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Lost in Love 27 June 2022: Sonali asks Bhavani what she has tought and till when she will wait for Pulkit. Karishna says Omkar told Pulkit got scared and ran away. Bhavani asks them to stop as she is worried for Devyani. Sonali says she is worried Devi may get more mentally unstable remembering Pulkit. Shivani warns her tos top her fake concern. Sai enters and informs Bhavani that Pulkit’s phone is switched off ater his last message. Karishma tells Sonali that Sai used to fight with Bhavani earlier and now is apologizing her. Shivani asks Sai if she doesn’t have Pulkit’s another number. Sai says no and she doesn’t know where he has gone. Bhavani says neither Sai nor Madhuri know where Pulkit is, Devi is eagerly waiting for Pulkit, till when she should wait for him.

Sonali says Pulkit already message he doesn’t want to meet her, but she concerned for her daughter is still hoping to meet her. Shivani backs Sonali. Devi enters happily to meet Pulkit. Ashwini asks her to have something as she didn’t have anything since morning. Devi says she will have food only with her husband. Sonali comments then she will he hungry whole life. Devi asks Sai when will Pulkit come, even her mother has agreed for her marriage. Bhavani says hope Pulikit understands this and come soon, she agreed for Pulkit and Devi’s marraige and decided to give him one chance, then where is he and why don’t he come.

Omkar meets Dadu and giving him money asks if he got Pulkit’s phone. Dadu gives him home. Omkar sends message from Pulkit’s phone. Dadu says he would have sent him message which he would have forwarded Via Pulkit’s mobile. Omkar asks him to just count his money and returns to Ninad. Ninad while driving asks why didn’t he sent messag to Dadu and get it forwarded via Pulkit’s mobile. Omkar says if Dadu is caught, they would have been in trouble and he doesn’t want any evidence against them. Ninad praises that sometimes fake coin works and says jokes apart, Omkar did right.

Bhavani announces that if Pulkit doesn’t come to meet her tonight or doesn’t reply, she will consider that she took a wrong decision of giving him a chance. Ashwini prays god to support Sai. Devi asks Sai when will Pulkit come and why is he not coming. Sai assures that Pulkit will come to meet her for sure. Sai gets Pulkit’s message. Bhavani reads it that he will not come in front of her or her family as her family found out that he married Sangeeta Deshpande, Chavan family insulted him whole life; he and his father served them, but they always insulted them; only Devi in that house was kind hearted and he fell in her love; he just wanted to take revenge from Bhavani and acted as desiriging to marry Dev, but now he is afraid of Virat and whole Chavan family and doesn’t want to marry Devi as he doesn’t love him, so Sai shouldn’t trouble him again. Devi shatters hearing that. Bhavani asks Sai if she wants to tell something now, she with Omkar and Ninad threw Pulkit out of Devi’s life, but betrayer Pulkit misused Devi’s trust and made joke out of her life; even Sai is responsible for Devi’s condition.

Saloni says Sai doesn’t have any answer and if she was in Sai’s place, she would have died out of shame. Karishma asks Ashwini if she still can defend Sai. Sakshi aso blames Sai. Devi panics and asks Devi if Pulkit is someone else’s husband and doesn’t love her. Sai says she really doesn’t know. Ashwini consoles Sai. Devi continues panicking. Ashwihni consoles her next. Bhavani drags Sai till main door and says she can throw her out of house for playing with family’s feelings, but she cannot do that as Virat is not here and she doesn’t want him to think that she misused his absence; as an elder of the family, she orders that Sai will never meet or speak to Devi from hereon.

Devi continues getting out of control. Ashwini and Bhavani try ro control her. Ninad brings doctor. Dcotor says its acute stress disorder and gives injection to Devi to calm her down. Devi falls asleep murmuring. Sai apologizes Devi and says she just wanted to get back Devi’s happiness. Omkar yells at Sai to go from there and spare Devi. Sai says she wants to expla in Devi. Omkar denies. Ashwini walks to Sai and says she should agree to Omkar as she evoked hope in Devi and when hope shatters, even a person shatters. Sai walks away. Omkar, Bhavani, and Ninad smirk.


Sai breaks down in her room reminiscing Bhavani promising to get Pulkit and Devi married if Pulkit proves his innocence, Pulit denying to meet Bhavani, and Bhavani warns not to meet Devi again. She thinks meeting Pulkit was a coincidence, she wanted to reunite Pulkit and Devi, but family is blaming her for all the mishap and she doesn’t know what to do. She calls Pulkit and finding his phone switched off angrily throws it on table, which falls on her gift given to Virat. She thinks if Virat was here, he would have helped her. She calls Virat and finds even his number not reachable. She then prays god to show her a way. She gets Madhuri’s call who asks to meet her as she needs to talk to her something important. Sai agrees and reaches Madhuri thinking what she wanted to say. She shows new message to Madhuri.

Madhuri says she can’t believe Pulkit can send this message. Sai says she fought for Pulkit, but with his changed behavior, she cannot defend him now. MAdhuri says she can defend her brother though and says she has seen him crying for Devi since many years and shows her Devi’s photo and videos. Sai says Devi and Pulkit really loved each other. Madhuri says they still love each other and shows Pulkit’s gifts for Devi, asks if Pulkit had to betray Devi and didn’t love him, then why would he buy gifts for her. She then gives Pulkit’s personal diar and asks her to read it. Sai reads that Pulkit is very happy meeting Devi after many years, she looks so beautiful even now and is eager to marry her. Madhuri says bhau blindly loves Devi and doesn’t know who Sangeeta Deshpande. Sai asks then who sent that letter. Madhuri goes to get water for her. Sai thinks Madhuri is right and something is wrong. Madhuri returns and asks why she sent a cheap message to her.

Sai asks when did she send and reads that Madhuri is wrongly helping Pulkit. Sai says she didn’t send it and searches her mobile. Madhuri says she took her mobile and sent message via it to prove that someone must be messaging from Bhau’s phone.Ashwini sees Ninad tensed and asks him if he is fine. He says how can he be fine when situation at home is so bad. Ashwini says now everything is fine. He asks if Devi’s condition is right, they handled her with so much difficulty, but because of Sai, Devi is in pain and he cannot see that. Ashwini says she can understand, but Sai didn’t do it purposefully. He says nobody does it purposefully, but its not right to give someone pain and apologize. He continues his emotional drama and says even Bhavani came in Sai’s trap and now Devi’s mental condition is very worse and maybe she should be given shock treatment. He holds her hand requests to do him a favor. Ashwini says she knows he is doing it for Devi’s betterment. He says Sai respects and trusts her, so she should explain her to stop this Pulkit’s drama and not take his name in this house again.

Ashwini falls for his crocodile tears. Bhavani noticing that praises his acting.Sai returns home and asks Ashwini if its not possible that someone is message from Pulkit’s mobile. Karishma says Ashwini taunted her that she makes good stories, now Sai is making stories. Sonali says Bhavani didn’t eat food in tension, Sai should agree that Pulkit is a fraud. Ashwini says why would anyone message from Pulkit’s phone.Sai says someone is misusing Pulkit’s phone and trying to prove him wrong. Bhavani gets tensed and scolds her that she is trying to defend Pulkit even after knowing truth. Sai says until she hears from Pulkit himself, she will not believe that Pulkit betrayed Devi. Bhavani asks what does she mean. Sai says someone must have kidnapped Pulkit and is doing all this.Ashwini orders Sai not to take Pulkit’s name in this house. Bhavani and her puppets smirk looking at each other’s face.

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