Anupama update Sunday 22 May 2022


Anupama 22 May 2022: Vanraj receives Kavya’s call and tells her that he told her not to call him repeatedly. She says her stress level increased after seeing Anupama awake and requests him to come to her for sometime. He says he cannot come and because of her foolishness, she informed Devika and created this mess, why don’t she leave him alone for sometime. Kavya asks why he asks to leave him alone, does he really want to get rid off her. Vanraj disconnects call. Devika calls Anu and asks if she spoke to Vanraj and what did he say, he must have emotionally blackmailed her with cooked up story, even her husband used to do same, she shouldn’t fall for his lies. Anu nods no. Devika asks if she will inform family about it.

Anu says she doesn’t know.. when relationship has ended, whether to mourn alone or with family. Devika says if that man comes in front of her repeatedly, she will keep remembering his betrayal, so she should come to her house for a few days and let Vanraj handle his handle. Anu says she is not like Vanraj and cannot think of only herself. Devika says she is so proud of her, a man thinks of only himself but a woman thinks of everyone. She stops talking as she sees Pakhi entering and then disconnects call. Pakhi walks to Anu and asking if she is fine, should she bring her cold coffee. Anu says her doll grew up so big and asks if she can stay in her room for a few days, she will not disturb her much. Pakhi says she doesn’t have to take permission, why she doesn’t want to stay in her room, after 25 years in her room can she stay away from papa. Anu says she will learn.

In living room, Baa asks Vanraj if he and Anu fought. Pakhi walks to them and asks if he and mummy fought. Vanraj asks if Anupama told her. Pakhi says no, but mummy told she wants to stay in her rom for a few days. Baa in shock asks what?. Pakhi says when she asked mummy if she can stay without papa, she said she will learn. Bapuji says when decision is so big, then reason also must be; he asks Vanraj if there is any problem between them. Vanraj says no, doctor told Anupama needs change, so changed her room; he asks Pakhi to take care of mummy and make her feel comfortable. Pakhi says yes and leaves. Baa says people visit Shimla and Massouri for change, who changes room. Bapuji says he just wants Anupama to be happy.

Nandini sees Samar walking happily on road and says he is looking back as summer (happy) and not winter (angry). Samar says seeing mummy back to normal, he is back to normal self. Nandini warns him to keep Anu aunty safe from Vanraj and Kavya. He asks what? She says she means Vanraj uncle cannot see Kavya’s condition and even Kavya was stressed. Samar asks why Kavya didn’t come to meet mummy, is she okay. Nandini says she is fine and cannot see her close ones ill. Samar walks away asking her to inform Kavya that mummy is fine. Nandini thinks she cannot tell truth to Samar now, but truth will be out someday and don’t know if he will forgive her or not; why didn’t Anu aunty inform family about Kavya and Vanraj’s affair, what is she waiting for.

Toshu feels like having tea and thinks he shouldn’t trouble mummy. Anu brings tea for him and asks why didn’t he inform her about Vanraj and Kavya, he had not informed her about Kinjal thinking she doesn’t have right on his life, but she has right on her own life. Toshu says Kavya is blackmailing papa. Anu asks if Vanraj told him this, he is also a fool like her to trust Vanraj. She again asks who informed him about it. He says let it go. She gets angry. He says Nandini informed him reminiscing incident, he and Sanjay uncle together tried to stop papa, but.. Anu asks who? Toshu nervously says Sanjay uncle. Anu reminisces Sanjay’s repeated hints and asks who else knows about it. Toshu says nobody else and asks to forget about it and forgive papa. Anu says its her decision and nobody can interfere.

Anu walks to living room and clashes with Vanraj. Anu starts cleaning things. Bapuji seeing her asks why is she working instead of resting. Mamaji jokes if didi doesn’t work, bahu has to work. Baa says if she works again, she will fall ill. Anu says if she doesn’t work, she will fall ill. Baa asks where is her mangalsutra, if she kept it for resting and asks her to wear it right now. Anu walks to home temple. Vanraj walks behind, picks mangalsutra, and tries to put it in Anu’s neck. Mamaji says they are marrying for the third time. Baa asks Vanraj to fix it soon as says she doesn’t want third marriage’s expense. Anu picks old mangalsutra telling Vanraj that during first marriage, he didn’t have anyone else in life, but now he has. Baa asks why is she wearing old mangalsutra. Anu says its link is weak. Baa says men don’t know to buy jewelry. Mamaji jokes. Anu puts in her neck. Vanraj laughs and says “my, my decision”. She says she will not let her other relationships suffer because of one bad relationship. Only for that reason, she wore mangalsutra.


Toshu informs Kinjal about Vanraj and Kavya’s affair. Kinjal is shocked and says their affair may be continuing even now. Toshu says papa told it ended, but Kavya is still stalking papa and after wedding she went to papa’s room, mummy saw papa and Kavya together and misunderstood papa. Kinjal asks how can he blindly believe his papa, she is sure their affair is continuing, else Kavya wouldn’t have attended every function. Toshu says he doesn’t want to hear against his papa. Kinjal asks what about his mummy, he should think about her also; the way he is following his papa, may be in the future he may also. Samar hears their conversation and drops photo frame in shock. Toshu rushes behind him worried.

Nandini sees Kavya keeping her bags in cab and asks where is she going. Kavya says her house. Nandini asks if she is afraid to face Anupama aunty, she herself wanted to inform everyone. Kavya says she wanted to, if she thinks with her repeated taunts, she will change, she will not and already there are many problems in her life. Nandini says fine do whatever she wants and walks inside home. Kavya sees Vanraj standing in balcony and calls her. He says good she is going from here. She says he wants her to go. He says she doesn’t have to answer anyone in her house and he can come to meet her there. She asks if he will come. He says of course, Anupama is behaving weird and is unpredictable, she didn’t inform his parents yet, but don’t when she may. Kavya says his tension because of her will lessen now. He says please try to understand. She says she either didn’t understand him well or is not understanding now. She gets into cab and gets afraid seeing Anu in kitchen, insists driver to move fast.

Jhilmil seeing Anu’s condition insists her to share her ordeal with her. Anu hugs her and says whatever happened happened for good. Jhilmil asks what she means. Anu says she is happy. Jhilmil says if she is happy, it would have shown on her face, anyways she can share her ordeal whenever she feels like. Baa asks Anu if breakfast is ready. Jhilmil asks her to prepare breakfast for Vanraj ask he likes only her food. Anu thinks still many storms are yet to come.Toshu searches Samar in locality and asks passers by. Vanraj standing in balcony asks Anupama to serve tea. Samar enters climbing balcony. Vanraj asks why can’t he come via door. Samar confronts him and says he will tell his cooked up story to convince him like Toshu and will say his mummy misunderstood and is a loser; there is a huge difference between his parents, his mother is selfless and father is shameless. Vanraj angrily holds his collar. Samar says he betrayed mummy and didn’t even repent, if he had told mummy, she would have smilingly walked out; he will return back the pain he gave to mummy with interest and stop calling him papa from hereon and walks away calling him Mr. Vanraj Shah. He sits on stairs and cries profusely reminiscing Vanraj and Kavya’s bonding.

In living room, Baa tells Bapuji and Mamaji that bahu/Anu looks silent, something has happened for sure. Vanraj walks down. Baa asks where is Kavya, she is not picking her call. Devika walks in and asks jiju/Vanraj to tell reason. Baa asks if she is the reason behind Anu’s problems, so she didn’t even come. Vanraj says he asked Kavya not to interfere in their family matters. Devika asks if really that is the reason. Vanraj says wedding is finished and why would Kavya come. Devika says he is right, wedding is finished. Anu brings tea for everyone and keeps one cup for Vanraj.Anu takes burgers to Samar’s room. Samar plays Jeete Jeete Hain Chal… and dances around her to cheer her up. He shows their pics. Anu gets teary eyed. He dances with her, but she doesn’t react much.Vanraj drives car reminiscing Anu, Samar, and Kavya’s words. He shouts and thinks he should control himself and situation, else everything will spoil.

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