Barrister Bahu update Thursday 18 August 2022

Barrister Bahu 18 August 2022: Episode starts with Anirudh saying tell them not to make it an issue. Trilochan says no, whatever you did is a sin, its Adharm. Anirudh says but nothing happened between us. Trilochan says whatever you say, but its Adharm for us, I told you to stay away from her, you didn’t listen to us, you said she is your responsibility, now its your responsibility to make this bad deed into good one. Bondita washes the clothes. She recalls Anirudh. She says I have to wash everyone, women’s hand get tired after much work, you are a big barrister, you find a solution for women. Anirudh says the solution is in front of us, if husband and wife share the work, then none of their hands get tired. Anirudh says yes, husband can also watch his clothes, you know Gandhi ji washes his clothes on his own, its greatness to help others and share the load, true person is one who understand other’s sorrow and lessens it. He smiles. Bondita sees her hand. FB ends. Bondita sees her hands and washes the clothes. Rishta tera mera…..plays….

Sumati comes to a shop. The man doesn’t purchase from the shop and goes seeing her. The shopkeeper shouts on Sumati. He says villagers asked me not to give you kirana, your daughter is an abandoned woman. Sumati says it will be injustice with her, she is already bearing sorrow, don’t know why such a thing becomes a sin. The shopkeeper argues that she is a widow. He asks her to just leave. Sumati cries. Mami looks on. Bondita runs to see Sumati. Someone throws a stick at her and makes her fall. The boys laugh at her. They all trouble her. She asks them to let her go. The boy says your husband left you, what will you do now. Anirudh is worried. Saudamini and Dida play a drama and laugh. Bhaumik comes and says we have finally convinced Anirudh. The boys throw cow dung at Bondita and insult her. Dida asks Saudamini to apply some cow dung and look helpless to Anirudh, he will save her. The people hit Bondita with dung and grass. Bondita is tied up. She shouts to Anirudh. Saudamini applies the cow dung to her face and smiles. Anirudh gets Bondita’s doll and worries. He cleans the doll. Bondita says my husband will come, he will see it and scold you all, he will beat you all. Anirudh cries. Rishta tera mera…..plays…..

Saudamini comes there and cries. She says dad ousted me from the house, I went to the temple and the people did this with me, they insulted me. He gets shocked. She says society doesn’t let a woman stay alone. He drops the doll. The people say we will throw Bondita out. Sumati comes. The ladies stop her from going to Bondita. Sumati argues with them and shouts let me go to my daughter. Anirudh says no, you will live with respect, no one has a right to snatch woman’s respect, women should get respect as equal to men, they shouldn’t be tortured, its my life’s aim. Sumati gains strength and pushes the woman away. She gets a sickle and stops everyone. She threatens to kill them. The people get back. Sumati cuts the ropes and frees Bondita. She hugs her. They cry. Trilochan asks will you fight everyone.

Anirudh says yes. Bhaumik says fine, but don’t get her to my house, I will think I had no daughter. Saudamini asks why are you saying this, who do I have.Trilochan says enough Anirudh, if you respect women, then you have to marry Saudamini. He recalls Bondita. He says Binoy, Bhaumik, start the marriage preparations. Sampoorna says no, Anirudh can’t marry Saudamini. He says you have to work in his engagement. She refuses. He asks her to stop crying for Bondita. Surmani asks her to have sweets. Sampoorna cries. Bondita and Anirudh wake up and get hiccups at night. She thinks why isn’t the hiccups stopping. She sees the coconut shells. He also sees the shells.

They both talk to each other to share their problems. He says you lied and Saudamini lost eyes, Trilochan would have not been insulted, I would have not agreed to get engaged to Mini, I don’t want to get engaged to her, I know she will get punished for this. He cries and says really, can you hear me.Bondita says really, I know you will always find a problem, there is no one better than you, you always fight for the right. They both cry.

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