Anupama starlife update Wednesday 27 December 2023

Anupama 27 December 2023: Leela plays with Pari and tells her that her grandma is going to USA, but she need not worry as her great grandmother will take care of her and play with her. Kinjal informs Leela and Vanraj that Pakhi had called and informed that she is organizing a farewell party for Anupama at Kapadia house. Leela asks what is the need for party there when we are organizing farewell here. Kinjal says even Anuj wants to give farewell for Anupama, Paki told they will celebrate farewell in the afternoon at Shah house and in the evening at Kapadia house. Leela says she will speak to Anupama to cancel Kapadia’s party.

Anupama 26 December 2023

Kinjal says they shouldn’t trouble mummy anymore and should keep her happy, she will go and inform Samar and Toshu about the party. Leela asks Vanraj if he is also thinking same. Vanraj says he is not worried about Anuj, he is worried about Maaya and Barkha’s presence there and he doesn’t want Maaya to ruin Anupama’s happiness.Maaya vents out her frustration on a dough while cooking recalling Pakhi planning a farewell party for Anupama. Barkha asks why is she venting out her frustration on ring.

Maaya asks when she knows, why is she asking. Barkha says god knows what and why she does. Maaya says whatever she does is for Anuj, he is angry on her, and she wants to calm him down. Barkha says if she creates any drama like she did in gurukul, Anuj will be more irked and she will lose Anuj forever, then they all will have no place to go. Maaya imagines Anuj and Anupama laughing on her and telling that Barkha was right. She thinks needs to tolerate Anupama for Anuj’s sake.

Anupama walks on street murmuring that Bhairavi went to sell vegetables without having food. A lady bumps on her and she slips. Anuj holds her. Their eyes lock. Dil Hai Ke Manta Nahi.. song plays in the background. Anuj notices her leg injury, makes her sit his car’s dickie, and ties his kerchief over her bandaged foot. He asks why all the pain comes in her share. Anupama says when fate gives her pain, god gives her strength to bear it. She asks what is he doing here. Anuj says he was finding a chance to meet her and got brought her in front of him. He gives her an important file which she may need during her travel.

She says thank you. He asks for bringing documents for her. She says no.Maaya asks Ankush about Anuj as she wants to discuss about party arrangements with him. Ankush says Anuj has gone out and she can discuss with him instead. Maaya stands nervous. Barkha says the way Anuj hurriedly left home its obvious that he went to meet Anupama. She warns her to vent out her frustration on a dough again but dare not try to create any drama again. Maaya hopes Anupama leaves the world itself. Anuj lift Anupama and walks. Song continues to play in the background. Pakhi enters her room recalling her first time entry in the house and thinks she can fix everything again; thinks when mummy can fix things right so many times, then why not she. She hugs Adhik’s shirt and says she missed him. Adhik walks in. Pakhi says sorry and says she knows only sorry is not enough, but she is really sorry.

Adhik says she looks changed today. Pakhi says there are defects in everyone and tries to escape from her problems. She hugs him from behind and says she can do anything for his forgiveness. Adhik says nothing can be changed between them now. Pakhi says she was just trying to stop him and Barkha from doing mistakes. Adhik says as if they would have been destroyed without her advice, the damage has already been done and the distance between them cannot be cleared now. Pakhi thinks she knows there are differences, but there is also love and she will do anyting for her love like her mummy.

Anuj drops Anupama to her room. They both get emotional. Anuj asks if he shall go. She nods yes. He says he wants to tell her something, Maaya is just Little Anu’s mother to him and nothing else, but Anupama is his wife and life and will always be. He tries to leave. She holds his hand and says she will miss him a lot. Anuj hugs her tight and says he doesn’t know if he would be able to breathe or his heart beat without her after 5 days. Anupama says the whole world will change after 5 years, but their love will not, MaAn’s lovestory. They continue to embrace each other.

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