer says she can’t tolerate this insult.

She will kill herself. Please save her. He creis. Dua says she’s doing another drama. Hia says God will never forgive you. Please save Gazal. Please. Haider says I will find her. He goes out. Dua says you won’t go anywhere. This is all her plan. He shoves Dua and says I’ve to go. He says I don’t want to be responsible for an innocent person’s death. You’re her culprit. I will never forgive you for this. Dua sits there and cries. She recalls what Gazal said. she runs after haider’s car. Dua cries. Ravi says Gazal will have to lose. SHe has manipulated Haider. She says please find Ruhan. He might be in danger. Dua cries.

Dua says to Rahat please stop Haider. Hina says have some shame. Do you have any shame? You pushed her to suicide and you don’t want anyone to save her? Dua says I care for your all. She’s doing a drama. This is all her plan. Hina says enough. You’re the one who played with us. You accused a girl. You made my enemies. Ruhan is so innocent, he left the house. Gazal wants to kill herself. You gave another sin in my book. Dua says why would I do that to my family? Hina says you might enjoy it.

You will never be happy. Haider trusted you and you ashamed him as well. Everything is shattered and you’re responsible for it. Rahat asks her to calm down. Hina says let me speak. She says you’re snake who poisoned this house. You will never be happy. Hina faints. Dua screams and holds her.

Scene 1

Hina curses Dua.. She says you will never be happy. Hina faints. Everyone holds her. Dua asks Qainaat to bring water. She says I will die but won’t drink water from her hands. Rahat makes her drink water. She cries. Gazal is on the road. She says what do I do to ensure my plan would work. She leaves her dupatta on the road. Dua says to Rahat please trust me. Rahat says can’t you all wrong that you’ve done. I can’t do that. I can’t be blinded. Ruhan and Gazal’s wedding brought new life for Hina. She wanted to give peace to Gazal’s parents by getting her married to Ruhan. You didn’t let them have their peace. You have broken our hearts. He takes Hina inside. Dua breaks down and cries. She says Gazal said she will take everything from me and she did. She cries. Dua says I am all alone. Dadi holds her hand. Dua holds her hand and cries.

Haider is on his way. He recalls everything. He looks for Gazal. He asks people. He sees Gazal’s dupatta. A man tells her she went there. Dua hugs Dadi and cries. She says I am ruined. My life is ruined. No one trusted me. Everything is over. She took everyone form me. All ways are closed. Only you can support me. Please try to say something. Please tell everyone about Gazal. Please show strength for your Dua. Gazal’s plan is working. we’ve to stop her. Get up and tell everyone who is wrong. Tell them what Gazal did to you and she wants to ruin this house. Please. She cries. She says are you with your Dua? Dadi tries to move her hand. Dua says please try.

Gazal leaves more clues so Haider can find her. She falls on a rickshaw and drops her jewelry there. Dua says dadi maa please help me. Please get up. You can help me. Dadi tries to get up but she can’t. Dua says you loved Haider the most. You always stopped him from falling.

You can protect him today. We need you. You can save all of us. Ruhan also needs you. You always stopped them from fighting. You can’t let your sons fall apart like this. You have to protect this house. Dadi recalls what Gazal said. Haider looks around for Gazal. He prays for help. Dua prays for Dadi. Dadi tries to move. Dua says you can do it. Dadi gets up but falls. Dua holds her. She gives her water. dua cries and says I am sorry I put so much pressure on you. I shouldn’t have forced you. She cries. Gulnaaz comes there and says forgive me Dua. I did the biggest sin of my life. I am disgusting in my own eyes. Dua says stop it. I don’t want to listen to you. Haider was right, I shouldn’t have trusted a woman like you. You couldn’t even be loyal to your own son.

Haider asks rickshaw driver if they’ve seen Gazal. He sees her anklet there. The driver says she went on that side. She wanted to die. haider says I won’t let her die. Gazla runs on the cliff.

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