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Dua asks Ruhaan to tell them how he was and why he couldn’t return back home, Haider needs to know the truth. Dadi says tell them what happened with you. Dua asks him to speak up. Ruhaan says I don’t care about anything, I just need to rest. Dua is confused and says you have to tell them the truth, what happened with you?

Hina says enough, don’t start again. Can’t you see his condition? Dua says he should tell the truth. Haider asks them to stop it, he needs rest and nobody is going to bother him. He asks him to rest and says I am with you. Ruhaan lies down and they all leave. Ruhaan looks on.

Dua asks Gulnaz why is Ruhaan not speaking up? we have to take care of him as Gazal might try to harm him again. She nods and leaves. Dua says I have no proof against Gazal and Ruhaan is not speaking up. Haider comes there and says I am sorry for asking where were you? Dua starts leaving. Haider says I feel like I was in trouble, I don’t remember anything but I feel like something wrong happened? Dua thinks he won’t believe me if I tell him the truth. She says I don’t know. Haider says its okay, I will go to sleep. Dua stops him from going to Gazal’s room to get his mattress. She says you can sleep in my room. Haider asks if he is dreaming? I am a lucky person that your anger is going away. Dua says I am just a soft hearted person, I can’t see you sleeping on the floor all the time.

Haider pulls her closer and says your love is beautiful. They recalls their moments together. Haider smiles at her and is about to kiss her but she stops him. She says I will sleep on the floor. Haider says I don’t deserve your pity. I will sleep on the floor. Dua says no, you are not well so you can sleep on the bed. Haider says when you accept me back then I will become okay. Dua leaves from there.

Gazal is lying down and says I can’t let Ruhaan talk against me.

Scene 2

Gulnaz tells Dadi that Gazal was hiding from Ruhaan. Dadi says Ruhaan wouldn’t spare her, she is so shameless to lie about loving Ruhaan. Hina comes there and stop spitting venom against Gazal, she didn’t do anything wrong. Dadi says she destroyed Dua’s house and you think she is right? Hina says Haider had to marry her because Ruhaan left her at the alter, Ruhaan was blinded by his mother so he left Gazal and thank God my son accepted Gazal and saved our honor. Gulnaz says shut up, we have no honor left, Gazal has destroyed everything. Hina says you started all this, you stole my husband. Gulnaz says Gazal is fooling you but you can’t even see that. They both start shouting at each other. Kaynaat asks them to stop it. Hina says Gulnaz is crossing her limits. Gulnaz says you are so stupid, its useless to talk to you. Hina says you have become so shameless.

Gulnaz shouts that you don’t know the real face of Gazal, she is a fake and you have become fake too, you don’t deserve any respect. Hina says I don’t need your respect. Gulnaz says you don’t deserve anyone’s respect. Noor shouts at them to stop it. Kaynaat says stop fighting. Noor asks Gulnaz to leave, they both angrily leave. Dadi hugs Noor and Kaynaat, she says you both are more mature than the elders.

Haider comes to Dua’s room and sees her setting up the bed for him. He thinks thank God I at least got space in her room, soon she will forgive me.

Haider smiles at Dua while lying on the bed. Dua says stop staring at me. They hear Hina and Gulnaz fighting, she says I will go and check but Haider stops her and says let them fight. She tries to leave but Haider acts like he has a massive headache so Dua rushes to him. She asks him to lie down and applies balm on his head. He smiles at her and says I am feeling better now. Dua thinks I have to go but I have to take care of him as well. She massages his head and he stares at her. Nazm plays. Dua tries to leave but Haider holds her hand in his sleep.

Gazal is lying on the floor, Ruhaan comes there and asks what happened to you? Gazal says I got hurt and can’t get up. Ruhaan puts her on the bed and she says this happens with me daily. Haider forcefully married me and now he beats me up daily. Dua kicked me so many times. Ruhaan hugs her and says they will pay for all this. Gazal says I am happy that you are okay. Ruhaan says Ajaz saved me. Gazal says they destroyed our love. Ruhaan says I promise to not spare them. Gazal smirks and thinks he will kill Dua and will go to jail then Haider will be mine.

Dua is lying on the floor and recalls insulting Haider and saying that they have no relationship anymore. Dua cries and says he was intoxicated but he still protected his honor, he was never disloyal, its his love that always honest, you proved that you would never cheat on me with another girl. Not even when you are intoxicated. Haider comes to her and Dua looks away. He says you can’t hide your tears from me. Please forget everything for some time. He hugs her and says I love you so much. Dua turns around and hugs him. She says I love you so much.. Haider hugs her tightly.

Ruhaan sees them hugging from the window and is angry. Dua sees him leaving. She pushes Haider away and says if you loved me then you wouldn’t marry another woman. I was hurt that’s why I was crying but you don’t deserve my love. If you keep forcing me then I will leave the house. Haider is stunned to hear that. Dua lies down and silently cries. Haider goes to lie down on the bed and sadly looks at her. Dua thinks we have to be separated for some days to take care of Gazal. Haider prays to be patient with her.

Dua sees Haider sleeping and smiles at him. She says he sleeps like an angel. She says who was outside the room?

Ruhaan brings medicine for Gazal and says Haider forced you to marry him for money and property? I will kill Haider brutally, just wait for sometime and see what I will do with Haider. Gazal says enough.. don’t you dare harm Haider.. she says don’t do anything with Haider. Ruhaan says you are crying for Haider? Gazal says I don’t want you to become like him, he is your brother so you can’t kill him. Ruhaan says he did wrong with us so he has to die. He hugs her. Dua comes there and is shocked.

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