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Anupama 8 December 2022: Vanraj asks Anupama why is she staring at him. Anu says he knows Mukku is Anuj’s sister. Vanraj says earlier Kavya doubted him and left home, now she is doubting him; Mukku is his business partner and he can’t help if she is overfriendly. She says she doesn’t want to interfere between them, but he saw Mukku’s condition on Dec 31st night. He says he is not bothered Kavya or Mukku and is just bothered about his work. She says he cannot walk away saying this, he has responsibility towards Kavya and even Mukku. He says he has professional relationship and comfort zone with Malvika and if Malvika likes being jovial at work, even he does and there is nothing else. She says there shouldn’t be and warns him that he shouldn’t cross his limits even if Mukku does and should concentrate on Kavya or else they will be back on the spot where they were a few days ago.

Baa notices Samar sitting alone in lawn and asks if he fought with Nandu. He says no. She says a fight cannot be hidden, something has happened or else why would stop Nandu chant and Nandu stop LOL LOL chant. He says in fact he wants to marry Nandini so that she can help bhabhi in household chores. Baa asks if he is not ashamed to directly talk about his wedding. He says she should. She runs holding a vase behind him and gets tired and says his in childhood she used to run behind him and easily catch, now she has gone old and can’t. He says she is evergreen and lies in her lap. They both joke a bit, then she asks if there is really no problem between him and Nandu. He says no and goes to get water for her. Baa feels if Nandu and Samar fought because of Kavya and Vanraj.

Bapuji and Toshu discuss about Kavya and wish she gets a job soon. Samar gets excited seeing Baa preparing undiyu dish. Toshu says even he is excited as many vegetables and masalas go into undiyu. Bapuji says just like their life where happiness, sorrows, drama, tragedy, festivals, etc. get into their lives. They all 4 discuss all the events happened last year in their lives and hopes this year is not bad for them. Bapuji says life gives them a package of a bit of happiness, a bit of sorrows, broken dreams, and fulfilled dreams, everything in a single package. Baa says elders should hope they get all the sorrows and problems and leave happiness for younger ones. Samar says let us stop talking negative and celebrate sankranti festival with gud till chikki and fly kite. Samar remembers Mamaji and mimics him.

Anu walks to Anuj and says something. Anuj says he couldn’t hear her. She repeats. He says he couldn’t again. She asks him to listen carefully now and says some relationship look like more than friendship, but they are friendship. He says thanks for explaining and says some relationship look like friendship but are more than friendship. She says she will remind him if he forgets. He says of course only she can and romantically looks at her. She feels shy. Mukku notices them and thinks they are too cute and are like 2 beautiful love letters in an online era, good is happening after a long time, and hopes evil eyes don’t fall on MaAn/Anupama and Anuj.

Samar sees Nandu and says lets click year’s first selfie together. She poses with sad face. He asks why she looks sad. She asks if he doesn’t know. He asks if her mood is off as Kavya left. She says she is sad, but he doesn’t bother and wants to click hashtag selfie. He says its new year’s first day and she is arguing. She says they let her maasi go. He says as if she would have stopped if they had, Kavya has issues with Mr shah and not family, nobody is interfering between them, and they both are equally right or wrong. She says they thinks its only her maasi’s mistake and call her a home breaker, husband thief/pati chor, etc., Vanraj did equal mistakes but is praised instead as a good son and father, maasi feels lonely now. He says Baa and Bapuji tried to support her, but she doesn’t appreciate them at all. She says truth is they all have problems with her.

He says truth is Kavya needed a break which she got, she is an adult and is handling her self-created issues. She says even only she will be blamed after their marriage whoever’s mistake it is and family will always support him. He says she is exaggerating the issue.Baa notices their argument and calls them in. They walk to her. She gives them sticks and asks them to fight. They ask if she saw their fight. She says whole locality must have seen it and asks them to fight inside the house and not outside. She further says they are still kids and should act like one without interfering between elders. Nandini says they are already in and says her maasi is always blamed, especially by Baa. Samar warns her to behave with Baa.

She says she is. Baa warns them again to stop fighting and says Kavya herself left their house for a break, nobody has problem with her, but she herself has problem with everyone.Anu asks Anuj to have rasgulla and ward off his anger. She imagines them dancing and romancing in a garden on Chaha To Bahut.. He alerts her while she is still lost in her imagination and asks if she started again. She nervously blabbers. He says he understood what she meant, where was she lost after that. She says she will go home and walks away.

Nandini continues that if Anu had supported Mr. Shah instead of Kavya maasi, this all wouldn’t have happened. Samar asks why should mummy interfere between them. Nandini says when she can interfere between Anuj and Malvika, why not here; letting Malvika stay here was Anu’s idea. Baa says even she felt bad then, but then realized it was the best way to stop fight. Nandini says it was best decision for Anuj and Malvika and not maasi who felt insecure, Anu is creating awkward situation between Malvika and maasi just because Malvika is Anuj’s sister. Samar asks why would mummy help Kavya who had affair for 9 years with his mummy’s husband, where is a logic in it. Back at office, Anu thinks she is a mad girl and should either express her love for Anuj or control herself; she is controlling herself for Mukku, but distance between siblings will not end until.. She needs to do something.

Anuj jokes with Malvika and GK when Anupama walks in holding her bag. Anupama says she is going back to her house. Anuj says even this is her house. She says she stayed here until he got well. GK says he wants to stop her but doesn’t have a reason. Anu says they would meet in office daily and would visit each other’s houses often, she has made their favorite snacks. Anuj requests her not to go and then says new year has just started. Anu says one day she needs to go, so why not now. At Shah house, Nandini continues arguing with Samar and asks when everyone’s mistakes can be forgiven, why not her Kavya maasi’s. Samar says mistakes are forgiven of one who repent, she should ask her maasi to apologize his mummy for betraying her for 9 years. Nandini says he has a typical mindset where only woman is blamed, Vanraj is equally guilty with Kavya.


Samar says that is why he calls him Mr Shah and not papa. Nandini says this won’t change the fact that Anu supports Anuj and Malvika. Samar asks why shouldn’t she as they are million times better than her maasi. Nandini says they are all nice except maasi, if they cannot understand her maasi, they shouldn’t trouble her. She tries to leave. Baa tries to stop her. Samar says its of no use as she is being brainwashed by her maasi. Nandini says whenever her maasi does a mistake, she is the first person to confront her maasi, but that doesn’t mean she shouldn’t support her maasi; why shouldn’t she point out when her maasi is wrong, what is same happens to her after marriage.

Samar says there is no treatment for her doubt in the whole world, and if he thinks so, they should rethink about their marriage. Nandini says she agrees. Samar says LOL, lots of like maasi like bhanji. Nandini replies LOL, lots of like father like son. They both walk away in opposite direction. Baa gets tensed and thinks she cannot discuss about it with Vanraj or Bapuji, should she with Anu, but Vanraj warned her not to involve Anu in their family issues again.Anu sees off Kapadias. Malvika lies down in front of her and says she has to cross over her dead body. Anu asks her to get up.

Malvika mimics a film dialogue. Anu says it would be weird if she stays here as people will badmouth. Malvika says let them, in fact its good. They all 3 insist her to stay back with a slogan hamari mangein poori karo/meet our demands. At Shah house, Pakhi eagerly waits for Anu’s call and says she must have not informed papa yet. Toshu asks regarding what. She says she wants to pursue her further studies in US. He says she needs to put an effort first. She asks regarding what. He says she needs to select her university and college first and then her course, then write entrance exam and get scholarship so that she doesn’t have convince anyone. Pakhi says its not easy to get a scholarship.

He says if parents see their effort, they will change their mind. She asks if he will teach her. He is amazed to hear that and says its a miracle, agrees and says they will figure out something. She excitedly hugs and thanks him.Anupama tells Kapadias that even she doesn’t want to leave their house, but if she doesn’t people will.. Anuj warns her to shut up and think of them and not the world; if not for him and GK, she should stay for Malvika as she needs her. Malvika pleads her to stay back with her reasoning. GK says people will badmouth if she stays either here or her house. Anuj also requests her again. Malvika gives Anuj’s promise. Anu agrees and asks who will prepare tea for her.

Malvika happily kisses her and rushes to kitchen with GK. Anu asks Anuj if he scolded her. He says he did and will get angry if she thinks of leaving again. She asks if he knows to get angry, she thought he just knows to love. He says he does and asks her to promise that she will not leave him. She says she will not. He takes pinky promise. She needs to go some day. He holds her sari pallu and says he will not let that day come. She walks back to her room shyingly. Na Wo Inkar Karti Hai No wo Ikrar KArti Hai.. song plays in the background.

He walks behind him smiling, then gets serious and says she handled Mukku, but not only Mukku faced domestic violence, mental trauma, emotional abuse. She asks if he is talking about her. He nods yes and says Mukku suffered, even she did a lot. Anu remembers speaking to Vanraj and thanking him for coming there and supporting Mukku says he shouldn’t have come here as there is no difference between Mukku’s husband and him. He says he didn’t physically abuse her. She says violence doesn’t mean only physical abuse, breaking once’s confidence, hurting self-respect, stopping from progressing, humiliating every day, and forcing to suffocate each day is a violence; having an extramarital affair is also a violence; maybe he didn’t beat her with a belt, his tongue tortured her the most and its also an abuse; she left him, but he didn’t stop verbally abusing and humiliating her; he questioned Anuj and her relationship and humiliated her in front of her children, even that is an abuse; he should thank god that instead of ruining his life, she decide to better her life or else if she had decided to take revenge, he would have to repay for his each sin, but if she had, she wouldn’t have moved on; she thought of hating him immensely, but he is not even worth her hatred; may be she moved on, but will never forget what he did with her, so he shouldn’t do something which will force her to take revenge from him; he shouldn’t have been here to support Mukku as one who sets fire doesn’t have a right to set it off.

Vanraj says he apologized for what he did. Anu asks if he thinks apologizing 2-3 times and shedding tears 3-4 times will compensate 25 years of sorrow and humiliation; he didn’t break a glass that he broke it and apologized, he broke her confidence and existence. He asks how she wants to punish her. She says life will punish him. She says how will life punish him, he is more successful than before, is same Vanraj Shah and will always be. She says if he doesn’t change his thinking or behavior, he may get successful but will never be happy. Out of FB, Anuj says she gave him one more reason to feel proud of her. Anu gets Baa’s call and gets tensed hearing about Samar’s condition.

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