Anupama update Saturday 21 May 2022

Anupama 21 May 2022: Anupama tells Devika that they come and go alone in the world, but don’t spend life alone; she was a queen till yesterday and today she is nothing; she is alone; she had everything, but her hands are empty now. She says Devika’s tattoo I am enough describes that one should live for self first and then family, she will prove that no woman in the world is weak. Devika writes I am enough on Anu’s hand and says she should realize that she is herself and not just someone’s daughter, mother, aunt, etc. she is Anupama. Anu says she met herself in water well for some time, but this time she will be herself forever.

She recalls shouting each family member’s name there and Devika asking her to take her name also. She shouts Anupama.. She says how much ever long night is, day covers at last. Devika shows her temple and says devi maa is also on her side. Anu walks to temple and says she never thought of herself till today and now she has to learn and needs Devimaa’s help. She tells Devika let us go home as she needs to ask many questions.Anu returns home holding her mangalsutra. Bapuji walks to kitchen thinking who is there early morning. He gets happy seeing Anu working in kitchen and emotionally asks if she woke up. Anu touches her feet and says they all had to bear problem because of her. Bapuji says they were worried for her and asks what had happened. Anu doesn’t reply and says she knew his BP would have fluctated yesterday, so he woke up early to give him milk and BP medicine.

He says she was worried for her even while she was unconscious, so today he will prepare something for her and she will relax. Anu says she has a lot of work. He acts as scolding her and sends her away.Anu walks to lawn and angrily looks at Kavya who is taking milk from milkman. Kavya gets afraid and runs inside dropping milk bowl. Nandini asks what happened to her. She says Anu is awake and is in lawn. Nandini gets happy hearing that. Bapuji brings tea for Anu and milk for himself. Aye Dil Tu Laya Hai bahar…song…plays in the background. Baa, Toshu, Pakhi, Samar join her next and get emotional. Anu says they will not cry from hereon and she will go and meet Vanraj. Samar says she may get drowsy again, so they will drop her till room.

Pakhi walks into Vanraj’s room and happily informs him that mummy/Anu is awake now and Toshu/Samar are bringing her. Anu walks in with Toshu and Samar and seriously looking at Vanraj asks children to go out as she needs to talk to their papa. They walk away. Anu asks why? Vanraj nervously says what had happened…Anu. Anu says Anupama. Vanraj says what she saw and truth is different. Anu asks if he loves Kavya. He says he will explain her and asks her to sit. She stops him and says he gave her place to Kavya and now Kavya’s place to her. She says she lost her consciousness yesterday, but is conscious now and will not lose consciousness again. He says what she saw and thinking is wrong. He says she was thinking wrong since 25 years, but not now; she just wants to know why? He says she is acting as if he did a sin. She asks if he didn’t? He says she was worried for her and is writhing in back pain, but she just wants answer for her why without let him speak. She seriously looks at him again. He agrees that Kavya was having a problem with her husband, so they both came close to each other and started an affair; he backed off because of family and children, but she wanted to marry him and when he was pushing her away he fell down and since Kavya was holding his collar, she also fell on him.

He continues that even Toshu knows about it and he is not lying. Anu asks if his loving words and what she saw in his eyes were true? She reminisces him singing for her and saying he cannot live without her; if his boss really called him on wedding day; he can fool children with his cooked up stories, but not mother. Vanraj shouts. Anu says a husband does mistakes and expects wife to forgive him repeatedly. He shouts why don’t she end this issue right here. She says from hereon he is not in her life. He shouts if she will divorce him. She says she doesn’t know, but knows what one who is not in heart doesn’t exist in even life; from here on, she will decide this relationship from here on; she will decide about this relationship, if she will cry or laugh, if she will be Anupama or Anupama shah, etc. She had worn his mangalsutra 25 years ago which she removed it now; she will not cry in front of baa, bapuji, and children and will not say anything, he will have to reply them. He pushes her towards wall saying if he replies everything, what will she do; where will she go after being kicked out of this house; this is his house and family and she is nothing.

She pushes him aside saying for a husband his house and family is a part of life, but for life, house and family is her life; there is no corner in the house in which she hasn’t cried or laughed, her soul stays in this house; he saw her bending till now, but from hereon she will take care of her self-respect. She walks away saying she already told decision will be hers. Vanraj sits in shock.Anu walks away wiping her tears without reacting. Samar walks to her and asks if she is fine. She says yes and asks where is Toshu. He says bhai went to take notes from his friend, he will work if there is any. She says she will if there is any. Anu’s mother and brother Bhavesh walk in and ask if she is fine. Anu says yes. Mother says she was worried for her.

Bhavesh says maa didn’t sleep whole night and fought with god for her life. Anu says even god should listen to maa’s plea and asks Bhavesh to distribute prasad. He leaves. Mother makes her sit and asks where is her sindhoor and mangalsutra. Anu reminisces removing mangalsutra and says she removed it while bathing. Mother says a suhagan shouldn’t remove them. Anu lies on her lap and asks how did she manage everything after papa’s death and spent whole life alone. Mother says when god gives pain, he gives strength to tolerate it; she used to get strength seeing her and Bhavesh, a woman can get weak, but not a mother; she bore pain in her fate, but Anu is lucky that she doesn’t have to bear all this as damadji is with her. Bhavesh returns and says they will leave as Nihar is alone. Mother walks away with him blessing Anu to be suhagan always. Anu thinks how to tell that her and Vanraj’s relationship has ended.

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