Anupama update Friday 2 September 2022

Anupama 2 September 2022: Kinjal orders cow milk to give medicine to Bapuji. Rakhi asks if she is so worried about Anu that she left her papa unattended and came here. Kinjal says papa is fine now and mummy needs her more. Rakhi shouts to stop blabbering mummy as Anu’s chapter is over now and Kavya is her MIL now. Kinjal says if Kavya is her MIL, Anu is mother. Rakhi asks who is she then, she is tired of protecting her, being on Kavya’s side is better for her. Kinjal says they don’t see profit or loss in relationship, maybe Kavya is Rakhi’s MIL, for her she is just Kavya. Rakhi says Kavya is her MIL and she will she staying under same roof with her. Kinjjal says she knows that and her behavior will depend on Kavya’s actions, she walks away saying she needs to give medicine to Bapuji. Rakhi thinks Anu has made her daughter a cow, how will she handle a leopord like Kavya. She sees Kavya going out and thinks where is this new bride going.

Advaith checks Anu’s reports and asks nurse to get her complete blood report. Kavya walks to him and asks where is V. He says he thought she would ask about Anu, anyways he is donating blood in another room. She asks for Anu. He says yes, he didn’t know that they have blood relation and Anu donated him blood once. She walks away fuming. Vanraj walks out after donating blood. Samar walks to him concerned for Anu. Advaith congratulates him that Anu’s surgery was successful. Samar hugs him and thanks god. Advaith says this boy is congratulating god instead of doctors, says they need to take care of Anu’s diet and mental health for her speedy recovery, and now they can go home as Anu is still unconscious and anyways their yesterday was dramatic and hence they should go home and rest. Vanraj asks Samar to go home and rest. Samar says he should go instead as he is habituated to leave mummy alone. Vanraj returns to his cottage feeling stressed. Kavya asks if he is hungry and offers him biscuits saying he left his wife and donated blood to his ex-wife, so he must be weakness.

He asks if she visited hospital. She says when she reached there, she realized how much he loves old things, she saw his love and returned. He says good she didn’t create any drama there as he wouldn’t have tolerated it. She says if he crates drama here, she will not tolerate it; she warns that he was her boyfriend till yesterday and is now her husband and she will not tolerate if her husband looks at another woman. He asks if she is threatening him.Toshu informs family that mummy’s surgery was successful. Family thanks god and asks when can they meet Anu. He says Dr. Advaith told once Anu is discharged, he will bring her home. They hear Kavya arguing with Vanraj. Rakhi excitedly says looks like there is a fight between samdhiji and new samdhan and mimics them. Dolly asks how can she hear them so clearly. Kinjal says mom can hear anyone’s fight from a long distance. Rakhi continues her commentary. Baa asks her to stop her commentary, fight was obvious. Bapuji says its an issue between husband and wife. Baa says there wasn’t any fight in 25 years and once maide ki katori reaches Ahmedabad, she will show what MIL is.

Samar sits with Anu. Anu subconsciously asks Vanraj to let her go and don’t hold her back. Samar thinks Vanraj cannot be happy in life for troubling Anu. Back in resort, Toshu hugs Kinjal and says he missed her so much. She says she missed him too, his love, his anger, his attitude, fighting for no reason. He says he is worried for mummy as they cannot be with mummy after returning home and mummy needs them most at this time. She says they need mummy instead and asks him to pay mummy’s bill and ask Advaith not to inform mummy as she will not accept their help. He says he feels happy seeing her care for his family, he loves her so much. She thanks him for loving her immensely and giving her a good family.

Kavya prepares kheer for ritual. Baa comments that one who used to prepare kheer has gone and one who can burn it came. Dolly asks her to relax. Baa jokes to check Kavya’s degrees as she must have done MA in shamelessness, Anu is in hospital and Kavya is preparing kheer. Kavya offers kheer to Bapuji. Bapuji accepts it and gives her shagun. She thanks and gets angry seeing Bapuji keeping kheer bowl near tulsi plant. Baa warns her to behave with Bapuji. Kavya says she prepared kheer for the first time and Bapuji kept it near a plant. Bapuji says its a tulsi and not plant and as per ritual, he submitted it to tulsi ji and he will have it after sometime, he doesn’t disrespect food and suggests her to follow relationship or else she cannot live in peace.

Samar asks Advaith why is mummy still unconscious. He says Anu is under anesthesia affect. Samar says even Advaith is tensed, but doesn’t shows it. Anu’s condition deteriorates. Adi sends Samar out and calls gynecologist. Back in resort, Baa offers rose to Bapuji for tackling Kavya the right way. He accepts her and asks if she got a call from hospital regarding Anu’s condition.Baa says not yet. Bapuji says Anu is like their daughter and she shouldn’t ignore her. She asks when did she say that. He reminds her the incident and says Anu was a bahu but will be a daughter always. Vanraj returns to hospital and asks Samar if Anu gained consciousness. Samar worried looks into ICU room. Vanraj also gets concerned seeing her condition and consoles Samar. Samar gets more concerned seeing Anu’s condition deteriorates. Vanraj asks her to fight for herself. Samar says she still has to see her son’s marriage and dance academy. Vanraj says obeyed her each demand, divorced her and married Kavya, why is she going then. They both continue encouraging her to fight. Anu gasps for air and stops breathing.

Pakhi, Nandini, Kinjal, and Dolly decorate cottage for Anu to welcome her home when she returns from hospital. Baa asks to check with Samar if they left hospital. Kinjal call and him and informs that he is not picking call. Kavya searches V and calls him. Rakhi taunts her that if there was a competition to run away from wife, samdhi/Vanraj would have won gold medal. She returns her kheer bowl. Kavya sees crows gathering and asks if she threw away her kheer. Rakhi says she doesn’t eat kheer and even if she does, she doesn’t want to die having Kavya’s prepared kheer. Kavya says she cursing her in mind. Rakhi says thank you and same to you, asks if she is going to search samdhi and gives her shagun saying her in-laws must not have given shagun to her. Kavya returns it to her and says Bapuji gave it to her already. Rakhi says she will not get family’s acceptance though, so she has only her on her side. She asks again where samdhi ji must be. Kavya says he must have gone to Anu. Rakhi asks if she didn’t stop him. Kavya says he frenshed up and left without informing her. Rakhi asks if she gave up in just 1 day. Kavya says she is quiet till Anu is ill, and once she gets well, she will take away V from everyone. Nandini enters saying her dream will not be fulfilled as she is also coming to same house. Kavya says first enter the house. Nandini says Baa loves Samar a lot and will agree for their marriage for sure, she will behave with Kavya the way she behaves with her MIL. Kavya says she doesn’t know what she can do. Nandini says she doesn’t the power of love and walks away. Rakhi says her niece is becoming like Anupama. Kavya says she wants to marry Samar gaining Anu’s sympathy, but Baa will not agree and even she will not. Rakhi says her relationships are entangling more than woolen thread. Kavya says good it will break easily like woolen.

Vanraj and Samar relax seeing Anu getting back to normal. Adi walks out. They ask what had happened to Anu, if its normal post surgery. He says not really, its due to the stress Anu is going through due to issues at home and internal bleeding; as he told, subconscious mind plays a major role in recovery; good that she is recovering with Samar’s encouragement. He goes to finish discharge formalities. Bapuji calls Samar. Vanraj asks Samar not to inform about Anu’s situation to Bapuji. Bapuji asks about Anu and asks if they can come there. Samar says mom is fine and visiting hours have finished, so he will update him regularly.Kinjal sees Nandini tensed and asks reason. Nandini says Kavya wants to break the house and hopes Baa accepts her and Samar’s relationship soon and agree for their marriage, then she will not fail Kavya’s plans and will not let the family break. Kinjal asks her to calm down and says they will. Toshu noticing that tells Bapuji that their family is in safe hands. Pakhi says they are together and KAvya is in alone in this fight. Rakhi sees Kinjal hugging Nadnini and cheering up Nandini and thinks she doubts if Kinjal is really her daughter or got exchanged in hospital. She walks to Kinjal and asks if her words don’t matter to her. Kinjal says one shouldn’t listen to wrong words and wrong people.

Rakhi says sometimes its right to support wrong people. Kinjal asks if she accepts that Kavya is wrong. Rakhi says that doesn’t change the fact that family is bounded by MIL and Kavya is her MIL. Kinjal says even DIL is important and Anu is an example for that and walks away from there. Rakhi fumes that Kinjal is following Anu’s path and will suffer like her.Samar thanks god for saving Anu and prays to get her well soon. Vanraj prays next. Samar says god doesn’t listen to sinners and asks him to stop showing his fake concern and return to his wife. Vanraj says he is related to Anu even before Samar was born, he is here for his children’s mother worried for his children and his child is standing alone here. He takes prasad and walks away. Anu opens eyes. Samar happily holds her hand. Adi asks if she slept well. Samar says he prayed for mummy. Adi says she is still unwell but out of danger. Anu says she will get well soon for her family. Samar asks if she is fine now and not hiding pain. Anu says not at all. She looks at Vanraj and closes eyes. Gynecologist says she needs to rest well and have a healthy food, generally women take stress post surgery and get ill again. Samar repeats doctor’s words. Adi says if Anu takes stress, he will charge her 10% more in bill. Vanraj thanks Adi for his help. Adi says its his duty as a doctor. Vanraj says he will pay his bill with his remaining savings and loan.

Adi says Anu will pay him in installments. Vanraj says she can’t as she doesn’t have dance classes or school now. Adi says he knows Anu will somehow and its shows how strong she is, he wants Vanraj to support her morally instead of financial help.Back at resort, Kinjal prays for Anu’s speedy recovery. Toshu informs family that mummy is getting discharged tomorrow. Pakhi says they need to decorate cottage today itself for Anu’s welcome. Bapuji says he will prepare cake for Anu. Kinjal asks him not to taste it while preparing. Rakhi taunts Kavya that her family is more bothered to welcome old bahu instead of new bahu. Kavya angrily throws away decorative items and says Anu shouldn’t be welcomed. Rakhi gets out of her imagination and hopes he dream comes true. Kavya walks away saying she will not get affected with Rakhi ‘s provocation. Rakhi says let her see. Vanraj walks to Bapuji and serves him tea. Bapuji suggests him to forgive Kavya and accept her. Vanraj says he cannot after what she did. Bapuji says one should look at person’s other qualities and forget the bad ones. Vanraj how can he forget Kavya’s such a big mistake. Bapuji says like they forgave and reaccepted him, family and MIL cannot forget a bahu, but a husband has to; he did wrong with Anu and shouldn’t repeat with Kavya; Kavya fought with whole world for him, so he should respect her love, rest he is mature enough to understand. Vanraj thinks he is right, but he will not forgive Kavya until she realizes her mistake.

Next morning, family is eager to welcome Anu. Samar and Toshu bring Anu on a wheelchair. Kinjal touches her feet and performs her aarti. Dolly says she frightened them. Baa thanks god that he returned Anu to them. Anu says she is returning from hospital and not a battlefield. Bapuji says it was her battle which she won. Anu says she is a new person after the learnings and will not break down easily. Kavya thinks her biggest day was spoilt by Anu, so she will not let Anu in peace. Family takes Anu in.Vanraj tries to walk towards them, but Kavya stops him. Anu’s wheelchair slips and she is is about to fall. Vanraj runs and holds her.

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