Anupama update Sunday 21 August 2022

Anupama 21 August 2022: Kavya shatters remembering Vanraj’s words that he is leaving her house and heart, Anu slapping her, Vanraj telling she did what she liked and now will do same. Mujhe Mat Roko.. song plays in the background. She continues reminiscing Vanraj’s bitter words and breaks a dancing globe. Nandini tells Samar they should cancel the engagement as mummy, papa, and maasi are in pain. Samar if he cancels this engagement, mummy’s heart will break and he will not do that. She asks if they should become insensitive, ignore someone’s pain, and enjoy. He says our happiness only can clear their pain. She asks what is the use of happiness which is just to hide tears.

Baa confronts god that if he is of stone doesn’t mean he is really a stone, why can’t he stop her beta and bahu’s house from breaking. Kinjal consoles her. Baa cries that even Thakurji doesn’t listen to her like bahu. Kinjal says whatever happening is god’s wish, god can either listen to Baa or mummy.Samar reminisces Vanraj’s words that the battle has just begun and they shouldn’t accept defeat so easily, Anu fought for them for years and now its their turn. Nandini asks what happened. Samar says for the first time Mr. Shah is worried for mummy. Nandini says he is right. He says he doesn’t think mummy should forgive Mr. Shah, but their divorce is hurting him; he cannot think like Pakhi, but he is seeing his parents’ bonding for the first time. She says when he cannot even speak properly, how can he expect it to happen; he should support his mummy in her decision. He hugs and thanks her for showing him a path.

Pakhi her bracelet in frustration. Baa consoles her that sometimes they try a lot and even then everything shatters. Pakhi says they tried a lot, even then didn’t succeed. Baa says she has called her naani with a lost hope to convince Anu and prays god that she reaches on time. Anu walks to Baa and massages her hands. Kinjal presses Anu’s hands. Samar enters with Bapuji’s video call. Bapuji asks Baa why she is getting massage by Anu even when she is at resort. Baa asks if he is jealous. He says yes as she left him at her mother’s house. Baa says she had tp for Anu’s sake. Bapuji says they need to keep Anu happy always as per doctor’s advice. They laugh and disconnect call. Vanraj returns and whole family rushes to Kavya’s cottage hearing Nandini shouting Maasi. Kinjal gets her mother’s call that papa is not well, so she informs Dolly and leaves for her mother’s house. Family enters Kavya’s room and are shocked to see her unconscious after attempting to commit suicide with sleep pills. Vanraj shocked holds her and shakes her to wake up. Baa asks Nandini to bring salt water, and Anu holding Kavya in her lap feeds salt water.

Samar informs Dr. Advaith that Kavya tried to commit succide. Advaith rushes to Kavya’s cottage and asks what did she consume. Vanraj shows sleeping pills. Anu says Kavya vomited after having salt water. Advaith checks Kavya’s pulse and says she is alive and needs treatment immediately. They rush Kavya to his clinic and he starts her treatment. Kavya eagerly waits outside. Samar insists Anu to have her medicines. Anu consumes her medicine and hopes Kavya gets well soon. Toshu rushes in and asks Samar about Kavya and Anu. He rushes to Anu and asks if she is fine, why did Kavya attempted suicide. Anu says because Kavya doesn’t have family to support her emotionally. Nandini blames herself for Kavya’s condition. Samar asks not to blame herself as neither she nor them thought Kavya would take such a big step. She asks if Maasi will be fine. He says she has to for their engagement.

Vanraj stands aside feeling guilty for his bitter words for Kavya. Anu walks to him and asks what did he tell Kavya that she attempted suicide. He asks her to calm down as she is ill. She says she will not die instantly, he should be concerned for Kavya, and repeats what did he tell Kavya. He stands with bent head due to guilt. Anu blames men for breaking women’s heart and trust and asks if he is betraying Kavya by breaking any promise, its waste to love him, why should a girl who loves him die, she doesn’t want to fight for her sautan though. He asks why is he fighting then. She says for love, Kavya loves him however she is and she knows how it feels when they don’t get love in return; Kavya is her sautan who broke her house, but god gave her heart which cannot tolerate injustice; she got another reason to divorce him now and will not let him do injustice to Kavya. Samar calls them and they rush to Kavya’s room. Advaith says she is fine now and is awake, good that Anu fed her salt water on time, they can meet her now. Vanraj walks to Kavya. She shouts at him to go away from her as she doesn’t want to see him right now. Advaith signals Anu who says she will speak to her and Vanraj can go out. Advaith thanks god and says he cannot one more person committing suicide in front of him. Family walks in.

Anu slaps Kavya, leaving everyone in shock. Anu says she told Kavya that she will slap her whenever she makes mistakes, this is her life’s biggest mistake, and how dare she is. Kavya cries hugging him.Dolly tells Baa that she cannot understand Anu sometimes, how can a woman be concerned for her sautan so much. Baa says as a saas, even she cannot understand and get angry, but as a woman she does. Dolly asks how can Anu do this. Baa says Anu can. Anu scolds Kavya that the get a human life with great difficulty, she should know the value of life from a dying person or from her, everyone in the world is tensed; if her pain is bigger than her, her life shattered in a second; whom she was sacrifice her life to; even Radha didn’t get her love but continued loving Kanhaji; love is not sacrificing one’s life, but getting up after falling down.

Anupama gives moral gyaan to Kavya after her attempt at suicide. She says she has a long life to life, she needs to look at herself via her own eyes and not others’, she shouldn’t dare think of suicide again, who will Baa call maide ki katori if something happens to her and whom she will fight with. Dr. Advaith enters and says people who suicide will go away easily and the person who loves them dies each moment, she should promise not to repeat her stupidity. Kavya promises. He asks everyone to leave and let the patient rest. Kavya requests Anu to stay back. Kavya says Vanraj will be with her. Kavya insists. Advaith takes everyone away. Kavya informs Anu that Vanraj told he will not divorce Anu and will not go to court tomorrow, his words feared her so much that she took this extreme stepping, she doesn’t know what to do. Anu holding her hand says trust, she should trust her promise as she will fulfill it tomorrow.

Sagar feeds Baa, but she says she is not in a mood. He insists that she needs to have her medicine, then asks Nandini to have food as she is fasting due to pooja or else she will be seen in a bed next to Kavya’s. Nandini feeds him saying even he didn’t have anything. Toshu and Kinjal join them. Advaith offers juice to Vanraj. Dolly offers khakra to Vanraj next. Advaith introduces himself to Dolly and jokes. Anu walks out and informs that Kavya is fine now, asks Vanraj why did he tell Kavya that he doesn’t want to take divorce, they will take divorce tomorrow at any cost, day has ended and its their last night as a couple, he shouldn’t force her to kick him out of his life rudely like he did to her. He says Anu. She insists that he has to do even if he doesn’t like it and walks away. She drives trolley thinking Kavya is fine, soon everything will be fine and its just a matter of 1 day.Vanraj walks to Kavya who turns her back towards him. He sits next to her and apologizes her. She cries loudly. He says he spoke whatever he felt like. She says she did whatever she felt like. He asks how can she sacrifice her life for someone. She says not anyone else, but for him; her life revolves around him, she is there if he is or else she isn’t; pleads not to leave him or else she will die; she irritates and nags him and he knows its not her, she promises that everything will be normal like before after he divorces Anu and free Anu from their relationship and her from this misery; she will accompany him to court if he wants to and threatens that she will suicide again if he doesn’t divorce Anu. He asks her to sleep. She says she will not until divorce proceedings finish.

Toshu tells Baa that before coming here, he didn’t think of his parent’s divorce and says when they are so tensed, what would his parent’s must be going through. Baa says till Vanraj and Anu were together, each day was a celebration. Dolly says there were problems even then, but they never felt them. Toshu hopes they had a rewind button which took them back and they could write their own story. Baa cries that even after she tried her best, her house is shattering. Dolly sees its 9 p.m. and says bhai and bhabhi have only 12 hours left to reach court.Vanraj returns towards his cottage and sees Anu walks out somewhere. Nandini walks to Kavya and asks if she needs something. Kavya says she will get what she wants tomorrow after Anu and Vanraj’s divorce, she will get Vanraj, Anu will be freed from unwanted bonding, and she will be bonded with the relationship she desires. She asks her to return to Anu as she needs her most and promises not to make a mistake again; says she is part of that family now. Nandini says she knows it feels with a family, etc.

Pakhi tells her brothers its happening, she never thought it would end this way. Samar also speaks emotionally. Pakhi cries. They both hug her. Anu returns home and asks family why they are sitting silently instead of enjoying in resort and asks Dolly to serve popcorn to everyone, especially choc popcorn for Baa; they have a short time left and they need to fill their palms with life, etc. Vanraj on the other side thinks Kavya wants marriage, Anu wants divorce, and he is unable to decide what he wants and cannot delay his decision. Anu cheers up family and makes their seating arrangement outside, says today is Anupama Vanraj Shah’s last night.Baa cries. Anu consoles her that she will stay here as only Anupama and not Anupama Vanraj Shah, she shouldn’t waste this night with crying, sleeping, or destroying their dreams. She herself gets emotional and wipes her tears. She tells family that they will see their life’s happy highlights and asks Samar to play it on screen. They all laugh seeing family celebrations. Har Ghadi Badal Rahi Hai Roop Zindagi…song plays in the background.Vanraj looks at Kavya’s pic in his mobile. Samar dances seeing family dancing on screen. Pakhi joins him. Anu with a crying face acts as laughing.

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