Anupama update Sunday 2 October 2022


Anupama 2 October 2022: Anupama looks at her, Anuj, and Little Anu’s pictures and thanks them. She imagines Anuj who asks if she is missing him, he is just on the other side of the door and hasn’t gone from her life. She warns if he goes, she will throw her belan/roti roller on him. Anuj says she just have realized why used to take promises from her and warn her, she should remember those promise; god helps true people. He says she is looking beautiful in the pics. He says he looks more handsome and realizes it was her imagination. She thinks she will not feel week, even he should promise that he will not accept defeat and fight with the death. Anuj’s condition continues to be critical.

Adhik asks Pakhi if Vanraj was angry. Pakhi, lying her head on his shoulder and holding closely while sitting beside him, agrees. Adhik says Vanraj must have threatened Anuj then. Pakhi says anyone would threaten in anger and asks if he thinks Vanraj tried to kill Anuj. Adhik says it wasn’t just an accident, truth will be out after Anuj gets conscious. Pakhi asks what if Anuj doesn’t regain consciousness. Anuj’s condition deteriorates more. Doctors try to resusciate him. Anupama encourages him to fight.

Leela walks to Anupama and says Vanraj can never be wrong, his life is ruined after he divorced Anupama, she doesn’t see any defect in her son, etc., and pleads her not to handover Vanraj to police. Anupama comforts her and offers her water. Barkha walks to Anupama next. Anupama cries hugging her. Barkha asks why Anuj to this basic hospital instead of a high-five hospital, doctors here don’t seem competent enough. Anupama says doctors are good here. Leela says they revived Vanraj. Barkha says she would have taken Anuj to USA for treatment. Anupama says most of the doctors in USA are from India, they should pray for Anuj instead of this argument. She prays there while Little Anu prays at home.

Doctor gets out of OT and informs Anupama and others that surgery is complete without any issues. Ankush asks if the surgery was successful. Doctor says surgery is successful only when patient regains consciousness. He says there is a possibility that he may go into come after regaining consciousness or even before that; they have removed his blood clots around his brain and hope for the best. Anupama asks what are the chances of reco very according to him. Doctor says only time has answer for that. Anupama prays god and recalls Anuj’s shayari/poem.Anupama looks at Anuj from the ICU glass window and asks doctor if he will regain consciousness. Doctor says Anuj is not in coma yet, but anything can happen. Leela prays god for Anuj’s recovery followed by Kavya and Hasmukh. Hasmukh asks Anupama to go home and rest for sometime as she hasn’t slept since last night. Anupama refuses to leave Anuj alone and asks them instead to go home and rest. Anupama gets Little Anu call who requests her to show Anuj.

Anupama shows Anuj. Little Anu says I love you papa and assures Anupama not to worry about her.Barkha with Ankush returns home. GK offers them tea. Barkha orders GK to prepare breakfast for them. She conspires against Anuj and hopes if Anuj doesn’t recover for a year, they can take over his business. Kavya asks Anupama that Vanraj spoke to her, if he is behind Anuj’s accident. Anupama refuses and thinks she lied to Samar and Kavya, but Vanraj is the reason.Barkha questions why there is no police investigation of a fatal accident of a big business tycoon. She says there is a conspiracy against her devar and she demands police investigation. Kavya says there is no need for police investigation as she was present there and there was no foul play. Barkha says Kavya is unsure because her husband tried to kill Anuj. Toshu asks if she means Vanraj pushed Anuj from the cliff and then himself fell down. Barkha says truth will be out with police investigation. Leela asks her to stop wrongly accusing her son

Barkha says her son will face consequences of his deed and says Vanraj called Anuj to a cliff and to kill him, just like always he couldn’t do anything properly in life, he couldn’t push Anuj down the cliff and himself fell off. She says let her devar wake up and reveal the truth. Leela comments that Barkha is behind Anuj’s wealth.Anupama interferes and asks Kavya to call an auto and send Barkha and Leela to a wrestling ground to fight. Kavya says Barkha is accusing Vanraj. Barkha says she is sure and will get Vanraj punished for attempting to kill Anuj and if Vanraj’s family tries to protect him, she will send them also to jail. Anupama asks her to stop. Barkha says Anupama doesn’t want to leave her ex-husband even after divorce and is still defending Shahs even after they verbally harrass her so much, she doesn’t value Anuj’s family and is just bothered about her ex-inlaws. She accuses Anupama that she couldn’t break up with Shahs and move on with Anuj as she has a soft corner for Vanraj Shah. She asks if she still loves Vanraj Shah so much, why did she marry Anuj.

Anupama is shocked to hear that and tells Barkha that she should be thankful to god that she is standing in a hospital and not home or else she would have given her a befitting reply. She says her personal life and issues are between her and her husband, when she doesn’t allow air to interfere between her and her husband, who is she to interfere. Barkha says she will. Anupama says she can do whatever she wants to outside the hospital and not here. Barkha says she is insulting her jethani. Kavya asks if she was respecting her devrani. Toshu comments people speak according to their mentality. Adhik shouts how dare he is to speak against his sister. Ankush asks them to stop their fight. Kavya says why was he mum when his wife was accusing them. Argument continue between both families accusing each other. Hasmukh asks them to stop their uncultured behavior in the hospital.Barkha insists for a police investigation and says she will not spare even Anupama if she tries protect Vanraj. Anupama gets a call and rushes to Anuj’s ICU room. She gets happy seeing him opening his eyes. Shahs also get happy seeing him regaining consciousness from a glass window while Kapadias get tensed. Ek Duje Ke Waastey.. song plays in the background. Anuj shakes his fingers and closes his eyes back. Anupama speaks emotionally requesting him to wake up. Anuj opens eyes and calls her name. Anupama gets more happy and holds his hand. Tum Hi Ho Hamari Hai Manzil My Love.. song plays in the background.

Barkha thinks if Anuj would have gone into coma, she would have got a chance to takeover Anuj’s company, but fate is on Anuj and Anupama’s side. She says before Anuj loses consciousness, Anupama should confirm that Vanraj tried to kill him. Anupama tells Anuj I love you. He replies I love you too. He signals thumb up to everyone outside and then gets a flashback of the accident and calls Vanraj’s name.

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