Anupama update Saturday 30 July 2022

Anupama 30 July 2022: Anu returns to her room and cries holding family photo. She keeps it in her bag. Serial’s title track plays in the background. Kavya gets happy seeing Anu walking out with her bag and requests her not to leave house as Vanraj never asked her to go out of house; it would be awkward for her to stay with her under same roof, but she and V don’t want her to love, but if she has decided already, they will support her decision; she needed not worry about family as she has to take care of it anyways in the future. Anu says good if she starts taking care of family from now itself. Kavya says she should clear it to family that she going away herself or else they will blame her.

Anu asks not to worry, she will inform everyone and go. Kavya hugs her and smirks.Anu calls whole family. Baa seeing bag asks whose bag it is among two of them. Kayva tells Vanraj that she didn’t tell her anything. .Anu says its her bag and she is going out of house, she took this decision after much thought and hence they shouldn’t stop her. Vanraj shouts he is tired of women’s drama, if Anu has decided to show herself as great and defame him, she should get out of his house right now. She looks at his face. He says she doesn’t want to go and is just acting, she would have left silently if she wanted to go; he asks Samar and Kinjal if they want to go with Anu and laughs on Anu that even her admirers are not supporting her. He shouts again to leave and walks away. Kavya asks Anu if she should book cab for her and walks away. Samar and Kinjal walk towards her, but she stops them and says she is leaving the house and not responsibilities and is going just 3 lanes away. Samar, Toshu, Kinjal, and everyone request her not to go.

Baa says she is on her son’s side but not against bahu and asks her to go in. Bapuji says family demands sacrifice from bahu but not her self-respect, so Anu can go as he would have done same if he was in her place.Kavya walks to Vanraj. Vanraj asks if Anu left. She says don’t know, she may go. He asks if she is not staying back and hopes she stays back. She hopes Anu leaves. Bapuji tells family that he will be in more pain if Anu leaves, but he cannot see her suffocating each day, so they should let her go. He tells Anu that its his mistake that he held his daughter and didn’t perform her bidayi. He asks Samar to drop her mother to her mother’s house and asks Anu what should he inform Pakhi as PAkhi wants both parents in her life and doesn’t want to stay away from them. Anu reminisces Sweety leaving home leaving a letter, being kidnapped, etc., and drops her bag. Bapuji says doctor is treating Sweety, but she needs her mother’s care, so she should stay back till Sweety gets well and then they all will explain Sweety why her leaving home is important.

Anu says a mother can sacrifice her life for her children and today her self-respect failed and motherhood won. Baa asks Anu to get in with her. Bapuji cries vigorously. Toshu consoles him. Bapuji says only his daughter can handle this family.Baa takes Anu to her room and says she will bring tea for her. Samar says if he could, he would have stopped at any cost. Kinjal says Kavya has planned to send her out of house and provoked Vanraj. Anu says she doesn’t care what Kavya wants, she is worried for Sweety, etc., and says what she would have told Sweety after she returns home. Samar says she is worried for Sweety, but not him, Samar, or Kinjal. Kinjal and Samar start arguing. Anu stops them and thinks she will not let Sweety cry again.

Baa tells Bapuji that he did right that he stopped back Anu. Bapuji says he did right but doesn’t know if he did good. Baa says good he is supporting bahu like she supports her son, their blessings are on their children. Bapuji says their love is shared. Baa says let us see what maide ki katori will do seeing Anu back at home.Kavya walks to Vanraj and seeing him having tea asks why is he having tea at this time. Vanraj suggests her not to go out as family may not like her. She asks him to discuss about property with Bapuji. He says she started again. She says Anu has her children with her, Kinjal’s mother is rich and will buy a bungalow for her, all children are earning well, Anu’s life is set and her children will take care of him, but he has to take care of his parents and Sweety; she realized the value of house after losing it and he may not understand it as he is staying her since long. He says he will speak to Bapuji and warns that his family shouldn’t face any problem because of her, he may go against family for her and also go against her if family faces problems because of her, etc. She promises to take care of family like Anu. He leaves. She thinks she knows what she has to do.

Anupama notices Kavya passing by and seeing her walking back and thinks she went back seeing her here. Samar then sees Kavya next and ignores her. Kavya thinks she knew everyone will blame her after Anu will leave the house, she has to do some magic that everyone should chant only her name like Anu, she should sleep early and wake up early to shine in this house.Samar walks to Nandini’s house. Nandini asks him to go as there was a big drama because of them, Kinjal told Anu aunty was leaving house, so lets not create more problem. Samar says he came for some other work and says the got a vision during Shivratri pooja and it became his dream. She asks what kind of dream. He draws it on board and says he wants to open Anupama Shah Dance Academy, they can’t dance for whole life and need to do something big; Anu will be its director; Nandini will teach classical dance, he will teach western, and Anu will teach classical dance to elders; they will teach dance and perform in big shows.

She says her gurumaa will teach dance to Anu. Samar says if they succeed, they can prove that their love inspired them to reach heights. Nandini says their priority should be Anu aunty now as Kavya is staying in that house and can stoop really low for her benefit, so they need to protect Anu and he should keep an eye on Kavya. Samar agrees.Next morning, Anu performs pooja and prays god that she daily prays for others and wants to pray for herself today, she needs courage and self-confidence to handle this house and herself. Kavya thinks if she has to take Anu’s place, she has to impress family and V and if V would be on his side, then her task would be easy; she will prepare tea and impress V first. She is about to enter kitchen when Anu stops her and says she told her many times that slippers are not allowed in the house and she cannot enter kitchen without bathing. Kavya asks if she didn’t go yet. Anu says when she is here, obviously she hasn’t yet. Kavya says she was telling as if she will not stay even if god stops her, if there is any special reason to stay back. Anu says if she wants to prepare coffee and breakfast for Vanraj, she should bathe.

Kavya returns to Vanraj’s room and informs him that Anu didn’t go. He says he knew as Baa and Bapuji will not let her go and whole family will stop her. She says his family is great. He asks why she getting tensed, they can stay here even if Anu doesn’t go.Kinjal helps Anu in kitchen and says Kavya is shocked seeing her still at home. Anu says even she would have felt bad if she was in Kavya’s place. Kinjal says she can never be in Kavya’s place. Anu asks Kinjal to give a chance to Kavya. Kinjal says Kavya will never change, she used to get jealous of Anu earlier and now she hates her and is provoking papa against her and must have gone to provoke him. Anu says its not a fault of one who provokes but a fault of one who gets provoked so easily, men are not kids to get provoked easily. Kinjal says Kavya type woman can manipulate anyone and hopes papa doesn’t fall for Kavya’s tricks.

Kavya insists Vanraj to talk to Bapuji about transferring house into his name, and when she can give her house to her husband, why can’t Anu give her house; Anu is holding both house and family with her, etc. She thinks she will keep trying until Vanraj listens to her.Vanraj walks to Bapuji and says he wants to talk to him something important. Bapuji asks about house and asks to speak. Vanraj says Bapuji gave Anu her right without asking, He wants to stay in this house not as Anu’s guest and with an insecurity feeling that someone will ask him to leave this house, so Bapuji should transfer his house in his name; he is feeling insecure and what if Anu after 10 years ask him to leave, he wants to live in this house with right and not with Anu’s favor. Anu brings tea for them and hears their conversation. She says she is staying here for Sweety and will not go until Sweety gets well. Kavya fumes that her plan is failing because of Pakhi; Vanraj and Anu reunite as parents always; what Bapuji must be thinking now. Vapuji thinks before situation worsens, he needs to think something.

Baa insists Anu to have something. Anu asks her not to worry. Kavya enters ands says she will prepare breakfast for everyone. Baa says she has to prepare tasty food as Shivratri fasting food is very sacred and Vanraj will scold her if she spoils it, Anu had to bear Vanraj’s anger during their first Shivratri fast. Kavya says she will not make make mistakes like Anu and will prepare tasty food. Baa says along with her V, B, M, HL, etc., stay in this house and everyone’s need has to be taken care of. Kavya says she will learn slowly. Baa says she should learn immediately and take care of family 24 x 7 like Anu, even Kinjal learnt immediately and don’t know when will Kavya learn. Pakhi fumes hearing Anu’s praise and thinks Anu is just a housewife and not god.

Kavya brings breakfast for family. Mamaji jokes that maid Jhilmil learnt English. Vanraj says she is Kavya. Mamaji says he remembers she is besan ki katori. Anu enters and asks Kavya to let her serve food. Kavya angrily stops her and serves thali to Vanraj. Vanraj scolds her that during fast, she cannot serve ginger garlic during fast and Anu would never do that mistake. Kavya says she took Anu’s help. Vanraj says Anu will never do that mistake , maybe Kavya did it by mistake and she should learn it. Kinjal warns Kavya to think 1000 times before alleging mummy. Vanraj says no need to repeat as he already informed Kavya and asks Anu to sit with everyone and break her fast, asks Kavya to serve food to Anu.

Samar pulls chair and makes Anu sit. Baa asks Kavya not to think much as she will get punya if she serves during fast. Kavya says she is right and forcefully serves Anu. Anu takes bowl from hers and serves herself. Kavya then tries to serve Samar and he angrily says he doesn’t it. She asks why is he getting angry. He asks why is she pushing him. Anu says serves his own thali. Baa asks her to serve her thali or just sit and ahve food. Kinjal asks Kavya to rejoin work as she has a lot of work pending.Baa gets happy hearing that and says Kavya will go in the morning and will return in the evening. Kavya thinks she is quiet because of V and will shut everyone’s mouth once V permits.

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