Anupama update Monday 3 October 2022

Anupama 3 October 2022: Anupama gets nervous imagining Kinjal and Dholakia in 2 colleagues sitting in Vanraj’s cafe. Bank executive insists her to sign the business loan documents soon or else it will take 25-30 days to get the loan approval.

Anu questions him about EMI. He explains her about fixed and floating interest rate. She signs the documents. He says she will get the loan in 4-5 days. Anu returns home and informs that she signed loan documents. Vanraj asks if she read the documents first. Anu nods yes as executive told it will take 25-30 days else, she wanted him or Bapuji present there though. Vanraj says he had to buy groceries for cafe. Samar says their property tax problem will be solved. Baa asks what happened to Kinjal.

Vanraj asks if Dholakia misbehaved with Kinjal as he usually tries to molest and insult women in open. Anu sits silently. Vanraj realizing Dholika really misbehaved with Kinjal gets angry and holding a hockey stick heads to punish Dholakia. Anu stops him. He says he will not spare a rogue who dared to misbehave with his daughter. Anu says they will punish Dholakia not just physically but in sa more severe way. Baa, Mamaji, Pakhi say they should break Dholakia’s extremities first. Anu continues explaining her reasoning when Kinjal walks in and asks why did she inform family about it. Anu asks why not, her whole family is with her as its not her mistake.

Vanraj says he will not spare Dholakia. Kinjal says he doesn’t want to exaggerate the issue as society will shame her instead. Nandini says its called victim blaming. Anu explains with many examples why victim shouldn’t be blamed and asks Kinjal not to worry when her whole family is supporting her. Pakhi informs how the boy who had insulted her once fears since Anu punished him, etc. Mamaji and Baa comments next.

Kavya enters and says there is no need to react like this. Nandini angrily asks why she is asking to let it off when she herself went through the same situation. Kavya says that was a different issue. Pakhi asks if she wants the culprit to be spared. Kavya says it happens in every office, Vanraj cannot break people’s head in every office, Anu cannot give lecture, and Baa cannot fight with everyone, so they should ignore it without fighting. Anu asks when a man entered her house and misbehaved with her and she came here shivering, should she have asked her to ignore. Kavya says they are comparing 2 different issues, there is a difference between a finger cut and throat cut, killing and threatening to kill; will Vanraj will take revenge if someone threatens her to kill; they should know to handle the issue, she worked with Dholakia for years and he never misbehaved with her.

He says because he was there with her. She asks to get out of his male savior complex as a girl can protect herself and fight. Anu says she is right, a girl should fight. Kavya says there is no actual event happened here, asks Kinjal if Dholakia touched her. Kinjal says no. Kavya says sometimes girls misunderstand boys. Kinjal says she could feel it though. Kavya says practically nothing has happened. Anu says it will for sure if not Kinjal some other girl in the office.

Kavya says let it be as they haven’t taken others’ responsibility. Anu says daughters should walk on road fearlessly, so its necessary to teach Dholakia a lesson. Baa says Anu is right. Kavya asks if they will break Dholakia’s head. Anu says they will think well and punish Dholakia. Kayva says Kinjal already left the job and if she doesn’t take up her position, they will have to beg in front of Rakhi Dave. Vanraj says he is ready for that. Kavya says Kinjal’s career will be at stake, so they should be practical.

Anu says Kavya is practical, but she has seen the world and if they don’t stop dirty eyes, dirty hands will touch them. Kavya asks how will they prove dirty eyes. Baa says that is why she said they will think well and decide punishment. Kavya asks if she will she will punish Dholakia, one who couldn’t stand up for herself for 25 years, how will she stand up for others; Anu tolerated Vanraj’s verbal abuse for 25 years without informing her MIL or mother, how will she support others in office.

Vanraj warns her to shut up. Kavya shouts back not to shout as she is speaking truth. Anu says Kavya is right. Baa says fights happen between couples. Anu says fights are okay until both speak and its a punishment when only 1 speaks; she tells Vanraj that she didn’t want to restart old issue, but his wife provoked her; she should have stopped Vanraj when he shouted at her for the first time and cheated on her; she tolerated it silently, but will not let her daughters Sweety, Kinjal,

Nandini suffer like her and will teach them not to fear if their husband shouts at them inside a room or boss in office; they should apologize if they are at mistake and need not fear when they are not at mistake; she learnt it after burning her hands, Kinjal is a modern girl and should confidently move ahead. She further tells Kavya that she is right that she suffered silently, but will not let her daughters suffer and wants Kavya also to support her.

Samar says says before doing anything, they should speak to Toshu once. Anu asks him to call Toshu. Toshu rushes home and after showing his concern for Kinjal says she did right by leaving the job and can join her mom’s business. Samar says its not an issue where bhabhi should work. Toshu says he cannot think like his family and start revolution, nothing will happen to Dholakia but Kinjal’s career will be destroyed. Kavya thanks him for thinking practically. Samar asks if they should spare Dholakia. Toshu says they cannot physically punish him. Samar says they wil think something else. Toshu says why is Samar trying to act a hero unnecessarily, Kinjal is his wife and his responsibility.

Samar says Kinjal is not only Toshu’s wife, but someone’s bhabhi, bahu, beti, and more importantly a woman who was misbehaved by a man. Toshu says Kinjal left her job for that. Samar asks if bhabhi will be punished for Dholakia’s mistake. Toshu shouts not to talk senselessly. Their argument continues. Kinjal shouts to stop and says whatever happened is with her and she will decide what to do or what not to do.

Kinjal returns to Dholakia’s office. Dholakia angrily asks if she came to submit resignation. Kinjal says she came to apologize him as she knows he was just discussing his personal problem with her and acting as crying requests not to remove her from her project. He grins and says she can rejoin her project as he doesn’t want to lose a pretty girl like her. Kinjal thanks her. He says she has to compromise by working till late nights, go on outstation trips with him, and today has to go out for dinner with him wearing a short dress after informing family that she will spend overnight at office.

Kinjal’s expression changes and says its for him to cry as he is live, showing live video call with Anu. She goes into flashback where she tells Anu that she is right that she should fight

for her rights. Whole family including Kavya and Toshu join her to fight Dholakia. Out of flashback, anu enters Dholakia’s cabin recording him live. Dholakia hides his face with his kerchief. Anu asks Kinjal to remove his kerchief and calls whole family in who also live records him. Kinjal says eve teasers and molesters are also found in posh offices who trouble the girl so much that they give up unable to bear their humiliation.

Rakhi shouts at Dholakia that he should have thought well before eve teasing a rich family’s daughter. Anu says rich or poor family, daughters are equal, whether they work in office or stay at home, and each girl has equal self-respect. Rakhi challenges Dholakia she will make his life a hell. Each family member tongue lash him. Dholakia reverts back to Vanraj that he was doing same with Kavya in this same office. Vanraj says he loved Kavya. Kavya says Dholakia will not understand meaning of love. Dholakia says a family where present and ex-wife stay together and fight each day is teaching him morales.

Anu says they fight like every family does, but don’t disrespect anyone. Dholakia threatens Kinjal that he will ruin her career. Anu gives him a tight slap. Baa says he is covered live on lakhs of mobile. Public watch him live.
Kinjal says finally they are making good use of social media. Dholakia shouts how dare she is and tries to slap her. Vanraj holds his hand and warns to kill him if he dares touches his daughter. Rakhi angrily holds Djholakia’s collar and vents out her anger on him. Mamaji jokes devi has come on Rakhi today. Baa says when it comes to own children, a mother becomes devi maa. Kinjal calls other female colleagues who complain how Dholakia stopped their promotion when they didn’t compromise with him and used to send lewd double meaning messages to them. Dholakia tries to escape. Samar catches him. Each family member express their view on Dholakia’s heinous act and ways to punish him. Anu says some girls wrongly allege men to take revenge and defame other girls. Vanraj says its time to encourage girls and teach morales to boys. Rakhi comments next. Kinjal says good that she accepted mummy’s suggestion and decided to fight back or else she would have repented her whole life. Anu continues that each women should be respected and when someone try to cross their limits without their permission, be it their boss, colleague, relative, or even husband, they should raise their voice.

Senior managemer informs Anu that like any other office, even their office has zero tolerance against s*xual harassment. Vanraj says that is right, trying to make physical contact, pass on lewd comments, etc., are s*xual harassment and the complaint will be confidential. Manager asks Kinjal to file a complaint, they will take strict action against Dholakia. Kinjal thanks him. Anu says one should raise their voice against people like Dholakia always.

In the evening, Samar says their Dholakia video got 50,000 views. Pakhi laughs reading comments. Kavya says she lost her job. Mamaji asks not to worry as god will help her soon. Toshu tells Kinjal that he is happy that its over and Dholakia will not trouble her. Kinjal says let anyone try and see, she thanks family for their support and prays that every girl gets a supportive family. Vanraj says nobody will take Dholakia’s name in this house again.

Mamaji says jijaji would have told that they should move on and says there is something special tomorrow. Pakhi says tomorrow is national holiday on account of independence day. Anu says its a national festival. Vanraj says its also mamaji’s birthday tomorrow. Mamaji happily dances. Samar says he spoilt the surprise. Mamaji forgets. Vanraj says they should celebrate independence day as a festival. Anu says Bapuji told him same when she got married. Mamaji jokes Kavya must be sleeping till 10 a.m.. Kavya says no. Vanraj says 10:30 a.m. Family continues their discussion and plan ands surprise tomorrow.

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