Aparajita zeeworld update Wednesday 2 August 2023

Aparajita 2 August 2023: Veer’s family arrives at the mehndi ceremony. Akshay welcomes them. Aparajita brings Chhavi there. Veer asks Mohini what is Aparajita doing here? Mohini says she has some plan but she can’t do anything because I am always ahead of her.The ceremony starts, Mohini says I will bring mehndi. Aparajita says stop.. the mehndi is brought from a mother’s house so we will prepare mehndi for Veer. Veer gets scared and says you don’t need to prepare it. Aparajita says don’t worry, I am her mother so I can do anything for her. Mohini says we don’t have rituals like that. Aparajita says you are doing all rituals here as you want but I can’t do one ritual? She tells Akshay that we didn’t have that ritual and see what happened to our marriage so let me do this for Chhavi. Mohini says you want to take credit because Akshay did all this.

Aparajita says I am her mother and I won’t let you snatch my right. Akshay says nobody is going to snatch your right as a mother so if you want to prepare mehndi for him then do it. Aparajita glares at Veer and thinks I won’t let you destroy my daughter’s life. Aparajita goes from there.Asha is in the kitchen and preparing some mehndi leaves. Niya comes there and finds her hiding a bottle.. Mohini comes there and takes the bottle, she asks what is this? Aparajita comes there and takes the bottle. Mohini says what are you up to? Aparajita applies the liquid to her so Mohini panics. Aparajita says its lime juice and nothing less. Niya says I am sorry. Aparajita asks Mohini and others to leave. She tells Mohini to wait for her to grind mehndi. Mohini leaves.

Scene 2
Disha tells Chhavi that Maa is grinding mehndi for Veer. They all start taking photos of the couple. Disha whispers to Veer that just wait for sometime.Veer comes to Mohini and says Aparajita is up to something. We have to do something.

Aparajita prepares mehndi for Veer. Akshay comes to her and asks her to look in his eyes.. she does. Akshay says you will tell me the truth right? she nods. He smells mehndi and says what are you up to? She says what? Akshay asks if she mixed anything in mehndi? I don’t want anything wrong happening. I trust you but I thought to ask. Aparajita says if you trusted me then you wouldn’t ask. Akshay nods and leaves.

Aparajita brings mehndi to Veer and says you will remember this mehndi forever. She tries to take his hand but he pushes her away and says I don’t want her to apply mehndi to me. Chhavi says she has prepared it with love. Veer says she never liked me so how come all of a sudden she is showing love? Akshay says she has accepted you for Chhavi and won’t hurt you so just apply mehndi. Mohini thinks what if Veer says something wrong. Aparajita tells Veer that I didn’t like you but my daughter likes you so why would I punish you? you didn’t do anything wrong so why are you scared? She tries to hold his hand but he panics and says you know I did.. Mohini stops him and says Veer is possessive about Chhavi so Aparajita never liked him and he just wants to be careful. If we can prove that there is nothing in the mehndi then Veer can apply it. She asks Aparajita to put her hand in the mehndi to prove her innocence then he can apply it right? Akshay says why would Aparajita need to prove anything? I can prove it on her behalf then. He takes mehndi bowl and holds Aparajita’s hand. He puts his and her hand in the mehndi together and says are you all satisfied now? we are both okay. Aparajita recalls how she told Disha that she won’t mix anything in the mehndi but just scare Veer so he might do any mistake. Akshay tells everyone that I know Aparajita and she would never hurt anyone deliberately. Mohini says why did you put your hand in, what if she had mixed anything? Akshay says I know her, I know there is nothing in the mehndi.. if anyone says anything against her then it will be an insult for me. He cleans Aparajita’s hand while she sadly looks at him. Dadi is happy to see them together. Mohini thinks this is my insult, I have to do something quickly to keep him away from her.

Aparajita is washing her hands and recalls Akshay holding her hand and telling everyone that he trusts her and won’t hear anyone against her. Disha comes there and says our plan is working, Veer is scared. Aparajita says his stupidity will expose him. Disha says Mohini must have accepted that we won’t do anything against Veer now. Aparajita says no, she won’t trust us easily.

Veer tells Mohini that we are scared of Aparajita for no reason. Mohini says don’t take her lightly, she won’t sit silently, her plan failing might mean another plan. Aparajita comes there and smiles at Chhavi. All look on. She sits with Veer and shows her mehndi hand to him, she says I can apply mehndi now? She smiles at Chhavi. Akshay sees that and smiles at her. Aparajita applies mehndi to Veer. He says Chhavi will be mine after 2 days so write her name? Aparajita delberately throws mehndi on her clothes and asks him to go and wash it. Chhavi says it will stain so go and wash it. Aparajita asks him to cover up his stains. Disha says I will come with you. Veer looks on. Disha says you are scared of us? we are going to be your sister in laws now. Veer goes from there with Asha. Mohini looks on. Aparajita goes to her and says you look stressed? you must be thinking what my plan is? a storm is going to come which will expose you and this wedding won’t happen too. Mohini laughs and says you don’t know me because I will make sure this marriage happens at any cost.. you won’t be able to stop it. Aparajita says you are arrogant that you snatched my husband but I was weak before but if you try to destroy my daughter’s life then I will destroy you. She silently switches her phone with Mohini and leaves from there.

Disha and Asha lock Veer in the washroom. He shouts at them to open the door. Disha says don’t worry, we will expose you in 2 days. You have to be locked here so Aparajita can expose you, we have proof against you. Veer says I know you are fooling me, you have no proof. Aparajita messages Disha so she brings him out. Veer gets a message to come to the store-room and runs from there. Disha and Asha laugh.

Mohini checks her phone and finds a chit there which says that Veer attacked Akshay, if she wants proof then come to the store-room. Mohini is shocked and thinks what if this is Aparajita’s plan but its about Akshay so I have to go, she goes from there.

Mohini comes to the store-room and looks around. She finds a pendrive there with a note that says that Veer was near the spot where Akshay got attacked. He was not with Chhavi at that time. Mohini recalls Akshay losing his memory and everything. Veer comes there and says this is all a lie, someone is trying to frame me. Mohini says I didn’t even ask you anything.. how did you know what I was going to talk about? do you have any idea what I had to go through because Akshay lost his memory. He only remembered Aparajita because of you. Veer says enough.. I thought you are intelligent but you are not. He tries to take the pendrive but she says I can send you to jail by using this material. Veer says we have to go from here. Mohini says if you want this to stay between us then tell me the truth, what happened that night? Veer gets tensed. Aparajita and others hide, they hear them. Mohini grabs Veer and asks him to tell her the truth. Veer is silent so Mohini takes a stick and is about to hit him.


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