Evil Affairs starlife update Friday 14 June 2024

The Episode starts with Daakini telling Nikki about Malik, being the dangerous demon. Nikki says Malik. Daakini tells that Malik is the king of darkness, and ruled on this earth for thousand years, until a princess came in his life and then he fell in love with her and was ruined due to her.

Nikki asks where he stays? Daakini says he stays in nearby Bhurangarh and is waiting for Shaitaani rasmein to be completed since thousand’s years and says just as it completes, he will come back on the earth and will rule on it. Nikki says and then? Daakini says then everywhere there will be darkness. Nikki recalls and thinks even Tantrik didn’t tell me about this, and recalls seeing herself as the princess.

Sumitra asks Vikram if Piyush went behind Nikki. Vikram says what is the need for him to show such bravery. Just then they hear Bhavani Singh and others taking Piyush’s name. They go out and sees injured Piyush. Vikram asks him to take him inside. Nikki worries about Piyush. The lady demons bring the grass bed filled with nails and says it is your bed. Nikki rests on it and feels the pain. She talks to Moon and asks it to tell Piyush that she loves him very much. The lady demon keeps eye on her. Nikki pretends to sleep.

Piyush gains consciousness after Suguna applies him lep. He tries to go to Daaktaal, but Prateik and Vikram stops him. He asks if Amavas happened. Sumitra says no. Vikram says you want to go for that Nikki. Piyush says I would have reached there, if Daayan had not stopped me. Prateik asks if Daayan has done this with you. Piyush insists to go. Vikram says you want to go for Nikki. Piyush says Nikki is in Daaktaal because of us, else she has nothing to do with Malik or rasmein but she is doing it. Vikram tells Sumitra that whatever he is doing is to save him, if he interferes in the rasam then the rasam will not be completed.

Nikki gets up and thinks she doesn’t know from where to get the heart, if Amavasya started as the moon disappeared. Piyush tells that he wants to go, and says if something happens to Nikki then we have to get the new suhaagan and from where we will get now, and then we have to start from the scratch, again the same rasmein. He says he will go and help Nikki. He asks Sumitra to let him go to Daaktaal if she ever loved him. He asks Prateik to show him the way of Daaktaal.

Haakinis are playing the drums. Nikki thinks if the Daayan’s marriage started. She sees the dead body getting alive and then trying to bite her. Piyush is coming there. He drags her and scratches her foot. She gains consciousness shouting and sees Haakinis near her. They tell that Daakin come down from the sky, and many ghosts Pischani will come, how she will handle? Nikki thinks if she had dreamt and thinks if Daakini’s marriage is done then her mission is failed.

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