Anupama update Saturday 3 September 2022

Anupama 3 September 2022: Vanraj holds Anupama when she is about to fall from a wheelchair. Rakhi taunts Kavya that Vanraj’s love for his wife and Kavya’s condition haven’t changed at all. Kavya walks to Anu and asks how is she. Anu says she is fine. Kavya asks her to get well soon to see them off. Vanraj asks where is she going. Kavya says they both are going honeymoon abroad. Baa says she shouldn’t shamelessly discuss about honeymoon trip. Kavya says sorry for discussing in front of everyone as Vanraj would be always either with Anu or his family, asks Vanraj if they should go to Switzerland. Baa says she didn’t ask Vanraj’s opinion when she married him and now is seeking his opinion regarding honeymoon destination. Kavya says when Vanraj can run away from marriage, he can run away from anywhere. Baa says she is shameless to discuss about honeymoon in front of children. Kavya says what can she do when children’s father is shameless who is behind his ex-wife and asks Anu to get well soon or else like their marriage, even their honeymoon will spoil. Rakhi smirks hearing that. Anu asks Vanraj to control his wife.

Vanraj asks Kavya not to bother Anu. Kavya says Anupama. He shouts Anu and orders to leave. She returns to her cottage and thinks she is tolerating them all as its a resort and once they return home, she will ruin their happiness.Family takes Anu to her cottage. Pakhi says its says cake time. Baa says she prepared it. Bapuji jokes and blesses Anu to be happy from hereon. Anu thanks him. Baa says let us cut the cake. Anu blows candles and cuts cake. Everyone claps. Adi enters and asks how can she cut cake without him. Pakhi says he is mummy’s swarthi. Dolly says its Sarthi/charioteer. Anu offers him cake and says he is her vitamin H. He asks what is H. She says himmat/courage, she learnt to face problems courageously. He says even he learnt a lot from her, her positivity, her attitude, her dedication; these qualities will take her far away. Baa asks if she will go away. He says never and says some people invest in FDs, MFs, shares, etc., but Anu invests in relationships and if one delays in that investment, they get only disappointment. She asks if he is crying. He says he is holding cake since long and she is not letting him having it, she speaks a lot. Baa says he didn’t hear her 5-page speech yet. Adi tells Anu that her reports are yet to come and they will start treatment once report come. Anu serves cake to everyone.

Kavya backs her clothes and asks Vanraj if he will not ask what she is doing. He says as if she will seek his permission. She says now that Anu is fine, they need to return to Adhmedabad as she needs to rejoin work and support Vanraj until he gets a job; she taunts that he is always worried for his family, but his family is worried for Anu instead. He says what his family does with him is his problem, whether they support him or not, he loves them unconditionally; good they are with Anu and even he should have been there; Kavya can go to Ahmedabad, he will stay back and will go only with family. She says her presence doesn’t matter to him. He says he doesn’t care and walks away. She stands fuming. After sometime, she returns to her cottage and seeing Kinjal carrying mixer grinder away says its her mixer grinder. Kinjal says mixer grinder and whole kitchen stuff belongs to mummy. Kavya says it was Anu’s, but now its hers. Kinjal says she should be shameless to snatch husband and now kitchen stuff. Kavya warns her to respect her MIL. Kinjal says she will get back what she gives in return. Kavya tries to snatch mixer. Kinjal resists. Rakhi noticing that warns them to stop fighting. Kinjal leaves. Kavya complains Rakhi against Kinjal. Rakhi warns to behave with her daughter or else she will show her evil side.

Vanraj calls companies says he had sent his resume for job and needs reply regarding that. Companies reject him. He sits fuming. Toshu asks if he is fine. Vanraj says he is not getting job and is worried how will he manage Pakhi’s studies and family expenses. Toshu says his son has grown up and its his time to support him. Vanraj says he and Kinjal are at the early phase of their lives and he doesn’t want to burden them. Toshu says he should take their help until he gets a job. Vanraj thanks him and says he should help him get a job instead via his friends. Toshu says he will, then says he can easily get a job at Dave Excelency. Vanraj says not in Rakhi Dave’s company.Kavya prepares food for Vanraj and thinks people rightly say that a way to man’s heart reaches via his stomach, that is why Vanraj stills admires Anu, he will forget Anu after having her food. Anu tries to sit on her bed. Kinjal helps her and asks her mango chutney recipe. Anu explains recipe. Kinjal says its very easy.

Anu says when they want to work, its easy or else even preparing tea is difficult. Rakhi walks in. Kinjal leaves. Rakhi congratulates Anu that she defeated cancer and says she will be having less responsibilities at her mother’s place while Kinjal has to handle both Baa and Kavya, everyone will expect that Kinjal will fulfil Anu’s void, she is worried for Kinjal.Anu asks her not to worry as Kinjal is very intelligent and Baa and Kavya’s presence will help her instead and after a few days, Nandini will join her. Rakhi says its not a question of handling the house, Kinjal has a career ahead and she doesn’t want her to be stuck in kitchen like Anu, she just saw how Kinjal was asking chutney recipe.Anu says she was illiterate and got stuck in kitchen, but Kinjal, Kavya, and Nandini are well educated and can handle both job and house; even she will help her bahus whenever they need her. Rakhi says Anu cannot be present there always, so she will hire a full-time maid so that Kinjal’s condition shouldn’t be like Anu’s.

Kinjal tells Dolly and Pakhi that she took mummy’s mango chutney recipe and will prepare it. Dolly says she prepares good theplas. Pakhi says she will prepare sweets for mummy. Toshu taunts Pakhi. Kavya gains their attention and says she is preparing special dishes for V and if they don’t want to have thepla and chutney, they can join her. Pakhi fumes, but Dolly controls her. Kavya shows Vanraj a just married written cake and says she has prepard a special dinner for him. He gets angry that she should at least show him proper way if she has darkened the room. She says planned this surprise with hard efforts, but he is getting angry on her. He apologizes her. She apologizes him for hurting his family and says he should also think how will she feel when he goes to his ex-wife leaving her alone, does she deserve this> He nods no. She hugs him and says she has only him as family.

Family shows surprise dishes for Anu. Bapuji says good Baa has gone for a special program with Advaith, else she would have spoilt the surprise. Pakhi feeds her specially prepared srikhand. Anu tastes it. Samar says he knew its not good. Anu says its more tastier than the one she prepares. Pakhi claps. Dolly syas Pakhi prepared something else than coffee for the first time, so she should be given a shagun. Bapuji, Dolly, and Kinjal give her shagun. Toshu gives her 500 rs and Samar a gift box. Anu says she doesn’t have anything to gift. Pakhi says she should promise that she will never leave her. Anu gets emotional. Samar warns not to make his mummy cry. Anu says they should celebrate Pakhi’s first dish. Samar plays music Lets Nacho.. song. Vanraj and Kavya on the other side get romantic playing Bahon Ke Darmiyan Do Pyar Milrahe hain.. song. Kavya gets irritates and says who plays such a loud music and walks out with Vanraj. Pakhi calls Vanraj and asks if he wants to taste her prepared dish. He gets happy and walks in to pick his mobile.

Kavya saks where is he going. He says Pakhi prepared a dish for the first time, so he will have some and return soon. Kavya insists him not to go. He says she can also join them. She blocks his way and says food will get cold. He says he will rewarm it and have it and walks way pushing her. She hits a wall and injures her forehead.Next morning, family takes Anu for tulsi pooja and give her medicines while Vanraj is busy arguing with Kavya. Samar brings Anu’s reports and says everything is perfect now. Anu leas her chair and gets ready while Kavya jogs alone fuming and returns to her cottage. Shah family gets ready to leave the resort. Anu with family gifts her family photo to Adi as gift. Baa says they make relationship forcefully. Bapuji scolds her. Adi says each one here stays in his heart and made him feel like their family member. Each one thank him in their own way for curing Anu, etc., and joke about his long silky hair. Anu gives him money saying in friendship there can be discount but not free treatment. He jokes its less. She jokes told she will give remaining in installments. Bapuji says if he knew he is so jovial, he would have come long ago and invites him home whenever he visits Ahmedabad. He says why not. Vanraj with Kavya walk to them.

Adi asks him to forget his anger and hug his friend before he leaves. Vanraj smiles and hugs him. Kavya thanks him. Anu picks her name plate and asks Adi to bid her adieu like they met first. He plays bansuri while Shah family gets into their cab. Kavya gets happy seeing just married tag on her cab and tells V this is so pretty.Family feels disgusted. Kavya says why they look serious, she is going home for the first time after marriage.

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