Timeless love update Sunday 20 August 2023

Timeless love 20 August 2023: Priest informs to Vidhi that he won’t do pooja in her house anymore. They won’t get any happiness in the future. Because Vidhi is staying in that house. Neighbour says that something happened yesterday in their house. Hariprasad got heart attack in that argument. Vidhi asks the priest what’s he meant?

The priest says that she forget her place and had affair with a person who is in her father age. She did a sin. Neighbour says that Vidhi did it for money. She heard Bimla and Urmila are shouting in their house. She never expected Vidhi will stoop this low. The priest humiliates Vidhi and says that Hariprasad paying for her deeds. He doesn’t know what sin Hariprasad did to give birth to such daughter. Vidhi asks him why he is punishing her father for her mistake. The priest refuses to listen her and leaves.

Vidhi enters into her house and recollected the past. She closes the door. Meanwhile, Dev prays for Hariprasad’s recovery. He says that Hariprasad wants to get well asap. Don’t punish him for their mistakes. Later, Urmila asks Pramod did he find Vidhi anywhere? He tells her that she isn’t outside. Urmila says that Vidhi broke Dev’s engagement and Dev break Vidhi’s engagement too.

Hariprasad is in Ventilator now. Pramod says that it’s ICU not ventilator. Meanwhile, Vidhi lighten the diyas in the temple and do the pooja. Neighbours joins with her in that pooja. She gives Prasad to them but they avoids her. Vidhi feels hurt to see it. After everyone leaves from there. Vidhi says to god that she did a small mistake. She loved Dev. Everyone considering it as a sin. Because of her Hariprasad was in this state.

She prays god to save her father. She cries her heart out thinking about her father’s state. She says to god that she didn’t do a sin. Loving Dev isn’t a sin like others saying. But she won’t eat anything until her father get well. Bimla returns to home. Vidhi asks Bimla about Hariprasad’s condition. She says that she did the pooja in the house.

She didn’t break the rules. Neighbour reaches to home. They inquires Bimla about Hariprasad’s condition? She says that priest created a scene outside. She adds that they used to listen arathi sound everyday. But today they couldn’t hear it. Priest refuses to do pooja in their house. They humiliates Vidhi infront of Bimla. Bimla apologize to them for their mistake. Neighbour says that their daughter went out of her hand it seems. They leaves from there. Vidhi pleads with Bimla to listen her once. She refuses to listen her.

Meanwhile, Kanika informs Dev that she reached to the hospital. She will take care of everything. Dev asks her to update his situation to him. Priya listens to it. She asks Dev about his health condition? Dev says that he is getting better. He wants to go there to check him. Priya says that he was an half aged person. It’s too dangerous age. Dev asks her to stop pushing around the bush. Sathyavathi demands her to open up what’s she wants to say. Priya says that she doesn’t want to hide anything from him. Doesn’t he romancing a girl who is in his daughter age. Vidhi pleads with Bimla to listen her but she avoids her. Priya says that Dev doesn’t have shame to do like that.

Sathyavathi break the engagement for that Vidhi. She is repeating her past here. Priya says that Vidhi is a kid he shouldn’t do like that to her. He wants to be her mentor instead of romancing with her. Because of him Hariprasad was in ICU. Sathyavathi asks her to give respect to Dev. She says that he isn’t acting according to his age. He won’t allow a young one in his office but he was ready to accept a younger in his life. He doesn’t have any shame at all. He is breaking all the rules in his life. She pleads with him to stop this romance.

Vidhi thinking about the accusations and Dev’s words. Priya asks Dev if he will go to Vidhi’s house and tells that if this news go to media then what will happen. Satyavati asks Dev to go and says Vidhi needs you. She asks Priya to go and rest, if she has done with the lecture. She gets Amba’s message asking her to meet her. Priya asks Dev and Satyavati to realize before losing respect etc. She comes to meet Amba and tells that Dev has done disgusting work. Amba says you have work, if you will do. Priya says yes. Amba says you have to explode the bomb and tells that the trigger pin will be in your hands. She tells Priya that Dev has gone to Vidhi’s house when she is alone, and asks her to send Media there. Priya says I am Raichand and can do it easily, and says you give me work according to my capability, this is what I like about you.

Urmila asks Bimla if Vidhi has gone to meet Dev. Bimla says she had gone to do aarti. Chacha ji says she remembers even now that puja needs to be done. Kanika and kalumal comes there.

Dev comes to Vidhi’s house. The people gossip that he doesn’t have any shame to have affair with young girl like Vidhi. They peep inside the inside. Dev comes inside and calls Vidhi. Vidhi gets up holding his hand. Dev says I am with you, everything will be fine. Nurse come out and calls Doctor seeing Hariprasad’s condition deteriorating. Doctor comes there and checks Hariprasad. Vidhi blames herself and says I became a joke. Dev says this is the reason, I wanted to keep you away from me. Vidhi cries. Dev keeps hand on her shoulder and holds her face, asking her not to cry. The people take their pics and then pass nasty comments on them.

Doctor asks Bimla and others to get the injection, but it is not available here, so get it from somewhere. Dev asks Vidhi why they have clicked the pic. Vidhi says they are talking cheap things about me. Dev says society is such, they don’t have rights to lower us. He asks her not to keep her head down and pray for her Papa.

Vidhi says until Papa gets fine, we have to stay far from each other. Dev says you said right, this will be good for you, your family and your respect. The old guy who has taken pic, shares with the media who has just come. The guy tells that they used to see Dev coming there often in midnight. Chacha ji calls Vidhi and tells that he needs an injection for her Papa. Dev asks which injection.

Vidhi and dev come out to go to get injection. Dev asks Vidhi not to worry about Media, and asks her to take his credit card and buy injection from somewhere. The media asks her why did he give the credit card and starts questioning. Dev leaves. Chacha ji comes there and tells that he couldn’t get the injection. Nurse informs that the patient is sinking. Urmila asks Chacha ji if Vidhi will not come to see Bhai Saheb for the last time, puja must be completed by now. Vidhi gets down from the auto.

Priya thinks fabulous, Amba knows how to explode the bomb, and their love story is boom. Vidhi comes there and says I got the injection. Amba asks her to relax and says Bimla had called her and the injection is given to him. She says Hariprasad ji will be fine soon. She says you was not here, so I handled everything. Bimla looks at Vidhi and says we don’t need this injection or you.

Dev comes home. He sees the news about his affair with Vidhi and gets shocked. The same news comes on Amba’s phone and she walks out of the hospital happily. Urmila shows the news video to Bimla. The reporter says that they have their intimacy pics too, which happened in the Milapni Devi temple. Satyavati and Priya watch the news. Yogesh and Kanika watch the news. The neighbor says even the enemy shall not get such a daughter. Abhimanyu comes home and watches the news shockingly. Everyone sees Dev and Vidhi’s pic, when he is pacifying her.

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