Anupama update Saturday 9 July 2022

Anupama 9 July 2022: Nandini tells Samar that she is feeling bad for Kavya maasi/aunty and wants to meet her, but she cannot visit Shah house knowing she and her maasi are the reason for their problems. Samar asks not to blame herself as he doesn’t know about Kavya, but she cannot blame herself for their problem; Mr. Shah overreacted and it was his problem; she should understand that there would be problem in their relationship because of Mr Shah and Kavya, but their love shouldn’t change. Nandini says she will call Kavya and ask her to come and stay here so that there won’t be any problem at Shah house. He says its between her and her maasi and he cannot say anything, but just wants to say that she can come to his house to meet her maasi. She thanks him. He kisses her forehead. She says LOL. He says me too. After sometime, Anu sees Samar upset and asks not to think much as Nandini will come here if she wants to. Samar says he feels something wrong is going to happen, its better if Kavya goes and stays with Nandini. Anu asks if he is thinking if Kavya will also react like Vanraj if she finds out about his and Nandini’s relationship. He says that is not the issue.

She says she already told him that one that takes them away from family is not love, Kavya is Nandini’s aunt and part of family, so Kavya’s opinion matters to Nandini. He asks if he has to fight with Kavya also along with Mr. Shah. She says not all as they don’t fight in love, Kanhaji will handle everything, they need to just have patience.Vanraj tells Baa and Bapuji he and Kavya are going to police station to file complaint against the stalker. Baa asks not to spare him. Bapuji says these kind of people will get more courageous if they are spared. Kinjal gives water bottle to Kavya. She thanks her. Baa says they are going to police station, so its better they take a woman along, they can take Nandini along. Vanraj says she will neither go with them nor enter this house. Baa and Bapuji ask if something happened. Anu says they will discuss about it later. Baa says she wants to know right now. Mamaji asks her to calm down as he stays here to keep her calm. Baa asks him to shut up and asks Vanraj what did Nandini do. Kavya also asks if Nandin made any mistake. Vanraj says Nandini made beyond a mistake and describing whole incident yells at Samar that when he scolded him and told he is against this relationship, Samar argued not to insult his love and his mother supported him saying her son’s first love won’t be incomplete, love his foot; Baa should explain them as he cannot.

Baa yells that niece and aunt both are dreaming of becoming this house’s bahus/DILs. Anu asks Vanraj if he found this time to discuss about this topic. Baa yells that Vanraj is right, even she is against this relationship, she would have agreed if Vanraj was not involved with Kavya, now there is no question of this relationship. Bapuji asks to drop this topic right now. Baa as usual shuts his mouth and then yells at Samar that how can a father marry aunt and son marry niece. Bapuji says Kavya and Nandini’s relationship is not so close. Baa yells that she knew he would say this, continues yelling and warns Kavya that she should explain her neice that her dream won’t be fulfilled ever and she should stay away from their house and grandson. Kavya says she doesn’t find any issue in Samar and Nandini’s relationship; she felt shocked, but not bad and in fact she is happy for them. Vanraj gets angry. Kavya says who can better understand someone’s love than them and she doesn’t have any problem with Samar, even Nandini is good, in fact they are compatible with each other. Vanraj asks if compatibility is everything.

Samar reminds him that he justified his affair with Kavya saying he and mummy are not compatible. He continues that mummy says love is not selfish, so their approval matters in his and Nandini’s relationship, but that doesn’t mean that he doesn’t have right to take his own decisions; he is independent now. Vanraj angrily says he is showing his arrogancy to his father by earning a bit of money. Samar says its courage which he got by his love. Vanraj shouts not to lecture him on love and test his patience. Samar says even he shouldn’t test his patience. Bapuji asks Samar to go in, and he goes to his room. Kavya asks V to relax as there is no problem between Samar and Nandini’s relationship. Baa says she has and her decision is final. Anu and Kavya at once ask why? Baa yells that sautans became sahelis/friends, they should understand that she is elder in this house and her decision is final. Kavya asks what problem she has. Baa says Nandini’s parents are divorced and she stays alone, is elder than Samar, is a dancer and doesn’t have any qualities to become a bahu. Kavya asks what is Nandini’s mistake if her parents are divorced, they divorced as Nadnini’s papa went somewhere without informing.

Baa yells that Nandini’s father is missing and what if even she escapes after marriage. Bapuji asks why is she telling like this. Baa yells she is telling right, what if daughter follows father’s steps. Anu asks how can she comment on someone without knowing them, Nandini’s parents are divorced and don’t have any contagious disease that they will spread it to her. Baa yells she doesn’t want a lecture on divorce, houses shatter with divorce and she is against her and Vanraj’s divorce for the same reason. Each family member’s face is focused. Baa tells Kavya that she doesn’t want Vanraj and Anu’s divorce, she may feel bad, but its truth. Anu asks Kavya to go to police station, they will talk about it later.

Vanraj walks out of house and Nandini follows. He gets more angry seeing Nandini entering. Anu sees Nandini and says she doesn’t need anyone’s permission to meet her dear noes. Kavya hugs Nandini. Nandini emotionally says thank god she is fine and asks her to come to her house after returning from police station. Vanraj yells Kavya will stay in his house, he will not come to Nandini’s house who roams in someone else’s house. Nandini asks Kavya to vent out even her anger. Kavya says she is with her and Samar and they need not worry until Anu is with them. Nandini says she knows Anu will be always there with her. Kavya says Anu’s heart is very big and leaves. Nandini apologizes Anu. Anu asks not to blame herself as Kavya is her aunt and she has right to meet her. Vanraj angrily looks at Anu and drives car away. He tells Kavya that Anu has gone mad in son’s love and asks why is she supporting her. Kavya asks why didn’t he inform her that Baa is trying to stop his and Anu’s divorce, he should have imagined what she felt when she heard about it. Vanraj asks not to stretch the issue as any mother wouldn’t like her son and DIL’s divorce, that doesn’t mean he and Anu don’t need divorce and they are handling in their way. She asks what problem he had to inform her. He says he has many issues in life, now Samar and Nandini’s issue came up. She says sorry and thinks Baa will try to stop this divorce at any cost, so she has to thinks something. Nandini tells Anu that she met Kavya and will go back home. Anu asks what would she like to have.

Nandini says roti and cream as it reminds her of her childhood and she gets happy. Anu kisses her forehead and says she will send it. Samar showers flowers on Nandini and throws flying kiss. Nandini smiles and leaves. Samar thinks she need not worry as the love which has mother’s blessings will not lose. Baa yells at Anu and asks her to make pooja arrangements as her son is Bholenath’s devotee. Anu says she will manage. Baa yells she doesn’t. Anu leaves. Bapuji asks why she spits bitter always. Baa says she always speaks truth for the family’s betterment and doesn’t care if someone doesn’t like it. Anu prepares cream roll for Nandini. Samar says he will go and give it to her; says Nandini will attend tomorrow’s pooja and he doesn’t care if Vanraj feels bad. She asks him not to repeat Toshu’s mistake. He says Toshu did right, if Toshu and Kinjal had not taken that extreme step, they wouldn’t have been together. She says wrong route may be easy but not right, he should trust his mother and not get tensed, she will explain Baa and Vanraj and needs time. He says Mr Shah may understand, but Baa will never. She says she will, he should understand that Baa’s son and DIL are divorcing in her old age and she is venting out her fear as anger, its difficult to adjust in old age. Pakhi calls her. She asks Samar not to inform Pakhi about it. She accepts video call and asks how is she. Family joins. Pakhi excitedly says she is enjoying a lot in camp and missing them all; asks where is papa, if he went to Kavya’s house. Baa says Vanraji here and asks how is she.

Pakhi says all good. Bapuji asks if she is adjusting there. She says she is learning new things daily and shows designed water bottle. Samar says if she is learning so much, she should stay there itself. Pakhi continues howing new things when Kavya enters. Samar pushes her aside. Anu disconnects call. Vanraj shouts how dare he is.Vanraj shouts at Samar how dare he is to push Kavya. Anupama says they were chatting with Sweety on concall when Kavya entered suddenly, so Samar pushed her aside not to hurt Sweety. Kinjal asks Kavya when she knows Pakhi has problem with her, why did she come in front of camera. Kavya says she didn’t know about it. Kinjal says she did it purposefully. Vanraj shouts behave herself. Anu asks why is she saying this. Kinjal says she cannot trust Kavya. Anu asks Vanraj to calm down. Vanraj shouts whoever does anything, he has to hear. Samar says he cannot hear anything against his girlfriend, but insults his girlfriend. Vanraj and Anu at once shouts Samar, and Anu asks him to go to his room. Samar apologizes Kavya saying he didn’t intent to hurt her and was just concerned for Sweety. Vanraj warns Anu to control her son or else he will hit him one day. Anu says if he does so, Samar’s fear will be gone and he is not a kid to bear his slap and return to him next day.

Vanraj shouts however big a son grows, father has right to scold and beat him. Bapuji says good that he said that and should remember it, says son keeps silent in front of father until he is wrong and father right like he is standing silent in front of him, he has to protect his dignity as a young son will bear his slaps for 1-2 times and third time he will hold his hand. Anu says Sweety was calling Vanraj repeatedly, but he didn’t pick call, so he should call her.Vanraj angrily walks to his room and vents out his anger. He gets more angrily seeing a message. Kavya walks in and he asks her not to trouble him and return to guest room. Kavya says she is going, but wants to talk to him. He continues. She says he should accept Samar and Nandini’s relationship. He says he knows to handle his children. She asks why is he venting out his family’s anger on her, cries and says its her mistake that she came here and is bearing all this, she is blind in his love that she lost her house and if she goes to Nandini’s house, he will not come to meet her; still its better to shift to Nandini’s house instead of bearing his family’s wrath and his yelling, etc.

He hugs and apologizes her and says he feels angry when she supports Anupama. She says she is just sharing her opinion with him and she doesn’t feel bad regarding Samar and Nandini’s relationship. She continues her emotional blackmail. He asks her to stop crying as he is frustrated with so many problems and it comes out as his anger. She continues crying and says she gets afraid when he gets so angry and fears he will leave her. He hugs her again and consoles her. Baa enters with juice for Vanraj and stands shocked seeing them hugging each other.Kinjal and Samar try to explain Nandini that Kavya is trying to play a sympathy card, she accepted Samar and Nandini’s relationship so easily, and is up to something; hence they cannot trust Kavya and are sure her real face will be out soon. Anu hopes Samar and Kinjal’s suspicion is proven wrong.

Baa warns maide ki katori/Kavya that public display of affection will not be tolerated in her house and scolds Vanraj that he scolded Samar for the same reason, though Samar did it behind them and he is doing in front shamelessly, he may roam around the house lifting Kavya in his arms; he is stopping young son and is romancing in this age openly; what if Bapuji, Mamaji, and children would have seen his romance. She scolds Kavya to go to guest room instead of barging into her son and bahu/DIL’s room; and if she wants to hug someone, she should call her instead of her son; she if not tolerate it if she sees her shameless act again. Anu passes by and asks what happened. Baa says her son is doing what Anu’s son was doing yesterday, this is happening because of her kind act of bringing her sautan home and should explain her sautan to behave in this house or else find some other place to stay. Anu asks Vanraj not to feel bad about Baa’s words as she is concerned about Bapuji and children. Vanraj shouts he knows as Baa is his mother and knows her better than her.

Anu goes to buy grocery with Samar and Kinjal and tells them that she can understand their fear regarding Kavya’, but a person learns to walk carefully if he/she is hurt before and even she has. She asks Samar to behave with Vanraj. Vanraj informs Nandini that they will shift to a hotel instead of staying here. Kavya asks this is his house and he doesn’t have to run around, they will make sure his family doesn’t have a problem because of them, leaving house is not a good idea. Anu tells Kinjal and Samar that Vanraj is being troubled by many problems and deserves peace of find after he did so much for the family, etc. Kavya asks Vanraj to think practically as he doesn’t have a job and has to bear monthly rent, deposit and brokerage charges; when others are living here peacefully, why can’t he. He says family can’t be in peace until he is here and he will manage with his savings and will get a new job soon. Anu continues that Vanraj is already in pain and Samar shouldn’t increase it, and when he can fight with him, he can also support him; they just have control their tongue; even she cannot trust Kavya, but that doesn’t mean they doubt her; they need to respect her like a guest. Samar apologizes and says he will try but can’t promise.

Kavya tells Vanraj that he should spend on family instead of paying rent; she feels bad for him that he does so much for his family, but they have a problem when he thought of his own happiness; he gave best education to his children and made them stand on their feet; he thinks about them and does so much, then why can’t they do some for him; it is also his house. He says its wrong to even discuss when they do something for their dear ones, what he did for his family was his duty; he will call his friends and ask if any house is vacant; he has decided that they will move from here taking Baa and Bapuji’s blessings after tomorrow’s pooja. She says he is taking this decision emotionally and should think with a calm mind. He walks away saying this topic has ended and she should be ready to move from here. Kavya thinks she doesn’t want to live this house at any cost.

Kinjal tells Toshu that mummy wants them to behave well with Kavya, but she doesn’t like Kavya in this house and is not so great like mummy. He says that is why he asks her to mind her own business as she will get only problems if she helps others; she saw what happened when she helped Samar and Nandini, she should do it again. She asks he means she cannot support family members and reminds that Samar supported them. He says their issue was different, she is hurting papa by trying to fix a relationship which papa doesn’t like. Samar hears their conversation, apologizes Kinjal for over hearing their conversation as door was open. He confronts Toshu that he has become like Vanraj that his love is love and others a son; Vanraj left his whole family for his love and Toshu eloped and married; he should remember that same blood runs in his veins and Toshu shouldn’t force him to do something unusual. Kinjal tells Toshu that they should make sure that Samar and Nandini shouldn’t take the step they took and stand by them like mummy. Toshu gets angry.

Anu irons clothes for Mahashivratri. Baa walks to her and asks if she will keep fast tomorrow. Anu says yes. Baa says she should pray for Vanraj like always, should sometimes oppose her like a bahu, and not let maide ki katori Kavya keep fast or attend pooja. Anu says Kavya is staying in their house. Baa says she is playing kabhi sautan kabhi saheli game and should stop that, what if Pakhi calls them during pooja, she should understand her fear. Anu says she understands but cannot stop anyone from attending pooja. Baa says she will not listen to her and if maide ki katori starts drama, she will not spare her; asks her to dance tomorrow with family and not sit like a oldwoman. Anu agrees. Baa prays god to give some conscience to Samar and get him closer to Vanraj.

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