A new life update Sunday 22 May 2022

A new life 22 May 2022: The Episode starts with the eunuchs asking them to call the baby’s dad. Pritam asks how will his dad come, Lord has snatched his dad, he was a doctor, covid warrior, he was treating covid patients and died, look at them, they are forgetting that sorrow and celebrating this baby’s birth, how will they get 25000rs. The eunuch says forgive us, we didn’t know. She apologizes to Amrita. Goon aims at Pritam. Guneet comes in front. He gives some money to the eunuchs, and says it would be around 10000rs, keep this. She says I will keep shagun, I won’t take more money. She takes just one note and returns the money. She blesses the baby. She says Amrita, don’t worry, baby is born as an orphan, but he won’t stay an orphan, we bless him that he gets a father. Amrita and everyone get shocked. The eunuchs leave.

Nimmo asks what did they say. Amrita takes the baby and says they say anything. She goes inside the house. The toy falls down.Pritam bends to pick it. Goon shoots. A vase gets shot. Everyone thinks how did this break, did anyone throw a stone. Pritam sees the goon leaving. He runs upstairs and goes down the back stairs. He stops the goon and beats him. Pritam takes the knife from goon’s hand and hurts him. He asks who sent you. He threatens and asks. The goon says Rathi. Rathi says I got the bail. Pritam comes to meet him. Rathi asks did you get arrested, you can’t go alive from here, say something, I will kill you here. Pritam shoots aside. He says I told you to stay away from Sakhujas, why did you send your man there. He shoots around and scares Rathi.

Rathi says someone save me, I won’t do anything, stop him. Pritam says no one can stop me, I can encounter you anytime, don’t dream to harm Sakhujas, else next time I will shoot you down. Rathi asks who are you. Pritam says Pritam Choudhary, IPS. He wears his uniform. Rathi gets shocked. Pritam leaves. Everyone salutes him. Pritam, Nitin and Monty report to the commissioner. Commissioner says you shot inside the cell, your attitude gets me into trouble, you can’t become goons to teach them a lesson. Pritam says we are regarded goons wherever we go, I like the office tea. Commissioner asks him to sit. They take the tea. Commissioner says you did good work, but you should have not informed your identity to Rathi, he will inform the drug dealers. Pritam asks him not to worry.

Commissioner says we have fired you from police dept, and gave an identity of drug dealers, we have given you illegal weapons. Nitin and Monty tell the work they did. Commissioner says I m proud of you, your plan was good. Pritam says I got him arrested. Commissioner says I m with you. Pritam says police arrested me from the house. Commissioner says then I got you out. He recalls telling the inspector about Pritam, an undercover officer. He says don’t forget that Rathi trusted you because of your arrest, you shot his man, that’s not done, you should have taken approval from me. Pritam says it was about an innocent baby’s life, sorry, I m not sorry. Nitin says finally, operation is over, we should party. Commissioner says higher authorities want us to continue this mission. Nitin and Monty ask him to give their old duties back. Pritam says I hate drug, I will continue this fight, I don’t want to see drugs in kids’ hands. Nitin and Monty support him. Commissioner asks them to go. He says Amrita, baby and Sakhujas aren’t his mission, don’t get personal.

Pritam says its nothing like that. Commissioner asks him to remember their oath. Pritam recalls Ansh. He says I will remember that, nothing will come in front of my duty, when my own child didn’t come, then how can someone’s child come. He leaves.Amrita talks to Saroj on call. She says I miss you. Saroj says we miss you too, that won’t be your Sasural for long. Amrita asks what are you saying. Saroj says I mean, you have become their daughter. Amrita ends call. Kuljeet gets angry on his brother. He says he got an alliance for Amrita. Saroj says it can’t happen right now. Jagbeer says you can show the girl to the NRI guy, then marriage can happen later. Kuljeet says we can’t take the guy to her Sasural, we can’t spoil the relations. Amrita says yes, she just delivered a baby.

Jagbeer says the guy’s parents want to see the girl once, don’t tell this to her Sasural, Yuvraj will meet Amrita by some excuse, he won’t come for 6 months, they both didn’t had good fate in their first marriage, he will accept Amrita’s son also, they will be happy in Canada.  Kuljeet angrily asking Jagneet to leave. Saroj says we will talk about it later. Jagneet leaves. She says he was saying about Amrita’s betterment. Nimmo shouts on Amrita for Ansh. Soni asks why do you guide Amrita always. Amrita says its better if I learn, I have to do everything myself. Nimmo asks what do you mean, are we going somewhere or are you going. Everyone comes. Soni says mum is making an issue. Dadi says its fine, Nimmo come with me. Nimmo says I will change the nappy. Guneet says Amrita is baby’s mum. Nimmo asks don’t I have a right on Ansh. Kabir says he isn’t a property. Amrita asks why are you getting angry. Nimmo scolds her.

Angad says you are overreacting. Dada ji says when Karan was born, you used to do everything, did Santo get after you. Nimmo asks did I get after Amrita. Dada ji asks what is the matter, what has hurt you so much, tell me. Nimmo cries and hugs Ansh. She says you heard that kinner, what did she mean, I will lose my Ansh, my Karan will get away. Amrita says no. Dada ji says you are overthinking. Dadi says it has no meaning. Angad says its too much. Guneet says you are thinking of their words. Nimmo says its their blessing, it turns true, I don’t want to lose Amrita and Ansh, I got Karan back by much difficulty, I won’t let him go. Guneet looks at Dada ji and recalls his promise to Kuljeet. Soni says no one is going anywhere. Angad asks Amrita not to feel bad.

Angad says we will play carrom. Dada ji says yes, come. Amrita says yes, will you play with us, forget all us, this is my Ansh, but your Karan, I will never let anything happen to him. They hug. Angad and Kabir go to setup carrom. Dada ji says life makes its way on its own, don’t worry. Everyone plays carrom. Amrita wins. Dada ji says she is a champion. Kabir jokes on Pritam. They discuss about Pritam that he looks like a goon. Pritam comes and says you all are here, who looks like a goon. Nimmo says we think you look like a goon. Pritam says you are backbiting about me. They all joke on him. They laugh.Dada ji says Pritam, don’t feel bad, you have a beard and talk in anger, that’s why, I don’t regard you a goon. Pritam says just you are the sensible one here. Soni says I like your rugged look. Angad says yes, it looks good. Pritam asks Amrita to hear Angad. Kabir says we will do the voting right now. They raise hands. Amrita says you lost. Nimmo says even Ansh is saying the same. Pritam laughs. Dada ji asks did you get a shock. Pritam says no, I m fine as a goon if you think so. Angad gets his boss’ call. He goes. Pritam asks where is Guneet. Dada ji says he will come, how did that glass vase burst on its own. Pritam says glass breaks on its own sometimes. Everyone calls Angad for his turn. Angad asks Pritam to play in his place. Pritam sits to play.

Amrita says we are winning, do you know to play. Pritam says I can play better than you. Nimmo says Amrita is the champion of our house. Dada ji finds Guneet worried. He says Nimmo said that in anger. Guneet says but Kuljeet thought well and told me before leaving, he reminded me our promise.Dada ji says his emotions aren’t wrong. Guneet says yes, no one is wrong, we all have to lose. Dada ji says Amrita will get a new life. Pritam misses the shot. She says you don’t know playing, you missed it. He says it happens. Soni plays well. He says great, you have played well. Dadi asks are you feeling okay now. Nimmo says yes, I feel ashamed to get angry on Amrita. Dadi says forget it, you are her mum now. Amrita says my turn. Pritam looks at her. She says see how I win. He says I m watching. She also misses the shot. Pritam says wow, what a shot. He taunts. She says I had been a champion in my college and also in this house. He jokes. They argue.

She refuses to play and goes. He smiles. Dada ji says just think, if you were Amrita’s dad, would you not wish for this, we will settle her down. Guneet says this won’t be easy, don’t know what will Nimmo do knowing our decision. Dada ji says don’t worry, Nimmo wants to keep Ansh to end the darkness of her life. Guneet says I don’t think so, problems are many, even if Nimmo agrees, then what about our Ansh, can Amrita give us our Ansh, if she takes him, then Karan’s Ansh will go away from us, what will we do. Dada ji says I don’t have an answer for this question, we will see when time comes, we will do what’s right for both. Guneet cries. Dada ji hugs him.

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