Barrister Bahu update Monday 31 October 2022


Barrister Bahu 31 October 2022: Episode starts with Anirudh saying I want to talk to Bondita in private. Sampoorna goes. Anirudh says you forgot to return my kerchief. Bondita says I had washed it and kept it in the upper cabinet. Anirudh says I got it, there is no reason to fight, we shall have friendship, I got white flowers for you, white colour is a sign of peace. He sees the curtain and thinks its torn further. He leaves. Bondita prays that she gets fine. Its morning, Bondita wakes up and says I feel better, the curse effect has ended soon. She smiles and says there is no stain of blood, I got fine, I m very happy. She takes the flowers. Bihari asks Bondita to come for the Saraswati puja. She says I know Trilochan came with you, tell him that I m coming. Trilochan smiles and says I told you that she will always fulfill our expectations.

Bihari says Trilochan will send new saree and jewellery for you, wear it and come. Bondita says fine, I have always listened to him. Bondita comes to Anirudh. She says I promise to make up for the loss in studies.Sampoorna says if the aarti doesn’t happen, then the family pride will be ruined. Trilochan asks can this happen when Bondita is here, she is coming to do the puja, she is fine now, she told me that she will do the puja. He asks Sampoorna is she getting dizzy. He asks her to go and take rest. Bondita comes wearing plain clothes. He asks what’s all this, why didn’t you wear the clothes and jewellery I gave you, its wrong, fine, we will not ask anything, its time for aarti, come. She gives the keys to him. She says I can’t keep these keys.

He says you had promised to keep the keys safe. She says yes, I want to give the keys back, I m returning the keys to you. He asks what happened. Bondita recalls…. Mami makes a fan fall over Anirudh.Bondita worries seeing Sampoorna coming to his rescue. Sampoorna asks why don’t you worry for Anirudh, what if the fan fell on him, how did you say yes for puja. Bondita says I got fine from the disease. Sampoorna says I have given the sacrifice, you are still wishing for clothes and jewellery. Bondita says no, I don’t want anything. She goes and keeps all the clothes and jewellery. Sampoorna asks her to sacrifice the keys also, give the keys in front of Durga maa. FB ends. Trilochan says you are the bahu of the house, its your duty to do this puja. Bondita says Sampoorna is the elder bahu of the house, she should do the puja. He refuses.

Anirudh asks why can’t Sampoorna do the puja. The villagers come and wait for aarti.Mami says everyone is waiting for aarti. Trilochan says this is the only mahurat, you all want Sampoorna to do the puja, but I will not give her the keys, I m the owner of the house. Bondita asks him to give keys to Sampoorna. Trilochan says I m not related to you now, not just my pride and expectations broke, my relation also broke with her. She cries. He says I m not her Kaka sasur now. He angrily goes. Anirudh tries to stop him. Sampoorna, Mami and Mama smile. Sampoorna does the aarti. Everyone attends. Bondita cries and prays.Bondita coming to meet Anirudh. He asks who. She asks why didn’t you know that its me. He says you got the books, you came to study, it was not your mistake, Kaka will also know that you didn’t do anything, I want you to study well. He asks her to start. She recalls Sampoorna’s words. She says I have taken a decision, I will not study, I will not pursue the dreams you have seen for me. Anirudh gets angry and shouts on her. He says I have worked so hard to get your admission. She says don’t ask me anything, I can’t tell it. He worries.


Sampoorna comes. Anirudh says Bondita isn’t doing this on Kaka’s word, she didn’t do the puja, she didn’t change her decision when Kaka broke ties with her, it means she was right, Kaka didn’t provoke her. She asks did she change, or she is doing this herself. He says no, my and Kaka’s dreams mean a lot to her, she has respected relations, reason is something else, maybe we are not able to see it and understand, she needs our support, I will become her strength and belief, she needs me. She nods. He goes. She says my plan will fail until he is with Bondita. Mami asks Sampoorna to know her place, she is still a door mat for them. Sampoorna cries and says I did a lot, what shall I do that everyone comes under my feet. She angrily throws the door mat. Mami says think of your next plan, you controlled Binoy by fear, but now, you control him by love. Sampoorna says I can never do this. Bondita goes and sees the handi rasgullas. Anirudh hides and looks on. He says this plan should work. She reads his notes.

She reads we should share problems, don’t you trust your husband, when will you share your problem with me. She goes back. Anirudh comes and asks why didn’t you eat the rasgullas, I got it for you. She doesn’t listen. She cries. Trilochan comes and looks on. Mami and Sampoorna see him and talk. Mami says Bondita doesn’t listen to Anirudh and Trilochan, no one tells her anything, family breaks soon if this happens. He gets angry.He says you remember how tough it was to get the school admission. Bondita recalls. He says we should move on in life or not, why do you want to go backwards, Bondita. He asks her to have sweets. She thinks Anirudh will become a star like my dad. She goes away and cries. She refuses to have it. He insists. She unknowingly slaps him. Trilochan looks on and shouts enough Bondita, you are crossing limits, how can you slap your husband, didn’t your mum teach you to respect husband, he is like Lord, you lost your mental balance. Anirudh says calm down, I m talking to her. Trilochan says you are doing a lot, she should also do her duty, she forgot her values, go and drop her to her mum’s place if she wants to do this. Anirudh says I will explain you. He takes Trilochan. Bondita cries and beats her hand.

Anirudh says Bondita didn’t slap me, she just reacted, I think she is fighting some problem, its our duty to understand her problem and end it, did you forget that whenever we had a fight, Bondita brought us together, she has fallen weak, its our duty to help her, she needs us. Trilochan says Bondita has slapped you, she fell down my eyes, I m ashamed that I had regarded her my bahu, she is dead for me. Anirudh stops him. He asks him not to curse Bondita. Bondita takes a stick to punish her hand. Anirudh comes and asks her not to hurt herself. He says you have to write the exam, I m ready to get 100 slaps from you.He goes. She says no, if I study or do any puja, then you will also get this curse, I can’t let anything happen to you, you are my ground, I don’t want to lose my ground to touch the sky. She cries.

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