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Barrister Bahu 1 November 2022: Episode starts with Anirudh teaching Bihari to make Bondita learn it. Bondita hears him and thinks he is working hard for my sake, I m scared that his life will get in danger because of me. She shuts the door. Bihari says Bondita has shut the door. Anirudh continues to teach. He signs Bihari and goes. She thinks maybe he got upset and left. She comes out to see. Anirudh comes back with a speaker. Bondita runs back to her room. She shuts her ears. Anirudh asks Bihari can you hear me now. She thinks I can’t hear this, else the curse will come back.

Barrister Bahu 31 October 2022

Anirudh continues teaching in a loud sound. Binoy says I can’t even talk because of this noise. Sampoorna comes and says everyone is troubled with Bondita. He says wrong, our troubles started since you came here. Anirudh teaches Bondita the same way. Bihari smiles. Days pass. Sampoorna comes and says you are working hard, everyone is worried, is this affecting Bondita. Anirudh says don’t worry, Bondita will come back like before, thanks for the coffee. He teaches Bondita. Bondita does her work. Anirudh comes and says Bondita is ready to give the exam, right. She says I won’t give the exam. He gets shocked.

He says if she doesn’t give the exam, then all my hard work will go waste, what shall I do now. Sampoorna gets tea for Binoy. Binoy asks are you going anywhere. Anirudh says yes, I m going to get Sumati, until then we won’t know Bondita’s problem, Bondita has to write the exam, else her academic year will go waste. Mama says don’t worry, I will go and come. Anirudh says go and get Sumati. He goes. Anirudh packs a bag for Bondita. He says once Sumati comes, Bondita can tell her problem to her and go for giving exam. Bondita hears this and smiles. Mama comes and says Sumati didn’t return from tirat, she will be staying there for 6 months more. Anirudh worries. Mama goes.

Anirudh says I can’t forgive myself if her whole year gets spoiled. Bondita’s tear falls on his hand. He says I know you are here, I will take you for the exam, if you don’t come, then you will see me dead. Bondita cries and runs to her room. She says Anirudh will put his life in risk, what shall I do now, tell me. She recalls the curse. She checks her clothes. She gets stomach ache and says maybe I got the curse once again. She cries and throws things. She prays for Anirudh. Rishta tera mera…plays… Sampoorna comes and asks what happened. Bondita says you said my curse will go away if I don’t study, why did the curse strike me again. Sampoorna thinks this time, she got the periods cycle a week early, I have to use this chance. She calms down Bondita. Bondita says I have become a reason for my family’s sorrow.She says don’t cry, don’t go to Anirudh or see his face, this will be right for you. She hugs Bondita.

Anirudh waits for Bondita. Bondita worries in her room. Sampoorna says Bondita will do as I taught her. Anirudh comes to call Bondita. He knocks on the door. He says if you don’t open the door, then I will break inside the door. She goes out from the other door. He sees the curtain pieces on the bed. He sees the torn curtain. Bondita gets stomach pain. He says she had torn the curtain again, why this cotton, she isn’t studying, she is doing everything. She hides inside a cupboard. She says he won’t fall in trouble because of my curse. She gets hurt by nail. She cries. He looks for her. He shouts Bondita. He gets a letter piece. He reads, Maa…. curse….

Anirudh saying Bondita wrote a letter for her mum, she wrote about some curse. He gets more paper pieces there. He sits joining the letter pieces. Sampoorna and Mami come there. She thinks how did he get this letter. Mami thinks what will happen now. He reads the letter. He says Bondita is suffering from a disease, what is it, she can’t tell it to me, she is hiding it from me. He says what is her problem. He reads… you know Maa, I have a lot of bleeding, I sit alone and cry, I can’t share my problem with anyone. Anirudh cries reading the letter. He reads… I can’t even sleep, I just get bad thoughts when I try to sleep, I can’t even go to Durga Maa. He says that’s why she refused for puja, why didn’t Bondita tell this to me. He reads… I used to think why did this happen with me, come to me, Maa, when you are with me, my pain goes away. Sampoorna and Mami look on. Anirudh cries.

Anirudh says Bondita was going through her first periods pain, she was undergoing a lot of pain, I couldn’t understand it, why couldn’t I understand her silence. Bondita sits inside the chest and cries. Anirudh says she has misunderstood the change in her body, its a natural change, it has to happen, I have to find her. He look for Bondita. Rishta tera mera….plays… Bihari comes. Anirudh asks where is Bondita. Bihari says I heard some sound from the cupboard. Anirudh comes to see Bondita.Anirudh comes to Bondita and asks her to come out, he knows she is inside. He says I will be fine if your shadow falls on me, I will be healthy like always. She says you don’t know that I m cursed. He says no, you are lovely, you are the key of our family’s happiness, I couldn’t understand you, I didn’t tell you about the changes in your body, that will affect your mind and body.

Sampoorna and Mami look on. He says I know if your mum was here, then she would have explained you well, but I will try best to clear your illusion, I will answer your questions. He says when girls grow, their body changes, they bleed every month, its not bad, its not a curse or sin, its a natural change that happens with everyone, your body is telling you that you are growing up, you will have more changes in you with time, those changes won’t be bad, it happens with every woman, it happened with your mum, my mum, Sampoorna Maa.Bondita thinks. Anirudh says you don’t need to get scared, its not a disease, its called periods, forgive me that I didn’t tell this to you, I got late in telling you, you open the door and come out, how shall I explain you. Bondita opens the door. He sees her and smiles.

He holds his ears. She asks does this happen with every girl. He says yes. She asks it it not any disease or curse. He says yes. She asks if my bad shadow falls on family, nothing will happen to them right. He says we smile seeing you.He says its not a curse, its a blessing, this is the proof that woman is called Janani, why Lord has given strength to a woman to give birth, give life, can a woman’s shadow do bad to anyone, nothing will happen to me, please come out, else I will die by your guilt. She signs no and comes to him. He holds her and says nothing happened to me. She hugs him. Rishta tera mera…plays… They cry. He sees her hand hurt. She says I have spoiled your shirt. He says smile now. They smile. He says we will do the aid to this.

He does the aid. She says you have ended my pain. He smiles. She says but… He asks her to say, what’s troubling her now. She says I can’t go out, I had stains on the clothes, I had to run back home, I have used curtain cloth and pillow cotton to stop the stain. He recalls and smiles. She says like you taught me in science class, the cotton wasn’t enough, how can I go out. Anirudh says I m happy that you are using your knowledge in daily life, you can go out, don’t think periods are a hurdle in your life, think of some way to avoid the problems, I will find a solution for you, that you don’t face any problem in your exam. She asks really. He says really. She says if this happens, then I won’t be scared of periods. He says you should have not got scared if you told someone, if not me, then you should have told Sampoorna, why didn’t you tell her. Bondita recalls Sampoorna’s words.He asks what happened, why did you look tensed, tell me. Mami says Bondita will take your name Anirudh will throw you out, the game will be over. Sampoorna worries.

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