Radha Mohan update Monday 7 August 2023

Radha Mohan 7 august 2023: Radha revels her fight is not for love but this family, or him so she would do what she has come here to, Mohan tries to explain it is wrong, Radha says she doesn’t care if it is right or wrong but she is going to do what she has planned, Mohan replies she has already done what she came here to do, she already caused him pain and made him remember everything of Tulsi by wearing her dress, he inquires what is left there to do, he once again asks her to leave, Kadambari is also really worried. Radha is shocked seeing Mohan, she says she is not going to leave, Mohan angrily instructs her to leave but she insists on staying, Mohan gets furious saying he is asking her to leave but Radha still replies she is going to stay.

Mohan starts pulling Radha when she falls on the Mandap, seeing which everyone is shocked and worried for her, Radha touches the feet of Mohan apologizing for whatever she is doing, because he will feel immense pain with what she is about to do, Radha thinks she does not have any other choice to save him from Damini, Tulsi mentions now Radha would have to do what they planned. Mohan once again pushes Radha, she falls on the ground. Everyone is worried for her, Radha looks up to see the lady inspector standing in front of her, Damini and Kaveri are worried wondering what the police is doing here, rather the entire family cannot understand anything, Radha starts crying, exclaiming why is Mohan behaving like this with her, they all are shocked. Radha asks if it suites him to behave like this with his wife, they cannot understand what she is talking about, Radha mentions she is ready to even suffer his beating or listen to his scolding but he should not throw her out of the house. Radha requests him to not behave like this with his wife, Radha mentions she told the inspector the behavior which she is suffering in this house, the lady inspector helps Radha stand in front of her, she questions what is going on here.

Kaveri tries to explain she should witness there is a wedding going on between her daughter and Mohan, she invites the inspector to come and sit but the inspector asks her to stop talking, she asks Radha if she called her, Radha mentions now she is her last hope and should protect her, Radha turns to Mohan pointing that he married her and then left her, everyone is shocked. Radha says now he is marrying Damini, Radha explains she will lose everything if this marriage happens, Kadambari is not able to say anything. Ketki wonders why Radha is lying, Dadi also cannot understand anything.

Kadambari questions what is she doing, mentioning there is a limit to lying, she asks if Radha knows what would happen to their family’s reputation, the lady inspector says if she cared for their family’s reputation then would not have thrown her daughter in law on the road. Mohan says she should behave while talking with his mother, he mentions Radha I not his wife, he asks her to speak the truth. Radha replies she only knows one truth that he is her husband and sworn life partner, she cannot live her life without him so why is he not understanding it, Tulsi exclaims she knows it is not going to be easy, but Radha is even with Mohan while standing against him.

Damini exclaims that this girl is lying, Mohan mentions he cannot even think she can do anything of the sort, he mentions this is the truth about her identity which can be seen, he exclaims it is her obsession to get him which is why she is doing all this. Radha closing her eyes apologizes to Mohan for doing all this, since she must protect him. Radha replies she did not think he would be like this, since he threw her out of the house after using her, the entire family is shocked. Mohan exclaims this is the truth about her character, he mentions this is the Radha which Damini warned him about, but he refused to believe it, Damini kept say9ing she was using him but he refused to believe her, and not thought Radha can be anything else but has realized she is a liar and deceptive girl.

The entire family is tensed, Mohan says even he is going to say one thing, Radha is doing all this to attain him but what she is doing would not give her anything because from now on she will only get hatred from him. They all are shocked seeing him so furious. Radha apologizes to Bihari jee thinking she cannot do this to her Mohan jee and his family, she turns back but Tulsi stops her, mentioning she knows what Radha is thinking, that she cannot do this to her Mohan or this family who she considers as her family, Tulsi mentions even Arjun had the same feeling in Mahabharat but Shri Krishna then advised him, explaining it is the duty of Radha to protect this house from Damini, she knows Radha would be thinking everything going on is wrong but if she leaves then Mohan would stay tensed his entire life, Gungun will lose her childhood. Damini is going to oust Ajeet and Ketki from this house, she knows that Damini will create differences between Mohan and his father, she is going to ruin everything soon, but only Radha can save anything from happening. Tulsi mentions she would feel guilty if she does not go ahead with their plan, Tulsi explains sometimes they have to break the heart of their loved ones in order to protect them, Tulsi mentions her Bihari jee knows she is not doing anything wrong, Tulsi advises it is not the time to lay down her arms, she must prepare to fight.

Radha agrees and wiping off her tears, she turns back to stare at Mohan who is angrily standing in front of her, the entire Trivedi family is worried. Mohan exclaims he would never forgive her for what she has done today, the inspector advises him to not scare the girl, Shekar mentions he is a lawyer and their family friend, he blames Radha for lying as nothing of this sort happened here. The inspector mentions she cannot believe anything he is saying if he is their family friend, Inspector says she feels he does not have a mind since he is marrying another girl while cheating on his first wife, Mohan angrily explains she is not his wife, he asks the inspector to ask Radha if he has any proof of being his wife, he questions her and even Kadambari asks if she has any proof, Radha gets worried as everyone looks to her for proof but she is just standing, Radha is really tensed.

Mohan angrily says she is not his wife, he asks the Inspector to question if she has any proof of being his wife, he even asks Radha to reveal it, Kadambari inquires if she has any proof. Radha is shocked and then the inspector explains she would need the proof legally to prove she is his wife, she also asks Radha for the proof. Radha looks at Tulsi, and after taking a breath once again turns revealing she has the proof, the entire family is shocked hearing it, Kaveri is shocked while everyone else gets worried. Radha informs the Inspector that the truth does not need any proof but when today she must prove it, she will surely give the proof of being married with Mohan jee. Mohan asks if she is in her senses when Radha replies she was never more fine then today, but she feels he is not in his senses because of which he is refusing their marriage, Radha secretly apologizes to Mohan explaining she does not have any other way, Mohan mentions he feels she has surely lost her mind, he once again informs the Inspector that Radha doesn’t have any proof but Radha reveals she has the entire proof of being married to him, she shows him the photos when he married her and Ketki quickly took their photos. Damini and Kaveri are also socked seeing it. The entire Trivedi family is not able to understand it, Ketki recalls when Radha asked her to send the photos which she took during the marriage, and she agreed to it.

Mohan in shock explains they were taken, he tries to refuse but Radha replies he can refuse their relation and even their marriage but how is he going to deny these photos. Mohan mentions she knows the truth, Radha takes the photos to the Inspector who starts looking at them, while Damini is worried. The Inspector explains it can be seen clearly that they both got married, Mohan angrily mentions that this is all a lie and idiocy, Radha says he should not call their relation as false otherwise he would be sinned. Damini explains this girl is lying and she blames Radha for making this plan saying it is just her desire, Damini explains she is going to tell the truth, she says Radha loves Mohan but he does not have the same feelings for her which is why she has lost her mental balance and they even called the doctor. Radha turns asking if the Inspector hears what they are saying, because they blame her for losing her mind and then say she is planning, she explains the doctor should tell her that she would have to be mentally stable to make any plan otherwise how could she have done it, Tulsi is glad with Radha saying she should give the answers like this, Radha then asks Kadambari for her mobile, she explains all these photos were given to her by Ketki, Radha requests the Inspector to make sure she gets justice. Ketki questions what is she saying, mentioning she just sent her those photos because she asked for them, Radha explain that she is the only one who stands with her in this house, because if her husband does not believe her but she always stood by her side, Radha hugging Ketki apologizes to her mentioning she doesn’t have any other choice, Ketki pushes Radha away asking if this is what she meant by their friendship, Radha explains she knew Ketki would turn back because of the fear of Mohan which is why she gathered all the proof, she then plays the audio of their call, in which Ketki accepts that Radha and Mohan were married, so she should send the photos. Radha turns to look at Ketki who is furious.

Radha asks the inspector if she heard how she was talking about her love and Ketki accepted it, she mentions only Ketki is really nice, since her heart is pure and she always stands by her side. Ketki tries to refuse it, saying that Mohan did not marry Radha, Damini says she for the first time has said something true, Radha replies she is not telling the truth, and it is because Damini is intimidating her, everyone is shocked. Radha blames both Kaveri and Damini for being the real reason behind everything, Gungun is smiling. Radha says they always keep threatening everyone, and even threat to throw Ketki and Ajeet out of the house, but she should know that Ketki is innocent, Radha requests Ketki to speak the truth for her just once, assuring after that everything would be fine, she mentions that Ketki might be scared of Damini and Mohan, Ketki angrily instructs Radha to shut up, questioning why is she constantly lying, Ketki mentions she thought Radha had a pure heart and her friend, she explains she fought her mother and brother just for Radha but what has she done, she blames Radha for using her to achieve her own end. Radha is not able to say anything, she apologizes to Ketki jee, Tulsi gets worried thinking Radha might have lost hope, however Radha explains Ketki should reveal the truth just once after which everything would be fine Tulsi asks why she is apologizing when Ketki also wants the same thing that she should marry Mohan, however their way is just a bit different.

Rahul asks Ketki to see how he tried to warn her about the true intentions of Radha, he explained he knew it from the start that she wanted to marry Mohan, but no one believed him, he says now her truth has been revealed. Tulsi mentions this is not the time to feel humiliated because if she stays quiet then the Inspector would feel she is lying.

The Inspector walks to Mohan mentioning she has now even seen the photos, so is he still going to say Radha is not his wife, Mohan angrily replies he would say it repeatedly that she is just acting. Kadambari tries to explain that nothing in the photographs were true, they are shocked when the representatives of women protection question what the truth is, Kadambari asks about the truth, they inform that Radha has told them the entire truth, Radha rushes to them requesting that they should help her attain justice. Radha mentions Mohan jee is her husband and he is marrying the other lady Damini. Gungun is glad about the plan of Radha.

Radha while crying mentions she cannot understand what to do in this situation, she explains she would die because of the stress, Kadambari is shocked seeing Radha. Tulsi however smiles. Gungun wishes Radha to keep on acting. They all assure Radha of their support vowing to never let the marriage of her husband happen, Radha turns to look at Mohan who is furious.

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