Anupama update Friday 29 july 2022

Anupama 29 july 2022: Vanraj continues his speech and asks Samar that when his mother lost her job, he cried and when she got back her nob, he danced, why don’t he have same emotions for his father. He asks why all responsibilities are for father and not son; when he stopped him from dancing and insisted on focusing on his career, he became Hitler; a son’s mistakes are forgiven and father’s are not; when Samar gave his first earning of 8500 rs to Anu, even he felt proud, but he can’t bear his own expenses from 8500 rs and should have valued a person who bore all the expenses till now; nobody can be perfect, neither he is perfect father and nor Samar is perfect son; they need to accept others with their mistakes; he accepted Samar with his shortfalls, but Samar insulted him for his each shortfall, etc. He shouts its blo*dy unfair, he is Vanraj Shah and he is not a loser; he had told Kavya that they will go from here after Pooja, Kavya told that they should stay here, but he told they should leave for family members’ happiness, taking each family member’s name; he thinks of everyone and shed his sweat to build it, but his name plate was thrown away and he is called a stranger.

Anupama says this house belongs to Vanraj, apologizes him on Samar’s behalf, and says this house is Vanraj’s and will be his always. Vanraj says good she told this and shouts this house is his and will always be. Everyone’s shocked face is focused. Vanraj continues that he wanted to leave home after pooja, his mother’s love couldn’t stop him but son’s hatred stopped him; let anyone remove his name plate, insult him, or do whatever they want, he will leave in this house and even Kavya will stay in this house and if anyone has problem with it, they can leave this house and shouts again Vanraj Shah is back. Baa and Bapuji walk away to their room. Dolly tries to console Anu and walks behind her. Samar hugs Toshu and cries. Kinjal consoles Nandini, and she walks away.

Vanraj returns to his room, washes his face and smirks. Rakhi asks Kavya that she must be happy today as everything is going according to her plan. Kavya warns her to mind her own business and not interfere in other’s issues. Rakhi says she is doing same as her daughter stays here;s she is worried for Kinjal as she has to handle 3 MILs/saas now; she doesn’t pity Kavya though as she is playing victim card for her benefit. Kavya asks her to shut up. Rakhi says she will not and will expose her secret.

anu takes fruit for Baa and Bapuji and asks them to have it as they need to have medications. Vanraj takes plate from her ands feeds his parents. He then holds their hands and says he couldn’t tolerate much as nobody is understanding him and he vented out his months’ old anger; he knows Anu is great, but he is also not bad; he can bear Bapuji’s anger but not hatred; they removed his nameplate and kicked him out of this house, etc, but this house belongs to him and will always be and they cannot deny it. He then yells Anu not to pity on him and walks away. Baa asks Anu to lave as she needs to talk to Bapuji alone.

Kavya hopes her plan is working and Vanraj sticks to his decision or else she will be homeless. Anu passes by. Kavya thinks she will also snatch Anu’s house. On the other side, Baa tries to convince Bapuji to forgive Vanraj saying he is always obedient and their son, Anu can be their DIL and daughter but not son, they scolded him and kicked him out of house for one mistake and what if he would have attempted suicide, etc. Bapuji says Vanraj is not a kid. Baa says even Toshu did a mistake and they forgave him; they cannot lose son trying to protect bahu/DIL; though she doesn’t like maide ki katori Kavya, they cannot snatch Vanrajs’ right from him; she asks if Vanraj should get his right or not.

Rakhi hugs Anu and says her problem is she thinks of herself and Anu’s problem is she thinks of only others; though Vanraj spoke his heart out, she knows what will happen if she and Kayva stay together. Kavya walks to Vanraj and asks him to have something. Vanraj says she knows he performs waterless fast. She massages his shoulder and provokes him against family saying he worked hard for his family, but family snatched his house and gave it to Anu; he deserves 50% house and what if someone comes in Anu’s life after divorce. Vanraj says this will never happen. Kavya says even she didn’t think of loving someone else, but she fell in his love; similarly, Anu may find someone attractive and move on with him, what if that person creates trouble for him in this house. Rakhi explains Anu that Kavya is sautan today and will become wife soon and Anu will be nothing; she brought a spark home which will burn her whole house; she is too innocent and her husband is too smart.

Kavya continues that she envies Anupama’s goodness and she may easily transfer house in Kinjal’s name if she demands. Rakhi continues giving tips to Anu. Kinjal asks her to stop as she is there to take care of mummy. Rakhi walks away asking Anu to call her if she needs tips to act wicked. Kinjal asks Anu not to bother about mom’s words. Samar walks towards Anu, but she angrily walks away. Kavya continues that this house is not just a house for V, but a temple and will he tolerate if a stranger tries to snatch this house; he has to takeover this house to protect his family and his parents and should get it transferred in his name.Anu performs pooja in lawn. Samar walks to her. She angrily asks him to move aside and when he doesn’t she raises hand on him but doesn’t slap. She asks why did he insult his father, only he understood her when nobody did and was her rockstar son; she told him to give her some time to set things right, but he was in a hurry; he made a big mistake of insulting his father; why he hates his father for his mistake, everyone makes mistakes, even had dropped him down when was 6 month old; they cannot forget a person’s goodness just for his one mistake; he insulted even Baa and Bapuji by spoiling their pooja; he is trying to compete with his father by bringing his girlfriend home, he should compete with him with other things, etc. She warns that Vanraj and Kavya will stay in this house and nobody will insult them and asks him to promise to not create any problem again.

He promises and asks how will she manage now. She says Vanraj has taken his decision and even will take her decisions, but whatever she is going to do is for family’s betterment and they should support her. Kinjal asks what is thinking.Kinjal offers food to Toshu and says he looks happy that papa is going to stay here. He asks if she has any issue with it. She says issue named Kavya came along papa. He says she is creating issue, papa will marry Kavya anyways after divorcing mummy. She says let them stay together after marriage and not now; if they had done same thing, their parents wouldn’t have accepted; he told to marry in temple for society’s acceptance, then where is the society now, he taught her rules and himself is forgetting them. He yells that she has become mummy’s xerox copy, why don’t papa have right to stay here, papa explained so much today and she forgot it. She says he has right to stay here and not Kavya, Kavya will just roam around papa without doing anything and it would be very difficult for mummy to stay under a same roof with her sautan.

He says when mummy has problem, she wouldn’t have agreed and she will adjust somehow. She says Kavya should adjust instead. He shouts to stop and not create any issues, let mummy, papa, and Kavya stay together and if she tries to provoke mummy or create issues, he will not tolerate. She says if Kavya tries to create issues in mummy’s life, she will not tolerate and its better Kavya goes from here or else mummy goes to her maika.Anu cries in front of Shivling that till now way was difficult but now it looks impossible, what should she do. Bapuji consoles her and says when Bholenath himself applied tilak on her forehead, how can she lose hope; when there is father, there would be a way in each problem and when there is not, there would be problem in each way; he knows his daughter has faith in herself and god and if she doesn’t lose hope, even god will not stop supporting her; Vanraj expressed his wish and now she should express her wish, Baa says he always favors her, but he wants to do justice to both her and Vanraj. Anu asks him to transfer this house in Vanraj’s name. He asks how can she forgo her right. Anu says he knows she knows to fight for her right, her right is on him, Baa, children, and his blessings; nobody can snatch her right as a daughter on him, but she doesn’t need anyone’s right; he considered her as daughter, so god wants her to leave as daughters lave parents’ house; she knows his blessings will be on her forever, etc., and requests that he always gave her right as a daughter and should now give same right to Vanraj and let her go from here.

Vanraj hearing her conversation shouts at her and claps. Family gathers. He says she always tries to show her greatness and is trying to degrade him. She asks what did she do. He says she wants to return his house to him, he always does favors and never takes them; he reminds her insulting just once and ordering her to get out of house and says he was in anger that day but never wanted her to get out of house, he was kicked out of house instead and now she is creating drama of her greatness and degrading him, he doesn’t want her to leave this house. She says he didn’t hear their whole conversation. Bapuji backs her. Vanraj warns him not to support his favorite bahu. Anu says she is not creating any drama and just wants to show that she and Kavya cannot adjust under same roof and their old wounds will haunt them; their festivals and rituals will be in sorrows and tears, so he should let her go.He shouts enough of her greatness and helpless drama, if she wants to leave and give this house to him, he will accept it and wants his name on its papers and nameplate, this house will be his and he will rule on it again.

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