Bitter sweet love starlife update Tuesday 25 June 2024

The Episode starts with everyone dancing on Gallan Goodiyaan. Sonia tries to hold Tara. Tara goes to Vandu and Kunal. Sonia gets angry. Tara says we will go out and celebrate Diwali. Inder says I have crackers in the animals. Tara says no, don’t burst crackers, its not good.

Inder thinks I have to bear this because of Sonia’s emotional nonsense. Tara runs outside. Vandu says stay in the compound, we will light crackers together. Tara goes out and plays with firecrackers. The boys bring some loud sound crackers and light it. Tara gets scared and shouts to Vandu and Kunal. Vandu and Kunal hear her shout and run to her. They see her caught in the middle of crackers. Sonia asks Inder to save Tara. Kunal and Vandu pull a sheet and cover themselves. They run and cover up Tara in the sheet.

Everyone looks on.

Vaibhav comes there and sees them. Kunal stamps the crackers. Vandu consoles Tara. Kunal takes Tara inside. Vaibhav smiles. He says Sonia is standing behind and Vandu is with Kunal. Mrunal says they all should know the truth. Guneet scolds the kids. The boy apologizes. Sonia says mumma is here, don’t get scared, come to me. Tara holds Vandu and Kunal. She asks why didn’t you come to save me.

Kunal taunts Sonia. Vaibhav says I also want to know the same, when Sonia is standing behind, then why did Vandu jump in. Tara asks Sonia again. Kunal hugs Tara. He asks Tara to go and take rest. Sonia says congrats Kunal, you wanted my daughter to hate me, you and Vandu are playing a game with me. Kunal says don’t get Vandana in between, talk to me, you weren’t with Tara when she needed you, so she isn’t with you, kids have a pure heart and look through you, you are a wrong person.

Vaibhav says Vandu has won Kunal’s heart. Kunal says I can’t become like you, I don’t want to become like you. Inder says come Sonia, we should leave them alone. Sonia says yes, Kunal and Vandana. Vandu and Kunal ask what do you mean. Sonia says I understood it now, you both have an affair, so she broke her marriage, she blamed Vaibhav and Mrunal, she wants to marry you. Vaibhav says amazing, correct. Kunal says shut up, you both just say nonsense. Vandu cries. Everyone looks on worries.

He scolds Sonia. He asks Inder what’s happening, Sonia has won the red saree which he gifted her on first Diwali. He says don’t play mind games with me, I m not interested. Inder gets angry. She says you fell in love with Vandana. Kunal says just shut up. Vandu says don’t involve me in this. Vijay says yes. Sonia says it’s the truth, Kunal and Vandana love each other. Kunal says I don’t care what people think. Sonia says your family has already decided your marriage. He asks what.

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