Anupama starlife update Wednesday 7 December 2022


Anupama 7 December 2022: Anupama acting worried tells Malvika she should come and see what her brother did and takes her to a park where Anuj with Shah family and other park visitors dances on Chakde Saare Gham.. song to cheer her up. Malvika cheers up and apologizes shahs for spoiling their new year party. Bapuji says they start new year in the morning. Baa and Pakhi says they could party well early morning because of her. Vanraj says she should forget the past and start new year afresh. Anu says it holds good for even Anuj and gives her lengthy moral gyan. Bapuji says she should find happiness in petty things like they do forgetting her past. Baa says they are there to push her front and says they can feel happiness in either pooja or going on a London vacation, Bapuji says in cream roll, Mamaji jokes remembering Rakhi.

Whole team wishes happy new year.
Samar notices Pakhi speaking to someone suspiciously and asks whom she is speaking to. Pakhi says its none of his business. Samar says she has done so many mistakes that he doesn’t want family in trouble because of her. Their argument starts. Baa stops them and asks them them to take picnic bags and reach park. They both walk away. Baa feels concerned seeing their fight at the starting of new year. Shah and Kapadia families party at a park. Anu asks Toshu if Rakhi’s health is fine as Kinjal left worried. Toshu says Rakhi and her husband’s health deteriorated suddenly, so Kinjal left to meet her. Anu feeds her 3 children and then the youngest Bapuji and GK. Anuj informs that partying in the morning was Anu’s idea as she missed partying with them last night.

Everyone thank Anu. Malvika thanks Anu for comforting her last night and cheer her up in the morning. Anu starts her moral gyaan again and says 365 days of a year is like a 365 page book, they should write a poem, love, and happiness in it, looking at Anuj.Anu then forces Anuj to finish his fruit breakfast on time. Anuj says he is gaining weight after her entry in his life and she is losing weight instead. She jokes. She then notices Malvika cheering up with Shah family and tells Anuj that Mukku may get a panic attack again, hence they should take her to a good psychiatrist.

They both talk about the myths involved with mental health in their society and ways to curb it. Pakhi speaks to someone over phone again and says she will inform family today. Anuj praises Anuj’s thinking and says she is cool. She says even he is cool. He thinks however he is, he is hers. She sprinkles orange peel in his eyes. He does same.Vanraj asks them to grow up now and asks Anuj office door’s code as he has a meeting with Dheeraj Patel. Anuj says even he will accompany him as Dheeraj is a tough nut to crack. Vanraj says he knows how to handle it. Anuj says he was just helping. Vanraj says he gives help and doesn’t take it.

Anuj says not for his, but Mukku’s help and asks if he can come now or not. Vanraj agrees. Anu gets tensed and says even she will accompany them. Anuj asks her to enjoy with family and leaves with Vanraj. Anu thinks whenever they are together, she fears something wrong will happen.Back home, Baa and Bapuji discuss that Kavya has gone to Mumbai to find a job there. Bapuji gets angry on Vanraj and says he divorced Anu and married Kavya and wants to leave her within a year ruining his happy married life again. Baa reminds Kavya’s misdeeds. Bapuji says Kavya is not bad, she did wrong in fear because of Vanraj as he couldn’t feel her secure. Baa asks if he means Kavya is not wrong.

Bapuji says Vanraj made many mistakes and when they support him repeatedly, why not Kavya; she shouldn’t forget that Kavya is their bahu. Baa says she is not denying it, they consider her as bahu, but Vanraj doesn’t consider her as wife. Bapuji says that is the problem, Vanraj didn’t love Anu whom he considered as wife and doesn’t considers Kavya as wife whom he loved. Pakhi takes Anu aside and says she needs to go to US for higher studies as all her friends are going, so she should convince Bapuji and papa.

Pakhi expresses her desire to continue her further studies in USA and asks Anupama if she is thinking its unsafe to send lonely girl to such a far place, middle class family cannot afford expenses, etc. Anu says she is just thinking how will she stay away from her Sweetudi. Pakhi happiy hugs her. Anu says she was staying in different house hoping to see her Sweetudi daily, but how will she stay away from her for so long; she is happy that her Sweetudi is flying high like her, but.. Kavya calls Baa and Bapuji and informs them that she is searching a job from Mumbai and seeks their blessings. Baa they were remembering her just now and blesses her. Kavya says she loves them and knows she is not a perfect bahu, but wants to change.


She also requests them speak to V and convince him to forgive her.They both get serious hearing that.Anu tells Pakhi that people to go US for higher studies and special degrees, does she want to go as her friends are going. Pakhi says its not a small reason, she really wants to go. Anu says she is not denying her higher studies, but what there is no need to go right now as there are better colleges in Inida. Pakhi says she has already decided. Anu asks if she selected a college. Pakhi says no, but she wants exposure like Kinjal and Malvika who have roamed a whole world. Anu says she hasn’t even selected a college yet. Pakhi says she doesn’t want to be left behind in life like her. Anu says she is the best and shouldn’t compare herself to others, they saw yesterday what happens if they compare themselves.

Pakhi gets more nervous seeing her friend’s message asking if she convinced her parents and asks Anu to convince papa and Bapuji somehow. Malvika walks out and asks Anu if she is accompanying her to office. Anu says yes.Baa tells Bapuji that maide ki katori/Kavya asked them to speak to Vanraj, but Vanraj is not a kid to be convinced. Bapuji gives moral gyaan on parenting and says they think their responsibilities are over after studying children and getting them married, but responsibilities continue whole life. Baa says helping Vanraj succeed in life is also their responsibility, Vanraj clearly informed her not to involve him in family issues.

Bapuji says relationship is not a hurdle but a thread which helps them fly high like a kite, he feels bad for Kavya as she deserves the right as a bahu. Baa says why family accepted her as bahu and not Kavya yet. Bapuji says let us talk and see.Anu with Malvika enters office and is shocked to see Anuj and Vanraj arguing. She shouts at them to stop. Malvika asks her to relax and gets into board room where Anuj says he handled the meeting well, Vanraj says because he let him handle it. Anu hopes their argument ends here. Malvika asks Anu to bring boxing gloves for them. Vanraj says Anuj doesn’t trust him. Anuj says if he had not trusted them, they wouldn’t have been working under same office.

Vanraj says then why didn’t he let him have presentation that day. Anuj apologizes and says he will not interfere between them and they can run their business the way they like. Vanraj thanks him. Malvika asks if they don’t need boxing gloves now. They both laugh. Anu thinks once Mr Shah calms down, she will discuss with him about Pakhi’s request.Anuj prepares coffee for himself. Anu asks if Mukku’s elder brother’s mood is fine. He says yes Mukku’s bhabhi/SIL. Anu fees nervous hearing that. Anuj says he will not fight again. She says she will scold him if he fights again. He recites shayari praising her beauty and says if he doesn’t speak like this on new year’s first day, then how will he for whole year.

Their eyes lock. Tu Shayar Hai Mai Teri Shayari.. song plays in the background. Malvika notices them and taunts singing Tu Shayar hai.. They feels shy and walk away.Baa offers choc drink to Pakhi and says her mother is right. Pakhi says even she is not wrong. Baa says sometimes what they think doesn’t happen, even her papa wished to study in London’s Oxford University, but even Dolly’s admission in an English school was unaffordable due to their poverty. Pakhi asks if she means she shouldn’t go to US as they cannot afford it. Baa says its not a question of money, she should grow up first and then go to US for higher studies after 4 years. Pakhi thinks they will give same excuse after 4 years and will not let her fulfill her dream.

Malvika brings rasgulla for Vanraj. Vanraj asks if she found out via Anu that he loves rasgulla. She says yes. He asks if she is fine, he had come yesterday there as Anu and Anuj were not picking his call. She says he came and saw her broken completely. He says that situation comes in everyone’s life including him, he will always support her in need. She thanks him, says they can be BFF like Anu and Anuj, feeds him rasgulla cleaning his lips, and laughing with a joke. Anuj gets angry seeing that and walks away. Malvika notices Anu and asks her to have rasgulla. Anu says not her. Malvika goes to feed Anuj next. Anu anrily stares at Vanraj.

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