Twist of fate update Wednesday 7 September 2022

Twist of fate 7 September 2022: Prachi locks herself in a bathroom. She turns on the shower and cries, recalling her and Ranbir’s early and recent moments. Other hand, Ranbir is working on his laptop. He puts his finger in hot tea by mistake and recalls how similar happened before when he was with Prachi. He calls the peon and gets mad at him asking why tea is hot.

Sushma asks Prachi to open the door. Prachi opens it. Sushma asks what happened? Prachi says Ranbir sent divorce papers. I took the blame for what I didn’t do. How can I take this? What’s my mistake? Sushma tells her not to cry, it’s not your mistake. It’s Ranbir who failed. He couldn’t love you, he couldn’t trust you, he couldn’t fulfill husband’s responsibilities. Prachi says, I failed, I am failing. I cannot do anything. I couldn’t see how easily he signed the divorce papers. I will never be able to forget him. Sushma hugs and consoles her.

Vikram advices Rhea to try to win Dida’s heart. If you stay good with her, then it will be better for your and Ranbir’s relation. Pallavi interrupts saying, if Dida has any space in her heart, then Rhea will be able to win. She only has space for Prachi in her heart. Since they kicked Prachi out, Dida has stopped eating or talking with them. Doorbell rings. Pallavi assumes it’s Dida. Vikram wonders why she returned so early. Pallavi taunts that her prayers are not heard, so she doesn’t have a choice. Rhea joins in saying how her prayers will be heard as she’s praying for a wrong person.

It’s Sushma who has come. She says that she wants to talk to Ranbir. She has come here as Prachi’s guardian. Rhea asks, why did you come here? Sushma says, I didn’t talk to you. Pallavi asks, what do you need from Ranbir? Sushma says that I will talk only with him. Pallavi says, with this attitude, no one will talk to you. Rhea tells Pallavi that she will deal with Sushma. She asks Sushma to tell her what she wants to tell to Ranbir and she will pass her message. Sushma tells Rhea to stay out of this. Pallavi tells Suhma that she cannot talk like that with Rhea, she is daughter-in-law of that house.

Sushma tells her, then teach her not to interfere when elders are talking. Now Vikram asks Sushma with what right she came there to talk to Ranbir. Sushma says, I just said that I came as Prachi’s guardian. Abhi and Pragya live with me as a family, like how you used to live and you should very well know what relation is that. Pragya is like my daughter and I don’t need to tell you what rights I have on Pragya’s daughters. Rhea says, Pragya calls you aunty, right? Sushma says, forget about Pragya. Prachi calls me “Badi Maa”. If you can’t call me that, then shut up and stand there quietly.

Pallavi tells Sushma to come to the point. If you came here to talk from Prachi’s side, then we are not interested. We have already sent her divorce papers. Rhea says, it’ll be good if she signs them as soon as possible. End the relation completely and free Ranbir. Sushma throws the divorce papers and says, here’s Ranbir’s freedom. Pallavi checks the papers and says, they don’t have Prachi’s sign. Sushma says why she would sign? They didn’t get married by signing papers. You all don’t mean anything in Prachi’s life.

Flashback: Prachi tells Sushma, I can’t sign the divorce papers. Sushma tells her not to sign then. I will answer them why you won’t sign the papers.

Present: Rhea says, if we mean nothing, then why doesn’t she sign and separate from us? Sushma asks did you send the divorce papers? Rhea says, I am talking about Ranbir. Sushma says, let him talk then. Ranbir broke his relation with Prachi. You all kicked her out of the house. Then why all these formalities? Pallavi says, so that Prachi doesn’t come back. Sushma furiously says, she won’t come back. She doesn’t want anything from this house, so spare her. Rhea says, we will spare her, but will she spare us? What if her mind changes tomorrow? And she comes to take revenge. Sushma says, she is my daughter. There must be some difference between you and her. You’re her sister, but still I know her better than you do. She’s Pragya’s shadow. She will do what Pragya will say. Right now Pragya is in coma, but Prachi will listen what I say. It’s good that she managed to get out of this house.

She had no respect here. If she doesn’t stay away from this house, then I know how to do that. I will do all it takes, but I won’t let her come near this house. She tells Pallavi, just to handle Ranbir. Ranbir kicked Prachi out of his life, now I will make sure Prachi erases Ranbir’s name completely from her life. She will even forget his face. Rhea gets happy. Sushna continues, you all also forget that Prachi came in this house. Don’t try to contact her, even if it’s regarding the divorce. It’s all over from our side. Sushma leaves.

Rhea, Pallavi, Vikram get happy as Sushma solved their problem and she won’t let Prachi come near their house or Ranbir. Pallavi and Vikram leave. Rhea thinks, it seems like even the God doesn’t want Prachi and Ranbir to be together… which is why this so-called Badi Maa came in my life. First she kept Pragya away from Abhi and now she will keep Prachi away from Ranbir.

Prachi is in a temple. She says, once I asked for blessings to win Ranbir. Now only I am asking to give me strength to go away from Ranbir, face the truth, and forget him. Ranbir comes outside the same temple and stops his car. His car doesn’t start now. Prachi passes by his car, but they don’t see each other. He gets off the car to fix it. He and Prachi sense something odd and they pause.

Ranbir and Prachi pause, sensing something odd. They turn, but other people come in the way and they fail to see each other.

Sushma comes to Pragya. You know that you have to pay price for being good. People don’t give you prize for being good, but they punish you. Then why did you make Prachi like you? You know that there is no place for goodness in this world. She is just like you. Her destiny is also just like you. She is suffering in her in-laws house just like you did. She was trying to come out of what happened and today she broke again after getting the divorce papers. She’s crying instead going to Ranbir’s house and answering them. She’s wondering why Ranbir sent her the divorce papers. She is just crazy like you. And your other daughter… why she is not like you? She looks

at Abhi and says, she has gone on her father. She says, I am sorry to say, but Rhea is not a good girl. She is not a good sister. No one likes Prachi in that house, everyone hates her. When everyone hates her, there’s going to be some effect on Ranbir as well and today he broke their relationship. Prachi still thinks about Ranbir. She still has feelings for Ranbir. She is still stuck in that house. If you made her like you, then why didn’t you make her strong like you? It’s been 1 month and still I have not been able to take her out of her past. She secretly sees Ranbir’s pictures and reads news about him. You were so strong, you involved yourself in business that you forgot Abhi. Sushma realizes that this is a good idea to get Prachi involved in business. She promises Pragya that she won’t let anything happen to Prachi. I will take Prachi outside this city, so that she doesn’t even think about Ranbir.

Back at the temple, other cars honk. Ranbir and Prachi get back into their cars. Their cars pass by each other, but they again don’t see each other.

Prachi returns home. Sushma says, I want to talk you. You know that I and Pragya used to handle business together. Then we returned to India and then such situations aroused that I had to make everything on your name. Prachi says, I need to sign the papers? I will do it. Sushma says, it’s not about sign. You need to do a lot more. So forget everything and listen to me carefully. Prachi says, sorry, only property papers came in my mind. Sushma tells her not to say sorry every time. Politeness is good, but sometimes too much of it can hurt you. She makes Prachi sit and says, I and Pragya were working on many projects. Now I have to work alone. It’s not like I cannot handle, I have a whole team, but Pragya had a dream project which I want you to take over.

I know you have worked in Kholi industry and you have good work experience. This is why I want you to complete Pragya’s dream project. If daughter doesn’t complete mother’s dream project, then who else will? Prachi says, I will definitely complete it. Sushma tells her to do her packing, we are going to Bangalore for a meeting and then we will go to Mumbai. Prachi thinks, I didn’t see Ranbir even once in last 30 days. We are already so far and now why do I feel like I am going away from Ranbir by going to Bangalore.

Ranbir returns home. He’s still lost and thinking about what he sensed at the temple. His room’s window opens due to wind. He goes to close it and looks at the moon. Other side, Prachi also looks at the moon. Ranbir hears Prachi’s voice that where are you. He recalls a moment when Prachi was standing in the window and looking at the moon. He comes to her and hugs her asking what she is doing. She says, I am missing my mother. The moon has a special connection between you and people whom you love and miss a lot. You see their face in the moon. My mother also used to look at the moon when she was missing my father and she used to say, if my father was also missing her at that moment, then he would be looking at the moon as well.

And it would be that moment that they shared together despite being away. He says, so by chance, if I go away from you for a day or two, then I would also look at the moon like that. Back to present, Ranbir is angry. He picks up a glass and breaks it in his hand. Rhea comes and sees the blood. She was going to clean it, but Ranbir stops her and walks out of the room. Rhea thinks he must be remembering Prachi. He still has Prachi in his mind.

Ranbir comes to the lawn. He wraps his handkerchief around his wound. It starts raining. Both Prachi and Ranbir recall their moments and feel the rain drops. Prachi says, I still love the rain. Other side, Ranbir says, I hate rain. Prachi says, I still think about you. Everything connected to you reminds me of you. Do you also remember me? He says, I don’t remember you. Why would I? You remember your own peole. You didn’t love me, you only betrayed me. I hate you. I hate your name. I hate love word. Sushma sees Prachi and thinks, I am taking Prachi away from her past, not just this city. She might find my decision wrong, but it’ll be good for her future if she stays away from her past, from this city. Everything will be new in new city. Other hand, Prachi thinks that people say with time, everything changes, but memories never change. You can run away from your past, but not from your memories. She still thinks about Ranbir.

Next day, Ranbir is getting ready for office. He thinks about Prachi. He asks himself why he keeps thinking about her. Why is he not able to stop himself? Yesterday, in the temple and now today. Shiv comes to his home. Pallavi asks him to come in. Ranbir puts on sunglasses and comes there. Shiv says, I saw in a documentary that if you share your ride, there will be less pollution. Ranbir tells him that there are others too with whom he could have shared the ride. Pallavi tells him not to be angry in morning. He says, I am not angry, I just don’t like others involving me anything without asking. Shiv says, I will ask next time. Ranbir tells Shiv that if he wants to reduce the pollution, then take bus next time. Shiv asks him why he put on the sunglasses in the house. Is he hiding his sleepy eyes or he couldn’t sleep properly last night?

Ranbir and Pallavi look at each other. Rhea comes there with Ranbir’s wallet saying he forgot it. He asks, did you go in my room? I don’t like anyone going to my room in my absence.

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