Aparajita zeeworld update Sunday 20 August 2023

Aparajita 20 August 2023; Asha is going to school and greets Dadi. Disha tells Dadi to not bother Maa too much, Dadi blinks at her. Disha tells Aparajita that Dadi can listen to us and she can blink. She can tell us what happened to her and she can blink at us. Aparajita says its not a game, I think we should inform the doctor. She calls him and tells him about Dadi blinking at them and answering them. The doctor tells her something. He says you have to be careful with her, he ends the call. Aparajita prays for her recovery.

Mohini calls the milk seller and asks him to bring more milk from tomorrow. Aparajita comes there so Mohini says I feel like the storm is coming. Aparajita says don’t worry, I can fight any storm. She leaves. Mohini smirks and says she doesn’t know who is coming.

Kalpana is in the car with her son. She tells the taxi driver to not take the long route. She comes to the area and fights with the seller. Her son goes to play with other kids, they all try to right with him. Disha comes there and asks the kids to not fight. Kalpana’s son misbehaves with her but Aparajita comes there and asks him to not talk like that, she is an elder. Kalpana comes there and asks what happened? Aparajita is surprised to see her. She says Kalpana? she touches her feet and says you came here suddenly? Kalpana says you don’t look happy to see me? her son says she called me a bad kid. Aparajita says he was just playing too much. Kalpana says don’t you dare say anything to my son again. Aparajita calls Disha, she greets her. Kalpana says what is she wearing? this is your upbringing? Disha says I am going to the college. Kalpana says I came here today and she wants to leave? She asks them to bring her stuff in. Aparajita and Disha bring her luggage to the house. Asha comes there and greets her. Aparajita says I will do your aarti. Kalpana says its good that you still have manners. Mohini comes there with aarti plate and hugs Kalpana. Her son hugs her too. Disha asks Aparajita how is Mohini behaving so nicely? Mohini does their aarti. Akshay comes there and hugs Kalpana’s son Shubh. Kalpana says I had to come after I heard about Niya and Dadi. Disha is surprised to see Akshay playing with Shubh. Niya comes there and touches her feet. Kalpana tells Aparajita that see her manners, I am so happy with Mohini.. she modern but has manners culturely too, she doesn’t fight for rights without fulfilling her duties. Aparajita says we haven’t come here to snatch any rights, we came here for Amma and my kids. Chhavi comes there and greets Kalpana but she ignores her and goes to Niya. She asks how did Niya get burned? Akshay says leave all this. Mohini asks Asha and Disha to put her luggage in the room. Arjun comes there and gives the notebooks to Disha that she asked for. Kalpana asks who is this guy? Akshay says he is Niya’s friend. Aparajita asks Kalpana if she wants tea or water? Kalpana says I want to see my Amma first, she asks Mohini to go with her. She goes with her. Aparajita says I will go and cook something for her.

Kalpana meets with Dadi and says I never wanted to see you like this but your daughter is here. She asks Akshay how did this happen? how did she get this attack? he thinks I can’t tell her that she overdosed.

Disha tells Aparajita that Kalpana aunt shouldn’t have come here. Aparajita says she has right on this house too.

Mohini says to Kalpana that Amma is always with Aparajita and she doesn’t let me close to her. Akshay says its not like that, Aparajita takes care of her a lot. Mohini says he is still taking her side, its not his fault because Aparajita was using Amma to her benefit. Kalpana says that Aparajita is a bad news, she made our lives hell and never gave us any happiness. Aparajita comes there and says I have prepared breakfast, I will apply oil to Amma’s feet. Kalpana says her real daughter is back so you don’t need to take care of her. Aparajita says its good that there are more people to take care of Amma. Akshay takes Kalpana from there.

Akshay apologizes to Aparajita for Kalpana being rude with her, I couldn’t stop her. Aparajita says its okay, I respect her like you do.

Kalpana tells Mohini that I have no respect for Aparajita, I never liked her. Mohini smirks and says Aparajita has planned to take over this house, only you can save this house from Aparajita otherwise that woman will take away everything from me. Chhavi comes there and hears all that. Kalpana tells Mohini to relax, you are Akshay’s wife for me so I will make sure that he throws her out with her daughters.

Chhavi rushes to Akshay and hugs him, she asks him to promise to never leave them, he says what happened? I won’t leave you. Aparajita looks on.

Chhavi and Asha are making tea for Kalpana, Asha asks if she knew her from before? Disha comes there and mimics Kalpana. Arjun comes there and laughs with them. Shubh comes there and starts throwing things around for making fun of his mother. Arjun tries to stop but he is about to touch a hot pot but Disha pulls him away and scolds him so he cries and runs to his mother.

Kalpana tells Akshay that we should arrange a pooja. Shubh comes there and cries, she asks what happened? Mohini consoles him and asks why is he crying? Shubh says Disha was making fun of my mother and then she beat me. Kalpana shouts how dare you? Disha says he was trying to burn himself so I saved him. Kalpana shouts to stop lying. Mohini says Shubh is such a nice boy but Disha has anger issues. Kalpana shouts for Aparajita while all look on. She comes there and asks what happened? Mohini says your daughter beat a kid, Kalpana says they have no manners. Disha says enough, we were just joking around. Aparajita says its not like that. Mohini says she never finds anything wrong with her daughters that’s why they are spoiled. Kalpana tells Akshay to teach his kids a lesson, he should punish them. Akshay says you can scold her as an aunt. Disha says I didn’t do anything. Shubha says she beat me up so she has to jump like a frog and apologize. Arjun says but Disha.. Niya stops him so he leaves. Akshay asks Disha to apologize and end the matter. Disha says I expected this from you, you never take our side. Aparajita asks Disha to apologize and end the matter. Disha says you don’t trust my words? she cries and leaves from there. Kalpana says I can’t stay here anymore, I am leaving. Akshay looks on as she leaves. He goes behind her. Aparajita thinks to talk to Kalpana.

Kalpana tells Akshay that your daughter beat up my son and didn’t even apologize. Akshay says they are my daughters, I also thought Disha is stubborn but give her some time. Kalpana says send them back to their house. Akshay says they are my daughters. She says this is your and Mohini’s house so listen to me. Akshay says no, I can’t stay away from my daughters anymore. Kalpana says we will not talk about this topic anymore but I need a promise. He says ask me anything. She says I am thinking to arrange a pooja for house peace today. He says sure. She says this pooja is for peace so I want non-peaceful people to not be a part of this pooja. I don’t want Disha there. Aparajita comes there and hears that. Akshay says I can’t do that as a father. Kalpana says I am a mother so think about my emotions too. Aparjita enters there and says I am not here to take Disha’s side but we are elders so we can forgive kids, I will apologize on Disha’s behalf, if you don’t want Disha in the pooja then she won’t but as her mother then I won’t enter the pooja too. Akshay says then Chhavi and Asha? Aparajita says I won’t stop them if they want to. She leaves from there, Mohini hears all that and says this Aparajita will be out of the house soon.

Scene 2
The pooja starts, Akshay waits for his daughters. Kalpana comes there and says you are looking handsome. Mohini says I have arranged everything for the pooja. Akshay waits for Chhavi and Asha.

Aparajita tells Chhavi that Disha and I won’t be a part of the pooja but you and Asha should go. Chhavi says what? Aparajita says your Bua will like if you go there so please go there for me. Chhavi nods and leaves.

Disha goes to the market and eats gol gappas in anger. Arjun comes there and says you can cry if you are angry. She says were you following me? Arjun says I worked on this stall, I had to come here to save the seller from you. Let’s go back home. Disha says that house is a circus. Arjun says what about your mom? your mother is not going to the pooja because you are not there. Disha eats spicy gol gappas and coughs so Arjun takes her photo and sends it to Aparajita. She smiles seeing that.

Aparajita comes to Chhavi and Asha, she says Disha is in the market and Arjun is bringing her back. She sadly looks at the pooja and thinks I wish I could do it with all my daughters, she says I will leave now. Akshay stops her and says if you are here then become part of the pooja. Aparajita says if my family is not here then I can’t be a part of it. Akshay says I will convince Kalpana for Disha so don’t worry. The priest comes there and asks Aparajita why didn’t she prepare for the pooja like she did always? you must be caring for Dadi, she will be fine soon. He asks them all to come for the pooja. Aparajita thinks how can I sit here when Disha is not here? Kalpana asks Mohini why is he praising Aparajita when you are Akshay’s wife? She sends Mohini to sit with Akshay but the priest stops them and says Aparajita is still Akshay’s wife religiously so its important for her to sit in the pooja with him, this is not a normal pooja. This pooja is for couples to pray for peace. Chhavi tells Mohini that my Maa has a right to sit in this house and all universe wants that for her. Kalpana tells Mohini that I know you are feeling bad but this pooja is for family peace and Amma so Aparajita will do it but nothing will change as you are Akshay’s wife. Kalpana asks Akshay and Aparajita to do the pooja for Amma. They both sit down together while Mohini and Niya are angry. The priest tells Aparajita about her mangalsutra and says how will this pooja happen without that? Aparajita recalls how Mohini had snatched it from her. Mohini looks on.

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