Bitter sweet love starlife update 15 June 2024

The Episode starts with Vandu motivating herself and putting the oil in the diyas. She sees a shooting star and prays. She goes and lights the diyas outside Kunal’s house. Kunal comes home drunk. He stumbles. She is shocked seeing him.

He falls over her shoulder. He says when life pushes a person, a person stumbles. She holds him and says if a person wants to balance, then he finds someone to hold him, alcohol makes a person fall and life gets blamed. He says lights are an illusion. She says it gives hope and courage, I won’t let you blow off the diya. He holds her close and says it’s a lie, why are you standing in front of me holding lights, Sonia, you got darkness in my life, what did you get by ruining my life, how do you get sleep.

She says leave me. He says you ruined me, you didn’t tell me that I have a daughter, your wounds have got fresh again, I got to know about her after 7 years, you ruined her 7 years, I didn’t see her crying or smiling, I didn’t hear her voice, her first walk, or anything, you snatched her childhood, we had seen dreams of our daughter together. Vandu recalls his words. Kunal says ask me how children get into trauma without parents, Vedika and I are tolerating it, how dare you, you did wrong. Vandu says leave me.

He says I will not let you see her face now. He falls in her lap. Mrunal records their video and says Vandu, I will make you famous now, just wait and watch. Vandu holds Kunal. She says I can’t tell anyone. She asks Kunal to get up. Tara comes running and asks what happened to dad. Vandu says nothing, he is tired, he needs rest. Tara helps her. Vandu takes Kunal to his home and thinks relations choose you, like Tara has come to Kunal. Tara says I never saw him like this. Vandu says even I didn’t see him like this before, he is tired, he needs some rest, he will be fine.

Tara sings twinkle twinkle and takes care of Kunal. She says don’t worry, you take rest, I m with you. He says you are there. She says yes, I m there. He says my daughter…. you are here with me, right. She says yes, sleep, good night, my good dad. She hugs him and kisses. Vandu looks on. He says I m sorry, I wasn’t with you, my Tara. Vandu thinks I hope he doesn’t change in the morning. Kunal hugs Tara. They sleep. Vandu cares for them.

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