Barrister Bahu update Friday 2 September 2022

Barrister Bahu 2 September 2022: Episode starts with Anirudh saying you have done a good drama. Saurabh says my hands are shaking, how will we face her, she is dangerous. Tara asks the men to see the diamond in the exhibition. Bondita stays inside the box. She recalls Anirudh’s words. Anirudh says I have added medicines in the dates, the guards will eat this and faint. Someone knocks the door. Saurabh asks Anirudh to go and open the door. Rasiya comes. She says Tara doesn’t know where is Bondita hidden, take her and run away. Anirudh says no, its not just about Bondita, I want to free every girl from here, I want every girl to live free, they write their own fate, not Tara, so we decided to take all the girls.

Trilochan says Anirudh will never come back if he doesn’t get Bondita, don’t pray that. Binoy says I feel you know about Anirudh. Trilochan says I know, I spoke to Anirudh, he is fine. They get shocked. Rasiya says your thinking is good, but Tara is dangerous. Saurabh says yes, I can understand you are taking risk for Bondita, why the other girls, what will you get. Anirudh says peace and contentment, I want to protect women, there would be risk, but I can’t break the promise to myself, will Bondita not want us to save the other girls. Rasiya says we have such fate, its not easy. Anirudh says its not impossible, Shivaji hid in the basket and fooled the britishers, same way, Bondita and other girls will go out of here by hiding in the box.

She asks will Tara let you take the stuff. Anirudh says yes, I told her that we will buy the junk boxes, the girls will leave in the boxes, I need your help. She asks what help. He says girls won’t listen to me, you tell them, we will take them from this hell. She says now I know why Bondita calls you protector, this society doesn’t value us, I will help you. Surayya looks on. Anirudh sees her at the door and catches her at knife point. He says don’t tell anything to Tara. She says she is Ramayya, Surayya’s twin sister, she will support us. Anirudh apologizes. Ramayya gets sweets for Bondita. Bondita smiles. Ramayya says the eight handis are for you, Anirudh has sent it for you, will you have it.

Bondita eats the sweets. Ramayya cries seeing her. Binoy says my Anirudh. Trilochan says he is alive, he will know the entire truth soon, he will see Saudamini’s real face. She falls in his feet and says no, he will hate me, I can’t live with his hatred. He says leave me, let me go. She makes him fall down. Trilochan falls aside. He faints. Binoy worries for him. He asks Saudamini to call the doctor. She smiles. She thinks I won’t let Anirudh know my truth, I can do anything.

Surayya asks whom will we present now. Tara threatens her. Surayya cries. Rasiya explains the girls. Anirudh asks the guards to have dates. Tara says you have to wait for the precious diamond. Rasiya signs Saurabh. She goes to taunt Tara. She says Bondita has flown away from your cage. Anirudh goes to storeroom. He asks the girls not to get scared, just sit in the boxes, then the boxes will be taken out. The girls say if Tara knows, then she will kill us.

He says don’t worry, I won’t let anything happen to anyone, its my promise. Bondita says he is my husband, I call him protector, because he always protects me, he keeps his promise. Tara smiles and throws money at Rasiya. She says my sight is of the hawk, I can find out everything. Surayya sees the girls. She says you are preparing to run away, I will tell Tara. Anirudh takes her at knifepoint. He threatens Surayya. Ramayya says I will explain my sister, don’t do anything to her. She asks Surayya not to tell Tara about Bondita. She explains everything.She says we also wanted to get free, don’t leave this chance to fly, Anirudh has come as our courage. Surayya recalls Tara’s words. She says fine, I won’t say. Everyone smiles. Surayya says you find out if Anirudh’s intentions are right. Bondita says I trust my husband, he never lies.

Surayya says our girls will go first and then your wife Bondita, else Tara will scold us. Bondita says I will promise, I will go in the last box. Anirudh says yes, really, we will send them out first.Rasiya saying I told you, your doom is close. Tara says you just see, when you stop dancing, that girl will be in my feet. She challenges Rasiya. Anirudh says I had fainted the guards, I will just drop those girls out and then get you all. He leaves Bondita with Surayya and Ramayya. Rasiya says I will see your defeat, not victory, I will dance in a way that sparks fly by my ghungroo, the sparks will burn down your palace. Saurabh sees the men taking the boxes out. Tara says be careful that this fire can burn you as well, this can burn your beauty, ugliness doesn’t get a space anywhere. Rasiya says I believe my Maa Durga, we will see whose belief wins. Tara says I m the God here, lets see today, who wins. Rasiya dances.

The men enjoy her dance. Bondita is still in the storeroom. Saurabh asks Tara to be with them, else the Mehfil will lose its charm. Anirudh sends the boxes out. Tara says this kotha is mine, I have to light its every corner. Saurabh says you won’t listen to me, do you treat guests like this. She asks do you speak Bangla also. He says I can talk 12 languages, I know the language of love also. She asks where did you learn Bangla. He says on the way to Kolkata, I have learnt it to speak to the diamond I buy here, when will you get the girl. Tara says soon, I will just get the diamond for you. She goes. She sees Anirudh taking the boxes. He says I told you, I will give you pearls and diamonds, I m taking the junk. She says surely, take it, but don’t hide anything from me. She keeps her bad on the box. She asks the men to open the box. She sees the junk things. Anirudh worries and thinks I had kept old things in the last box, I have to do something before she checks the other boxes.

He asks her to respect Nawab by not checking the other boxes, Nawab will get angry, he can leave the exhibition in anger, you can decide, I will show you. She stops him. He gives the purse back to her. She goes.Saudamini says I have to get Anirudh, I have to do something. He asks Binoy is Kaka fine. Binoy says wound is deep, doctor said it will take time for him to recover. She smiles. Anirudh asks Bondita and others to come. Surayya says Bondita was right, her husband always keeps his promise. They hug Bondita. He says we won’t waste time, come. He opens the box. Surayya and Ramayya get inside. Tara gets the sweets on her purse. Anirudh comes to Bondita and says I will take you. Rasiya dances. The man comes to Tara and says Bondita is nowhere, where can she go. Tara says I remember, this is the Rasgulla sweet, it means Munmun didn’t run, she is here in the Sheeshmahal, even her husband is here. Saurabh hears this and thinks Anirudh can get caught.

Anirudh asks Bondita to sit inside the box and be careful, they will meet soon. Bondita nods and gets inside. Rishta tera mera…plays… Tara checks the place. She sees the guards fainted. She says Nawab got the dates. She recalls Anirudh/Salim.She says I didn’t know this was going on, that Nawab is a fraud. The man asks what. She says yes, his slave Salim is Anirudh, go and stop him, no chest should go out of here. The man goes shouting. Rasiya is still dancing. Bondita is taken downstairs. The man shouts stop Anirudh and pushes him. The box falls down the stairs. Bondita falls out. Everyone gets shocked seeing this. Saurabh and Anirudh hold Bondita. Rasiya warns Tara to stop and not dare to touch Bondita. She takes Tara at the point of a sword. She threatens Tara. The man says we had come here for the exhibition.

Rasiya says Tara’s dahan will happen today. She warns Tara. She says I just have a life to lose, you have a lot to lose, let them go. Tara says I have raised the girls with love. Rasiya says you made us away from our home and trapped us, I told you a savior will come and end your evil.Anirudh is the savior, look at him, this is the difference between good humans and you devil, he is returning us the sky, which you snatched, no chain can keep us caged now, its your end today.

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