Anupama update Thursday 18 August 2022

Anupama 18 August 2022: Anupama suggests Vanraj to follow at least any relationship completely, she doesn’t know how many days are left in her life, but wants to complete this story before her life ends. Dr. Advaith tells Kavya that anger is like a burning coal kept in hand to throw on someone and the long she keep it, her hand will burn more, so she should get it off her soon. He gives her a bat and asks to vent out her anger on a hanging ball. She hits ball. He asks if she had only this much anger. She reminisces Anu slapping her and spending time with Vanraj and hits ball hard repeatedly. He says now he can say that she kept respect of this bat as this bat is his friend Mr. Kohli’s. She asks if he knows Virat. He says there are many Kohlis in the world and this bat belongs to his friend Satish Kohli. She laughs and continues chatting with him.

Vanraj sees that and walks to her. She hits ball again. He holds it. She says sorry, she didn’t know he would come. Advaith says he is feeling good seeing Anu happy and says he didn’t know Virat and Kavya.. Kavya says not together being near, she doesn’t know what is her status, if she is wife or girlfriend. Vanraj asks to stop. She says its truth. He says truth should be told at the right place and time. She says when its about his family, he doesn’t bother about time or place, but when its about her, it matters to him. Advaith asks them to go to their cottage and fight. They apologize. He says he doesn’t interfere in anyone personal issues, but since they are fighting openly, they should listen to public opinion; Kavya has to calm down her anger or else she will fall ill, Vanraj has to choose one among two.

Vanraj hears Samar calling Anu in a worried tone and runs to the venue and sees Anu lying on floor, asks if she is fine. She sits and says yes. Advaith also rushes to them and asks Anu if she is fine. Samar says mummy was trying to pluck mango from tree and fell down. Advaith leaves. Baa says she desired to have aamras and Anu climbed mango tree. Mamaji jokes that their bahu is multitalented, she is Annapoorna, Laxmi, and female Vanar sainik. He asks Kavya if she knows to climb tree. She says no. Vanraj scolds Anu for climbing tree and says she should have asked him instead. She says she told him many times to pluck some mangoes from the tree near their house, but he never did that. Mamaji jokes again. Anu says even if she escapes illness, she has to do her chores herself after divorce; he need not worry as she is fine, picks mangoes, and goes to prepare aamras. Baa asks Kavya to go as she will send her aamras to her cottage. Kavya says no thanks, she gets pimples with mangoes.

Mamaji jokes again. Youngsters say very bad joke. Kavya leaves fuming. Nandini leaves saying she will go and help mummy, and Samar follows her. Baa asks Vanraj why is he fuming, bahu is fine. He says Anu is ill. She says she knows she is old, but slaps if someone calls her old; similarly being ill and accepting illness are different; when he hasn’t seen Anu crying for illness, then why is he bothered; he should respect Anu’s decisions and lively nature and let her handle herself.Nandini sees Anu cooling mangoes in water and asks if fridge is not working. Anu says cooling mangoes in water has its unique taste and gives example of earthen pot water which quenches thirst better than fridge water. She then says she will go to nearby dairy farm and bring milk as Sweety and her papa like mango milkshake. Once she leaves, Nandini sees Samar standing near her smiling, asks reason.

He says he loves her a lot whenever she helps mummy and is with him and mummy in this situation, asks if mummy will be fine. She says of course. He says thanks. She asks why thanks as aunty is also her.. He taunts her to tell mummy clearly and says soon she can call mummy after their marriage. She asks why he is eager to marry. He says because he is of marriage age. She asks him to go. He kisses her cheek. Their nok jhok and romance continues. She hides and he searches her. Anu returns to her kitchen and says house is small or big, permanent or temporary, its their house; thanks Kanhaji for her new house.Samar continuing to search Nandiu confuses Advaith due to his long hair and white shirt and pulls him towards her, then gets nervous seeing him and says he was searching mamaji. Nandini walks to him. He says even he used to play such games, but his mammaji was not pretty like her. He asks what is their status. They both at once say they love each other. He questions them in his unique way.

They say yes to each question. He says nice. Samar asks why did he ask questions. He says it because there would be an unique sparkle in eyes if they love someone. Nandini says she can see a sparkle even in his eyes. Samar asks if he also loved someone. He says he was also in love some time ago and says whenever they need his help, he is always there for them, suggests them to never commit suicide for love. He walks away saying call him Adi and playing his bansuri. Samar says even Adi has a love story and says he is lucky that Nandu is with him.

Vanraj sees Anu cutting mangoes and requests if he can have one piece. She says okay. He says this place is very good. He says her house was similar to her childhood house with birds chirping in garden, etc., and feels her childhood has returned. He takes one more piece. He says more than her, his childhood has returned. He laughs. Kavya gets jealous seeing that. Anu picks smiley mango. Vanraj says Samr drew smiley for her. She says she wants to perform Samar and Nandini’s engagement soon as she doesn’t want them to take an extreme step in desperation, its good that children respect them and its better they perform their engagement before any unforeseen event. He says not a bad idea. She hears only bad idea and scolds him continuously without letting him speak. He shuts her mouth and says he means good idea.

She happily asks if he agreed. He says let us finish their engagement in this resort. She excitedly offers him more mangoes.Anupama while preparing aamras asks Vanraj if he is fine. He says yes, why she is asking? She says he agreed for Samar and Nandini’s engagement. He says he had opposing before, but not now; life sometimes takes a turn that their thinking changes and they think only positive; anyways Samar will not listen him, so its better he doesn’t become Amrish Puri. She says yes. He says its better to finish engagement in this resort instead of booking another later. She says they need to convince Baa first and then seek Nandini and her parents’ permission. He says they both will convince Baa, he will speak to Nandini’s parents and Kavya. She asks Kavya would feel bad if he talks about Samar and Nandini’s engagement instead of his and Kavya’s engagement. He asks if she wants her son’s happiness or not. She says yes. He congratulates her and she says even him. He walks away smiling like a teenager. She thanks god that her Samar’s engagement is happening in such a big resort and hope any problem doesn’t occur. She happily dances on Aaj Main Upar Aasman Neeche.. song and prepares aamras. Kavya gets jealous noticing Anu’s happiness and Vanraj’s growing closeness with her and thinks she can understand what is happening between V and Anu, then looks at Anu’s tied thread and remembers her promise.

Vanraj silently hears Dr. Advaith playing bansuri. Advaith notices him and asks when did he come. Vanraj says sometimes ago and apologizes for disturbing him. Advaith says not at all and says his mother used to explain him power of music, but he never used to believe her; one day his friend who used to play guitar broke it on his head during their fight, then he realized power of music. Vanraj says he is spiritual and funny. Advaith says he is funny because he is spiritual, they shouldn’t take life seriously or else it would be difficult to breathe. Vanraj says he also wanted to learn some musical instrument, but life didn’t give him a chance. Advaith asks him to learn it now as there is no time for learning. Vanraj says he is also learning about life and relationship and following them, so he came to seek his permission to perform engagement in his resort. Advaith says why not, one shouldn’t take permission for celebration. Vanraj says he has something which everyone desire. Advaith jokes his silky smooth hair. Vanraj laughs and says he was talking about friendship. Advaith says then he has to address him like a friend. Vanraj says he is really Krishna, everyone’s friend.

Anu sees Baa looking via binocular and asks if she brought it even here. Baa says she is spying on maide ki katori/Kavya. Anu says she has to accept Kavya as her bahu somehow. Baa says her son will not marry Kavya. Anu feeds her aamras and she blabbers. Kavya cries in jealousy hearing their conversation. Anu takes aamras for Kavya and says she kept mangoes in water for long, so she will not get pimples. She asks if he heard Baa’s conversation. Kavya nods yes. Anu apologizes on Baa’s behalf. Kavya looks at Anu’s house and name plate and says she is jealous of Anu as she is wandering for a home and Anu on the other side gets a home wherever she goes, she is writhing for relationships and even a breaking relationship runs towards Anu. Anu says she shouldn’t be jealous as soon she will be married. Kavya says due to Anu’s illness, things may be delayed. Anu says maybe things may speed up; she came here to call Vanraj and herself got stuck; she knows its difficult, but she should trust her and have patience.

Vanraj messages Kavya to meet him at poolside. She meets him and asks why did he call her here. He says to speak. She taunts if he is free from paying attention to Anupama and enjoying mangoes with her. He says he called her to discuss about Nandini and Samar as he and Anu have decided to perform Samar and Nandini’s engagment in this resort. She asks what in shock.. He says he is concerned about Anu’s illness and before any serious issue arises in reports, she wants to keep her happy. She says Anu will be fine. He says he wants Anu to be fine and happy. She says even they can get engaged here. He asks if she is out of her mind, how will they marry without divorce. She says she cannot wait till Anu dies or their divorce happens or she backs off from divorce. He shouts enough, she is so selfish that she is not bothered about other’s life. She shouts he is only worried about Anu’s happiness.

He says he is. She says he is delaying their marriage and is performing other’s marriage instead. He says she can think whatever she wants, he came to inform her and not take permission. She asks when will they marry. He says after divorce. She asks when will it happen. He says after Anu gets well. She shouts it looks like they will marry only after Anu dies. He raises hand in anger, but stops.Anu noticing that stops him and dares him not to slap Kavya. He says she doesn’t know what Kavya told. Kavya says she told it in anger. Anu says he cannot hit a woman and should shut her mouth or himself leave that place, he cannot hit her; why men think they can control women, and if they could, they would have got a remote; if a man hits a woman, it hurts his manhood instead. She asks why they fight like kids and asks him to control his anger or else he will be left with no relationship, already a broken relationship is standing in front of him and he should take a lesson from it for a new relationship. She then scolds Kavya that old Anu was helpless, but Kavya even after being modern trying to show herself as helpless; she should have opposed Vanraj when she knows she is right; Vanraj’s hand never fell on her cheeks, but she was slapped on her self-respect. She continues and says she came here to take curry leaves and saw this, they are not kids to be advised and should end this fight; like curry leaves’ taste is with curry and not alone, life’s taste is with relationships and not alone. She walks away.

Vanraj apologizes Kavya and walks away saying she shouldn’t have desired Anu’s death. Kavya apologizes god and says she genuinely doesn’t want Anu to die.Vanraj follows Anu in a carrier and requests her to sit as her health may deteriorte and she is short of breath. She sits in. She says he should apologize Kavya instead.He says its Kavya’s mistake who wants him to leave Anu at this stage when she needs him most and marry her. Anu says she doesn’t need anyone’s help, especially him, so he should not bother about her and handle his and Kavya’s relationship instead. At night, Anu and Vanraj while lying on bed reminisce whole day’s incident. Hamari Adhuri Kahani…song plays in the background. Kavya also wakes up reminiscing Vanraj trying to slap her.Samar in sleep asks if nothing will happen to mummy. Vanraj says no. Baa in sleep warns Anu not to die or else she will kill her. Anu smiles.

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