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Anupama 31 July 2022: Baa and Anupama buys sugarcane juice and orders list of ingredients to be added to vendor. Vendor says he will add them even if she doesn’t say as he loves his life. Baa then tells Anu that she didn’t like her leaving home and even now wants her and Vanraj to stay under same roof, asks if its very difficult.

  • Anupama 30 July 2022

Anu says she many times told its possible and has lost her patience, how can she see Vanraj and Kavya together for 24 hours; she should think like a mother and not MIL and asks if she will give same suggestion to Dolly if Sanjay betrays her. Baa stands silent. Anu apologizes. Baa says she should scold her in front of everyone. Anu says sorry again. Baa says even she is sorry. Vendor says juice is ready. They both walk towards home, Anu says she knows its difficult even for Baa to tolerate Kava. Baa says they both are helpless, she for her son and Anu for her daughter, people will question a lot. Anu says she doesn’t care about people as she is there to shut people’s mind. Neighbors see Baa and disperse looking nervous. Baa says women are afraid of her MIL more than their own MIL.

Kavya gets jealous seeing them happily chatting. Vanraj asks her to take car for work with Kinjal as its very hot outside. She looking at Baa hugs Vanraj and thanks him. Baa scolds her that she many times told her to stop her PDA/public display of affection. Vanraj asks Kavya if she does it purposefully, there are rules to follow in joint family, he feels awkward in front of family and Anu, she should stop weird revealing clothes. She says even Pakhi and Kinjal wear similar clothes. He says they are kids, she should have some senses. She agrees to wear proper clothes from hereon.

Anu returns to her room, notices a gift box, opens it, and finds a piggy bank in it. Samar shows her a coin and says she is still angry on him and hopes he should have been worthy enough to buy a house for her, but soon he will be worthy enough to buy her a house which will be only hers. He apologizes her for his mistake and promises to correct his mistake and not mix his love and profession and will become big soon as his mother’s blessings are with him. He touches her feet and leaves. Anu gets happy looking at piggy bank, then gets sad reminiscing Vanraj and Kavya’s bitter words.

In the evening, Bapuji asks where is Anu. Baa says she has gone out with Samar. Anu with Samar returns. Bapuji asks if everything is alright? Anu says she respected his decision, now he should respect his decision. Kavya thinks what new drama is she playing now. Anu gives blank legal papers to Vanraj with her signatures. He asks what is this. Anu says she has signed on them, he can transfer this house in his name whenever he wants to; she would have demanded her right when he broke her trust, when she didn’t show her right on him ,why would she demand his house; people will think she is mad to give her house.

Baa scolds that she amazing to leave her right on her husband earlier and now house. Anus says her right on husband was stolen from her; she will not leave her right on her job, Baa and Bapuji, and her children and will fight for it; she will not fight for house though as she stays under Baa and Bapuji’s blessings and nobody can snatch that right from her. She apologizes Bapuji for returning back his house and says she knows he gave his house to her for her happiness. se then asks Vanraj to take care of house. Vanraj thanks her. Kavya thinks she got Anupama’s signed blank paper and will also get house soon.

In the morning, Vanraj sees all children going to their job, Baa and Mamaji going to some other place, and Baa demanding to drop her to temple. He remembers whole family’s attention towards him when he was busy in his job earlier. Anu also rushes towards door with her bag and noticing him says nobody is at home and there won’t be any noise, so he can give his job interview properly. He goes and sits on sofa.

Samar meets Nandini and informs her that 100 students have joined mummy’s class. They both get happy. In the evening, Anu returns home from school and sees 100 numbered cake. Family congratulates her for 100 students in her class. Bapuji blesses and encourages her. Kinjal says soon she will have 1000 students. Baa says Anu need not cook today and they will order schezwan chowmein from restaurant today. They all cheer up. Vanraj gets jealous seeing Anu’s success and remembers him getting yearly increment of 5 lakhs and whole family congratulating him. Family shows Anupama Dance Academy name plate to Anu and Samar says this is the first step towards their success, he has seen a place and she should be ready. Each member take up one responsibility each. Mamaji jokes on Baa as usual.

Pakhi returns home with teacher and plans a surprise for her parents. Anu with family dances and celebrates on Badal pe paon, leaving Vanraj more jealous. Anu forgives Samar and hugs him emotionally. Nandini via video call wishes her all the best. Kavya provokes Vanraj that Anu is making him jealous. Pakhi walks towards home excitedly. Vanraj tells Kavya that she has changed and is taunting him a lot, he is now realizing how a jobless man feels. She angrily asks if its her mistake if he doesn’t have a job, then thinks she should control her anger till her task is finished. Pakhi thinks his parents should be ready for a surprise.

Anuj in an intoxicated state continues describing each Shah family member’s nature. Anuj asks him to stop. Anuj says in this whole house, Vanraj, Baa, and Kavya are very toxic and hence he doesn’t want her to stay in this house. Rakhi taunts Baa that she calls her naagin, but her would be damad/SIL is calling her toxic. Bapuji tries to feed lemon juice to Anuj and asks everyone to go their rooms. Rakhi says she will freshen up in a hotel and return to watch this drama. Everyone walk away.

Anu sits next to Anuj and asks if he is fine. Anuj says he doesn’t like this house as it snatched her identity and now snatching her from him, he misses her. Anu says let us talk about it after going home and tries to feed him lemon juice. Anuj says these people are using saam, daam, and, bhed
and snatching her happiness; when she left this house already, why they are not leaving her. She says she called GK and he should go home with him. Anuj insists to go home only with her. She says she will come after changing her clothes. He insists. She asks him not to get adamant. He says he will go but will not leave his adamancy to make her his dear one.

After some time, Rakhi returns after freshening up and sees Shah family sitting silently. She asks if the drama is over. Dolly stops her. Anu walks in. Rakhi thinks drama will start now and asks Anu where is her sanskar when she teaches sansakr at least 10 times a day, is it an age to romance when she is getting her grandson, a grandmother cannot marry.

Anuj feels hangout. GK offers him tea silently. Anuj asks if he created a big problem. GK asks how does he know as he wasn’t present there. Anuj asks if Anu didn’t say anything, did he blast a bomb. GK says its a bomb for a middle class family and describes what he did. Anuj gets worried for Anu. GK asks why did he drink bhang. Anuj says he doesn’t know. GK says Anu has to face the burnt now.

Baa does garbha around Anu. Anu stops her and says she will get short of breath. Baa says she will be breathless because of her and says people taunt a mother if she marries again, she is becoming a grandmother and people will not spare her. Bapuji says she didn’t have any issue with Anu and Anuj’s wedding and herself asked Anuj to fill Anu’s hairline. Baa says Anu was a mother then and now is becoming a grandmother; people will point at her. Bapuji says people marry even after becoming grandparents. Baa says only men marry as they can do anything and gives a long lecture why a grandmother shouldn’t marry. Anu stands stunned while Rahi smirks seeing the drama.

GK tells Anuj that he expressed his words in a wrong way but said right. Anuj asks what does he mean. GK says he is right and Anupama will support him. Anuj says he knows, but whenever its a question of family Anu. GK interrupts and says family is bonded by love and Anupama will stand up for love, she lives for relationship and his and Anu’s relationship very strong, he always supported her and hence even she will support her. Anuj says he will go there right now to support Anu as he cannot let her bear the wrath alone silently.

Baa continues her justification and says she will ask when Vanraj can marry 1 year ago why can’t she, the world will not spare her. Samar says they are not bothered about the world. Baa says if he stays in the world or Himalaya, world has progressed only for men and women still live a deprived life since generations, men are made with attitude and women are made with sacrifice, etc. Dolly says she has reply to her every question. Rakhi stops her and says customs are made for a reason. Baa asks to put themselves in this situation and realize that daadi and shaadi cannot go along. Bapuji says she cannot force Anupama. Baa gets admant and orders Anu to inform Anuj that she cannot marry him. Anu stands speechless. Baa and her supporters walk away. Rakhi says entertainment is over and even she leaves.

Kavya insists Vanraj that Anu should marry Anuj to end her connection completely with Vanraj. Vanraj says it will never happen as Anu is his children’s mother and whenever there is a question of children, they both will stand together; he is sure Anu will not marry Anuj as she is a grandmother now and in their society, grandmothers don’t marry. Anuj gets restless and says its his mistake that he gave Baa one more reason to taunt Anu, what if Baa insists Anu to cancel her marriage, he needs to speak to Anu. GK prays god not to test their love more. Bapuji, Dolly, and Samar support Anu and ask her not to bother about Leela’s words and go ahead with marriage.

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