Barrister Bahu update Wednesday 31 August 2022

Barrister Bahu 31 August 2022: Episode starts with Bondita fooling Surayya and the man about the ghost. She makes them chant mantras. They get scared and leave. She thinks I will wait till they sleep, then I will go to Anirudh. Anirudh asks will you give me the gold coins. Trilochan says it belongs to our ancestors, its impossible to give it, tell me if there is anything else. Anirudh worries and thinks what to do. Bondita thinks where shall I hide, it will be good to hide in the storeroom, but where is it. Tara asks the men to put old things in the storeroom. Bondita looks on and thanks Durga Maa for showing the way. She follows the men and reaches the storeroom. She says someone will keep coming to keep the items here, I will hide in this chest. She recalls Anirudh. Anirudh thinks of her. Rishta tera mera…plays….

She says he would be thinking of me now. She prays for Anirudh’s safety. She hides inside the chest. Saurabh asks Anirudh to have some food. Anirudh says no, it will be tough for Bondita to spend a moment there. He gets ready. He says I m going to get a big loan. Saurabh asks how will you pay for it. Anirudh says I will do work and pay back. Saurabh says Tara has messaged. Anirudh reads, we will wait for you, your coins have proved your heart is big like your words, we welcome you, sorry to doubt on you. Tara and Surayya check the coins. Tara says I don’t need to touch anything to test, its pure gold. Surayya says they have sent many coins. Tara says I have called many people for the exhibition. Saurabh asks who has sent the coins. Anirudh says who else can do it, Trilochan has sent it, he loves his traditions, but his heart is of a mother, no mum can see child in pain, thanks Kaka.

Trilochan apologizes to Durga Maa for not keeping coins in puja. He says I don’t regret to break the tradition, it will be good when my son and Bahu come home, it will be a festive for me. He sees Koyli hurt. She says Saudamini is too angry. He thinks to tell Saudamini that Anirudh is alive. Tara says I will go and see Bondita, we will deck her up. Bondita prays for help. The man says Rasiya refused to dance. Tara says I will see Rasiya. She asks Surayya to make Bondita ready. Surayya goes to room and looks for Bondita. Bondita says maybe they got to know that I have run away, I have to be careful now. Surayya says how did she run away when room was locked, how shall I tell Tara bai. Bondita feels thirsty and says how shall I drink water now, I can’t go out, I can faint here, I have to be awake. She coughs.

Anirudh asks Saurabh to practice the poetic lines. Saurabh practices and makes mistakes. He says I can’t do this. Anirudh shouts. He says its not tough, we will do it. He says if you make one mistake, then our plan will get ruined. Bondita goes to get water. Trilochan says I have to go and tell Saudamini that Anirudh is alive. He goes to her house. Saudamini goes and takes a call. He looks on and says she is walking as if she can see. He sees Binoy and thinks what is he doing here. Binoy asks why do you forget that you are blind, some day, your madness will get us caught. He sees someone at the door. Tara slaps Surayya and asks how did she run. Saurabh says we can give money to Tara and take Bondita. Anirudh says no, she will not give Bondita, this drama is necessary, how to tell you, she didn’t think before killing me, my soul gets shaken up thinking of Bondita, I would like to die before seeing all that. He cries. Saurabh holds her.

Bondita drinks some water. Rishta tera mera…plays…. She runs and hides. She thinks I have to go back and hide. Tara shouts on everyone.Bondita thinks how shall I go back when so many people are here. She thinks I got saved. Rasiya takes her and says I heard you had run away. Bondita says come in, I will say. Anirudh shouts Nawab Sirajuddin is coming. He asks Saurabh to come. Anirudh teaches him. Bondita says I will hide here, I will be caught if I run. Rasiya says you don’t come out. Bondita says I have come out to get water. Rasiya says I will ask Ramayya to get food and water for you, don’t come out until we come, I will take you out and drop you to village.

Bondita says no, I don’t want to go there. Anirudh trains Saurabh. Saurabh says I can’t do this. Anirudh says if you respect me, then do it, if you make a mistake, then I can’t return alive from there. Saurabh says no way. Anirudh says you have to behave like Nawab. Saurabh says I will try my best. Anirudh salutes him. Bondita says Anirudh will come to take me, I know he is alive. Anirudh says we will be going there, I m coming Bondita to find you. Rasiya says your relation is strange, he came finding you on hearing about the eight handis of Rasgulla. She tells everything. She says everyone said Bondita isn’t here, but his belief didn’t break, we have seen him and your trust, I will pray that you both set an example for the society.Binoy asks Saudamini to remember she is blind. They see Trilochan at the door. Saudamini says I have got to know the entire house so well that I can walk without hitting anything. She says I measured the entire house. She walks and shows. Binoy says Trilochan… She says I didn’t know. Bhaumik says you lost your eyesight, not courage. Trilochan asks Saudamini to have tea.

Binoy looks on. Trilochan pours tea on her hand. She screams. He says sorry, I made a mistake. She cries. She thinks I can get my hand burnt, but not get caught. He thinks I will find out if she really got blind or acting. Anirudh comes to meet Tara bai. Bondita says I feel like I m going to get a big happiness. Anirudh comes there. She says Anirudh…. Anirudh starts acting. He asks do you welcome Nawab like this, we thought daasis and slaves will be there at the door, there is nothing. Tara looks at him. Koyli asks Saudamini about the medicine. Saudamini thinks I had added this in Anirudh’s drink that time. She says its medicine for stomach ache. Trilochan thinks how did she identify the medicine. He asks Saudamini to give him the medicine, he has stomach ache. Binoy says we should go, I will take you to doctor.

Trilochan snatches the medicines. He thinks its sleeping pills, why is she lying. He recalls Anirudh’s words. Tara asks Anirudh who is he. He says we know each other well, doesn’t she remember, I m Salim. Surayya greets him as Nawab. He says I m Nawab’s slave, Salim, don’t do this mistake in front of Nawab. Tara asks why didn’t Nawab come. He says I will tell him if the kotha is suitable for his coming, I will check the brothel first and tell him, he can’t come like this. He taunts Surayya. He boasts a lot about Nawab. He says I have to make sure that he is safe here, sorry, Nawab can’t come here in this small brothel. He thinks Tara will stop me now.She says listen, we are waiting for Nawab-e-tulsania, if you want, then you can check the place, we have kept everything for our guests.Anirudh thinks where will be Bondita. Rishta tera mera….plays…. He thinks I have come Bondita.

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